Case Study: Telemedicine platform to provide timely access to specialty physicians.

Client Requirements

The client is a USA based specialist group dedicated to providing the best personalised care in infectious diseases. Client wanted to develop HIPAA compliant telemedicine for their network of doctors spread across the USA, in order to streamline and automate medical practices for specialists, general practitioners (GPs) and consultants.
The requirements were to develop an application to allow for appointments and consultations for patients without a physical presence of specialists. The use of live video conferencing, peer-to-peer text communication and dynamic educational content will empower medical facilities to better treat their patient population. Patients’ can also receive continued care from their specialists after they leave the facility. Develop varied integrated modules, such as appointment booking, patient record management, referral management system.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive’s team of business analysts and subject matter experts started with the requirement analysis (Discovery) phase. Thinkitive team took multiple call with client and created detail SRS requirement document along with low fidelity wireframes. Thinkitive established a team of professionals with expertise in frontend and backend development. Thinkitive team leverage microservice based architecture and develop separate micro services for each module like patient service, provider service, appointment service and many more.

Value Delivered

Enable patients to find the best specialist available across the entire U.S. Increase provider efficiency to take secure and HIPAA-Compliant Video Consultation without physical presence. Patient access to provider, treatment notes sent back to the referring provider, shared screens and/or files during a virtual consult, secure and HIPAA compliant and more. Provider doesn’t need to manage the EHR anymore, the provider can simply take note and push to the EHR with a single click.

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