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EHR Component Overview

Build EHR Rapidly by Leveraging Pre-Built Components.

EHR Software Development Using Software Approach


Optimize Patient Charting with Custom Templates

Tailored Patient Charting and Encounters Feature Image

Customizable visit notes features allow you to tailor your medical charting workflow to the needs of your practice.

Electronically send intake forms to patients while booking appointments. Once patients complete intake forms electronically, the system will automatically import the details into their charts.

You can expand your assessments with tailored questionnaires that support specific workflows, either directly from the library or built independently.

Easily View a Comprehensive Patient's Care History in a Single View. The Flowsheet Provides Access to a Patient's Progress, Allowing You to Track Health Vitals, Medications, and Lab Results Across Multiple Visits from One Convenient Location.

Blazing Fast Documentation

Tailored Documentation and Template Creation for Specialized Needs

Blazing Fast Documentation Feature Image

Healthcare providers can create and store annotations & notes based on specific diseases. These templates can be shared with other providers and maintained in the library.

Efficiently create templates based on specialties. It will help providers to create visit notes in sec. Can create multiple micros based on their workflows. Save time on medical charting with macro buttons.

Effortlessly create notes, upload, and store patient or practice documents, such as insurance forms, consent forms, and educational materials. Save time on medical charting with macro buttons. Store your frequently used visit notes in your EHR and easily reuse them for relevant appointments.

Easily share patient charts and documents with external practitioners by selecting the desired items and submitting them directly through the platform. The system can send documents via fax, messaging, and email.

Specialty Specific Solution

Custom Solution for your Specialty

Your specialty has unique needs for medical billing, practice management, and EHR solutions. We exceed those needs by helping you optimize your practice performance — financial, clinical and patient — through our integrated cloud-based solutions.

Our medical forms and charting shortcuts have been tailored for over 20 specialties to boost efficiency, reduce errors, and provide an intuitive experience, whether you're on iPhone, iPad or desktop.


Unique Specialty Served


Speciality EHR Delivered

primary care icon

Primary Care

urgent care icon

Urgent Care

psychiatry icon


Physical therapy icon

Physical therapy

Opthalmology icon


Orthopedics icon


Dermatology icon


Chiropractic icon


Aesthetic icon

Aesthetic EHR

Internal Medicine icon

Internal Medicine

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Let's explore how we can assist and support your specialty in action


Efficient Management of E-Prescriptions, Lab Orders, and Imaging Requests

E-Prescription Lab and Imaging Orders Feature Image

You can send single and multiple prescriptions simultaneously. Improve prescription accuracy with automatic drug allergies and drug-drug interactions check before prescribing medications. Securely send prescriptions to the patient's preferred pharmacy.

Save time, reduce phone calls, and enhance accuracy. Electronic prescription workflow integrates every step, from coverage verification drug interactions to refill requests.

Send electronically refill and change prescription requests from pharmacies or patients with ease.

Quickly fulfill orders from patient charting or encounters. Save commonly used templates for efficient reordering. Track patient health and meet order requirements effortlessly.

Receive structured lab results in patient charts with abnormal flags. Prescribers can review and share the results quickly with patients or other providers.

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HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth and Messaging for Patient engements

HIPPA Compliant Telehealth and Messaging Feature Image

We provide secure HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities to connect providers and patients easily. Securely schedule & conduct telehealth visits through the EHR platform.

Each provider has their unique preferred way of engaging with patients. An effective EHR acknowledges and supports providers in customizing their approach to charting.

You can easily share disease or medication-related information with patients. They can receive this information via email, text, or push notifications on the patient portal.

Patients can connect with providers through a mobile app, enabling them to access their records anytime and anywhere.

Through the portal, patients can easily connect with providers and share documents with other providers.


Flexible and efficient Provider Availability Managements

Manage Provider Availability For Patients Feature Image

The front desk can schedule an appointment from the calendar. Providers can configure scheduling and reminders for multiple providers, locations, and appointment reasons.

The provider can create appointment slots and specify availability for single or multiple locations. Additionally, providers can create block days, allocate buffer time between appointments, and customize various aspects of in-person or television appointments.

To optimize the scheduling process, providers can sync their availability with ical, google, or Outlook calendars. Syncing availability makes it simpler to create appointments and receive reminders on time.

Patients are empowered to directly schedule appointments with your practice through your practice website, allowing for immediate, 24/7 online booking wherever patients discover your services.

Automate and customize email reminders to alert patients of upcoming appointments. Automated appointment reminders reduce late patients, no-shows, and cancellations of appointments.


Automated and Streamlined Medical Billing

Billing Management Feature Image

Detailed analytics and reports provide a varied and compelling collection of information regarding practice performance. Report data can be organized using pivoting, filtering, sorting, and custom classification to obtain your desired viewpoints.

AI-powered automated coding will clear up any confusion and increase bill accuracy. ICD-10 and CPT codes can be filled in automatically. Just add the essential details about the diagnosis and procedure.

Get detailed reports of your patient’s insurance coverage within seconds. Insurance eligibility verification services reduce the risk of denials and result in higher reimbursements.

Effortlessly manage insurance payments by enrolling to receive electronic remittance advice (ERAs) directly from the platform. Schedule and automate the downloading of ERAs. The system pulls information from ERAs to help you post payments quickly.

Submit claims with a single click, pull patient information for claim generation, and generate CMS-1500 forms for paper claims. Quickly check electronic claim statuses, view rejections, and resubmit claims.

Administration & Practice Management

Streamline your practice management workflows

Administration & Practice Management Feature Image

Manage your clinic intuitively, efficiently, and effectively. Practices may manage all locations using a single application. This centralized practice management allows it to obtain centralized and location-based reporting.

Admin can create multiple roles for their team according to their work and determine each member's role. It helps to accomplish tasks while protecting the privacy of patient-sensitive medical records.

Efficiently manage your practice inventory of medications, products, and supplements. Easily monitor low-stock or expiring items, create and process purchase orders, and track inventory details in a user-friendly dispensary module.

The documentation process can be easily tailored to support the needs of specialties. Save time on documentation by creating macros, workflow, intake forms, and encounter notes.

Generate provider group revenue reports, provider VRS statistics reports billing reports, and more with just a few clicks.


API-based connectivity‍ through our robust Integration for Digital and cloud, billing, payment, and clinical services

Clinical Integrations

Elevate patient care with our e-prescription, lab, and image integrations. Streamline your practice for optimal efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Surescripts Logo

Surescripts is the leading e-prescribing network that improves medication safety and convenience for patients, providers, pharmacies, and payers. It is used by 1 million providers, with over 50,000 pharmacies processing over 1.3 B prescriptions annually.
We integrate Surescripts in EHR software, enabling secure electronic e-prescribing and real-time access to patient medication history.

FullScripts Logo

Fullscript is an integrative healthcare platform that provides practitioners with the tools they need to create personalized treatment plans for their patients.
We seamlessly integrate Fullscript with EHR software, allowing healthcare providers to directly access and prescribe supplements and nutraceuticals within the patient's EHR. It streamlines the prescription process, enhances patient care, and accurately documents holistic treatment plans.

MD Toolbox Logo
MD Toolbox

MD Toolbox is a cloud-based medical decision support system (MDSS) that gives clinicians real-time access to evidence-based clinical guidelines, drug information, and other clinical resources.
We integrate the MD toolbox into EHR software to provide clinicians with a seamless workflow for accessing and using clinical information.

Accu Reference Medical Lab Logo
Accu Reference Medical Lab

Accu Reference Medical Lab offers benefits like fast and accurate medical laboratory services such as diagnosis, screening, or evaluation of diseases and health conditions.
We integrate it into EHR software to enhance efficiency by automating test ordering and result retrieval, reducing errors, and providing real-time access to patient data for better-informed clinical decisions. Logo is a digital identity verification platform that allows users to verify their identities online using various methods, including government-issued IDs, selfies, and video chats.
We integrate EHR software to enhance security by ensuring only authorized individuals access sensitive patient data, safeguarding patient privacy, and complying with healthcare regulations.

ScriptSure Logo

ScriptSure is a prescription-writing and medication management software used in healthcare. It ensures accuracy, reduces errors, and streamlines the healthcare workflow, improving patient safety and care quality.
We integrate ScriptSure into EHR systems to enhance efficiency by allowing seamless prescription management within patient records.


Billing, Payment & Point Of Sale Integrations

Unlock seamless healthcare transactions with our Billing, Payment and point of Sale Integrations. Explore Clearinghouse, Payment, Cloud Infrastructure, Scheduling, and Education integrations for an efficient and patient-friendly experience.

Waystar Logo

Waystar is a healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) platform that offers clearinghouse integrations with most major HIS and PM systems. We integrate it with EHR software, allowing providers to submit claims electronically to payers quickly and efficiently and receive real-time updates on the status of their claims.

Office Ally Logo
Office Ally

Office Ally is a full-service, cloud-based clearinghouse that integrates with EHR systems to simplify the claims management process. It supports multiple claim submission options, including direct data entry, file upload, and SFTP.

Eligible Logo

Eligible in clearinghouse integrations is a healthcare API that enables providers and other healthcare businesses to verify patient insurance eligibility and submit claims electronically. We integrate it with EHR software, making it easy to streamline the billing process and improve revenue cycle management.

Change Health Logo
Change Health

Change Healthcare, now part of Optum, is a healthcare technology company offering solutions for revenue cycle management, healthcare analytics, and payment optimization. It helps healthcare organizations improve financial and operational performance.

Availity Logo

Availity EDI is a secure and scalable transaction network connecting healthcare providers and payers. It allows you to submit claims, check eligibility, and receive payments electronically. We integrate Availity EDI with EHR systems, meaning providers can submit claims and other transactions directly from their EHR system.

Apex EDI Logo
Apex EDI

Apex EDI is a leading healthcare claims clearinghouse for medical and dental professionals. It offers thousands of providers of electronic claims processing, eligibility verification, and remittance processing services.
We offer Apex EDI integration with EHR systems and help providers streamline their claims processing, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and improve patient care.


Digital & Cloud Infrastructure Integrations

Our healthcare offering is designed to provide end-to-end technology solutions. We help healthcare facilities with ideas to
conceptualize products, convert them to requirements. All the offerings Logo is a cloud storage and file-sharing platform allowing users to securely store, share, and collaborate on files. We integrate it with the EHR system to improve healthcare delivery efficiency, security, and quality.

Sfax Logo

Sfax is a secure cloud-based platform that provides a unified view of patient data from disparate EHR systems. We integrate it with EHRs to provide clinicians with a comprehensive view of their patient's medical history, including medications, allergies, lab results, and imaging reports.

Sendgrid Logo

SendGrid is an email delivery and marketing platform. We integrate SendGrid with an EHR system to benefit healthcare providers by enabling secure and efficient patient communication. It ensures the delivery of appointment reminders, test results, and other critical data.

Mailchimp Logo

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform. We integrate it with EHR to benefit healthcare providers by facilitating patient communication. It allows automated appointment reminders, health tips, and personalized newsletters, improving patient engagement and promoting health-related services.

Amazon Web Services Logo
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform. We integrate AWS with EHR systems to enhance scalability, security, and data accessibility. It allows providers to store, manage, and analyze patient records and medical data more efficiently.

Twilio Logo

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that provides APIs for messaging, voice, and video capabilities. We integrate Twilio with the EHR system, which benefits healthcare by enabling secure patient communication, appointment reminders, and real-time notifications, enhancing patient engagement and healthcare coordination and efficiency.


Why Thinkitive for EHR Development

Why Thinkitive is the Best Choice for EHR Development?

In-depth domain expertise icon

Experience and Expertise

We have a solid understanding of healthcare industry standards and regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, ICD-10 & CPT code. We ensure your EHR app complies with all relevant regulations and can securely store and manage patient data.

Ready Use Components Icon

Customization and Flexibility

We are well-versed in customization and flexibility to accommodate the unique workflows of different healthcare organizations and providers. We have strong programming skills ( Java, Python, and C# ) and expertise in software development, especially web-based applications.

third party integration icon

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure your EHR software is HIPAA and HITECH-compliant. It includes implementing administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect patient health information. We comply with FDA regulations, 21 CFR Part 11, ONC certification for meaningful use of Medicare or Medicaid, and GDPR. We follow ANSI and NIST standards for health information technology.

affordable telemedicine solutions icon

User Interface and User Experience

We offer an easy-to-use user interface and user experience of an EHR app. We have a good understanding of UI/UX design principles to ensure that the app is user-friendly and intuitive.

Fully Customized Solutions Icon

Security and Data Privacy

Patient data is susceptible and requires a high level of security. We have a strong knowledge of security protocols and technologies such as encryption, secure data storage, and two-factor authentication. We comply with all the security and data privacy security standards.

timely delivery icon

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

We ensure your EHR software remains functional, secure, and up-to-date. We efficiently fix bugs identified by users or internal testing. Our EHR developer diagnoses the problem, fixes the code, and releases an update to the software. We ensure that the EHR software remains reliable, secure, and easy for healthcare providers and patients.


EHR Software Development Process

Explore the intricate dance of EHR software development, where innovation meets healthcare. Discover how we craft cutting-edge solutions to enhance patient care and streamline medical workflows.


Discovery ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

Subject matter experts identify user needs, define project scope, and assess technical requirements to lay the foundation for successful development and implementation.

  • Gather requirements from stakeholders. Understand the organization's needs, the system's users, and the patients.
  • Analyze the current EHR system. Identify the current system's strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Develop a high-level plan for the new EHR system. Define the project's scope, identify the new system's key features and functionality, and develop a timeline for implementation


Development ( Duration: 3 - 4 Months )

Our team leverages cutting-edge technology to create robust, user-friendly solutions that streamline healthcare workflows and enhance patient care.

  • System design. Create a detailed plan for the EHR software, including its architecture, features, and functionality, based on the requirements.
  • EHR Software development. Write the code for the EHR software by multiple iterations, testing and refining the software until it meets all requirements.
  • System Integration. Integrate the EHR software with other systems in the healthcare organization, such as the billing, pharmacy, and laboratory systems.


Testing ( Duration: 3 - 4 weeks )

Rigorous testing guarantees a seamless and secure electronic health record system for healthcare providers and patients.

  • Unit Testing: Each unit of code is tested to ensure it meets the specified requirements.
  • Integration Testing: Different units of code are integrated and tested to ensure that they communicate and work together as expected.
  • System Testing: The entire EHR system is tested to ensure that it meets all requirements and can be used effectively by healthcare providers and patients.


Deployment ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

Our experts ensure a seamless transition from development to real-world healthcare environments, delivering a robust and user-friendly solution.

  • Install and configure the software for each user or organization. Setting up user accounts, importing data from existing systems, and configuring security settings.
  • Train users on how to use the software. It is done through in-person or online training sessions.
  • Provide ongoing support to users after deployment. Answering questions, troubleshooting problems, and updating the software.

EHR Quote

Discover the EHR Development Approach Best Suited for Your Specific Needs

Custom Build EHR Logo

Custom Build EHR

  • Custom build EHR
  • Custom Design & workflows
  • Milestone wise pricing
  • Delivery in 3-4 months
White Label EHR logo

White Label EHR

  • Custom branding & theme
  • Separate tenant account
  • Monthly Pricing on usage
  • Delivery in 1 month

Tools & Technologies Our EHR Developers expert in

e-Prescriptions Integration

superscripts logo fullscripts logo md toolbox logo wellevate logo id me logo scriptsure logo

Labs and Radiology Integrations

quest diagnostics logo labcorp logo laboratories logo clinical labs hawaii logo rupa health logo access medical labs logo accurate diagnostic labs logo boostonheart logo accu logo clinical pathology laboratories logo

Billing and Payment Integrations

Clearinghouse Integrations

Payment Integrations


box logo slax logo twillio sendgrid logo mallchimp logo amazon web services logo twillio logo

Online Scheduling

Back-end Programming Languages

java logo python logo nodejs logo dot net logo php logo go logo

Custom EHR Development CaseStudies


EMR systems can help providers work more effectively, communicate better, and provide high-quality care to patients at home card Image

EMR systems can help providers work more effectively, communicate better, and provide...

The client was a healthcare technology company based in the USA. It was the fastest-growing post-acute software provider in the country. This company had over 815,000 patients...


EMR platforms help to maximize appointments, improve health outcomes, and enhance a provider's brand card image

EMR platforms help to maximize appointments, improve health outcomes, and enhance...

A client in the US specializes in offering digital healthcare solutions. The Client specializes in EMR services, offering comprehensive solutions for individual medical care...


Healthcare providers use customized EMR systems to provide accurate documentation, intelligent data acquisition, data organization, and simple appointment scheduling Card Image

Healthcare providers use customized EMR systems to provide accurate documentation...

A client is a US-based healthcare organization. They provide attentive care to patients. They also offer 24/7 service for their patients. This service includes home-like...


Telemedicine Integration with EHRs - Athena, EPIC & PCC Card Image

Telemedicine Integration with EHRs - Athena, EPIC & PCC

The client is a USA based specialist group dedicated to providing the best personalised care in infectious diseases. Client provides telemedicine technology solutions...



EHR App Architecture for HIPPA Compliance

Architecture of a HIPAA compliance telemedicine application


EHR Software Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answer to all your questions

Still have Questions?

EHR software allows healthcare providers to diagnose and treat patients virtually, share medical records and images, and prescribe medications. EHR software can be used on computers, smartphones, or other devices, making it easier for patients to access healthcare anywhere.

Our EHR app developers follow best practices to develop secure software solutions:
  1. Implement security measures like SSL, PHI data encryption, HIPAA compliance, and two-way authentication to protect patient data.
  2. Ensure the platform complies with regulations and laws, such as HIPAA and GDPR.
  3. Use role-based access to limit access to patient data to authorized personnel only.
  4. Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential security threats.
  5. Provide training and resources to healthcare providers to ensure they understand the importance of data security and follow best practices.
  6. Partner with reputable third-party vendors who provide secure infrastructure and storage solutions.
  7. Continuously update and improve the software to address emerging security threats and vulnerabilities.

EHR provides convenient and cost-effective access to medical care, particularly for those in remote areas. It also enables remote monitoring and improves patient outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its growth and is expected to continue expanding as technology advances and healthcare systems adopt it.

EHR is appropriate for non-emergency medical situations that can be addressed through virtual consultations or remote monitoring. It benefits patients with difficulty traveling to a medical facility, living in remote areas, or requiring routine follow-up care.

Telehealth app development is more complex than expected; it takes experience and in-depth technical competence. Nevertheless, if you would like to develop EHR app, Thinkitive Technologies can assist in making it a reality. Hire EHR app developers to lead your healthcare organization into a new digital transformation era.

A complete EHR app takes around 3-4 months to develop and costs around $30,000 to $50,000 based on the requirements and scope of the project. Costs depend on feature complexity, platform (iOS, Android, web), integration needs, user interface, compliance, customization, and testing requirements. Generally, EHR app development cost is estimated by the features that your software requires.

Building a EHR platform can be complex, but here are some general steps to consider:
  1. Define your requirements and goals.
  2. Choose a reliable technology stack and development team with expertise in healthcare software development.
  3. Develop a user-friendly interface for patients and healthcare providers, including video conferencing, messaging, and secure data-sharing features.
  4. EHR app developers Integrate electronic health records (EHR) systems, billing software, and other relevant tools into the platform.
  5. Test and refine the platform, ensuring it meets regulatory and security standards.
  6. Launch and promote the platform to potential users, including patients and healthcare providers.
  7. EHR software developers continuously monitor and update the platform to ensure its effectiveness and security.
  8. Contact us to learn more to hire EHR app developers and taking your healthcare organization to the next level. Our support team will happily answer all your queries regarding how to develop a EHR app.

To ensure that your EHR app meets all legal, privacy, and security requirements, you should comprehensively assess the relevant regulations and industry standards. This assessment should cover data protection, confidentiality, informed consent, authentication, and encryption. Additionally, you should engage with legal and regulatory experts and perform thorough testing and auditing of your app's security features and procedures.

A telehealth app can help you manage appointments and engage with patients by providing a platform for scheduling, conducting virtual visits, sending reminders, and facilitating secure communication. The app allows patients to access their medical records, view test results, and receive personalized health advice.

Developing EHR software presents several challenges. These challenges include ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, addressing privacy and security concerns, integrating with existing health IT systems, and providing a seamless user experience. Technical challenges may also arise from the need to support multiple devices and platforms, handle large volumes of data, and ensure reliable connectivity. Moreover, software development requires interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare professionals, software developers, designers, and IT experts.

Yes, providers can schedule video consultations within the platform. Also, providers could register patients, schedule e-visits, write e-prescriptions, and give orders within the telehealth platform.

Suppose your healthcare system has a HIPAA-compliant EHR app. In that case, patients can upload their prescriptions when consulting or purchasing medicine through the EHR app.

Generally, there are three primary user levels of EHR solutions: Admin portal, Provider portal, and patient portal.

Custom EHR Development Blogs

Discover the latest insights and updates on Custom Electronic Health Record (EHR) Development in our
blog. Stay informed and make informed decisions for your healthcare software solutions."


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EHR vs EMR: What’s The Difference?

A digitized record of a patient’s medical history is called an EHR (Electronic Health Record). The provider maintains it and includes crucial details such as demographics...


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The Covid-19 pandemic changed into a catastrophe that elevated the improvement and implementation of virtual fitness and healthcare information technology (IT) by at least...


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Top 8 Features of Primary Care EHR Software

Primary care is the first visit to a healthcare provider when a patient has a health problem or concern. It is the day-to-day healthcare service...


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If you have specific requirements then Managed Services comes in handy, The project is led by a project manager who gets work done internally.

Customizable Visit Notes for your specific workflows No More Paper Digitize Your Intake Forms Questionnaire Templates for Quick Assessment Critical Patient Clinical Information with Flowsheets Tailored Library of Images for Annotation and Notes Specialty specific Visual Template Patient Notes Documentation Management and custom micros Share Patient Records Securely with Other Providers Easily eRX with EPCS Enhance Prescription Accuracy With Automatic Drug Allergy Interaction Checks Refill and Change Prescription request Streamline lab Image ordering by integrations Receive and Review Result Through the Platform Integrated_Telehealth Fully Customizable Medical Records for Patients Share educational materials with patients easily Patient Mobile and Patient Portal Exchange messages with your patients securely Smooth and Efficient Appointment Booking Optimize Provider Availability Management Sync your Availability with Google Outlook or Apple Calendar Increase Patient Reach with Scheduling options on your website Reduce No Shows with Early Notifications and Reminders Analytics_and_Reports Automated Medical Coding and Charge Entry Real time electronic eligibility check Electronic Remittance Advice ERA Electronically submit claims and track claim status Centralized Practice Management for Multiple Locations Role Based Access Management Efficient Inventory management and track stock level Manage Multiple Speciality Practices in a Single Application Quickly generate a variety of custom reports

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Barcelona, framed for its individuality, cultural interest, and physical beauty, home to art and architecture. Facing the Mediterranean to the southeast, ...