Case Study: Telemedicine Integration with EHRs -Athena, EPIC & PCC

Client Requirements

The client is a USA based specialist group dedicated to providing the best personalised care in infectious diseases. Client provides telemedicine technology solutions for physician practices and healthcare organisations. Their products and services include - electronic medical record (EMR), practice management system (PMS), Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Video Consultation And Messaging, Customised Patient Charting, ePrescription & SOAP Notes and document management. Client desired to integrate its telemedicine product with multiple EHRs to easily onboard hospitals with EHRs and sync data between telemedicine & EHRs seamlessly. Thinkitive given contract to build a seamless integration layer between the client’s Telemedicine and the EHR platform.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive put together a team of interoperability experts and conducted a detailed assessment of its requirements. Clients needed to convert their clinical data from EHR systems to JSON format and expose data using REST-based web API. Thinkitive team created EHR Integration Bridge between telemedicine platform and EHRs. EHR Integration Bridge Pull data from source and convert into format required by destination.

Value Delivered

Enable patients to find the best specialist available across the entire U.S. Increase provider efficiency to take secure and HIPAA-Compliant Video Consultation without physical presence. Patient access to provider treatment notes, treatment notes sent back to the referring provider, shared screens and/or files during a virtual consult, secure and HIPAA compliant and more. Provider doesn’t need to manage the EHR anymore, the provider can simply take note and push to the EHR with a single click.

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