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Gateway to Effective Appointment Management

One-click Appointments

Give Patients the Control of their Health with Seamless Appointment Scheduling.

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Trust 100+ Clinics and 1000+ Providers Who Entrusted Thinkive!

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Practice-Specific Custom EMR Software Development for Your Speciality

Meet your Practice’s Unique Needs and Requirements with Customizable EMR

Unlock your Practice’s Full Potential with EMR System Development

Check How to Build Your Own EMR System for your Practice and Define its Functionality

Pre-Built Components to Speed Up Your Custom EMR Software Development

One-Stop EMR solution for Your Speciality's Unique Needs, from Medical Billing to Practice Management

EMR Software Development Component Overview
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Comprehensive Connectivity with All-in-One EMR System Integrations

Seamless connectivity with custom EMR integration with ePrescribing, labs, billing and patient engagement system.

ePrescription & Labs Integration

We provide custom EMR system development with ePrescriptions and Labs integration to enable you to send orders directly from the EMR system. These integrations offer multiple from reducing errors to improving clinical efficiency and reducing the overall cost of care for both patients and providers.

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Billing & Payment

Safe, secure, and seamless healthcare transactions with our billing, payment, and point-of-sale integrations into your custom EMR. Give your virtual care practice a comprehensive real-life healthcare ecosystem.

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Facilitate real-time communication with patients via various mediums, all from your custom EMR Software. Give your virtual care practice a comprehensive real-life healthcare ecosystem.

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Cost-effective Custom EMR Software

Choose a Custom EMR Development Model that Suits Your Unique Needs and Budget!


Affordable Development Anytime, Anywhere

Our skilled EMR/EHR software developers have grown a niche for developing the ideal EMR/EHR software solutions for your unique needs.

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  • Domain Expert
    To understand clinical and end-user needs.
  • Business Requirements
    To make market-fit solutions.
  • Wireframes & Userflows
    To define software functions and functionalities.
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  • Dynamic UI/UX
    Elevated experience for patients and providers.
  • Sprint Creations
    To plan the EMR software development.
  • Coding & API Integration
    Software coding as per necessary compliances.
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  • Manual Testing
    For manually checking software functionalities.
  • Automation Testing
    Scripting for testing software functionalities.
  • Rigorous Testing
    End-to-end thorough testing of the software.
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  • Secure & Compliant
    Ensuring EMR infrastructure is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Integration
    Application Integration for deployment.
  • Maintenance & Support
    User feedback and audits for continuous improvement.


Why Thinkitive is Your Best Bet for EMR Custom Software Development?

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right iconTailored to your Needs

Thinkitive’s first step to developing customizable EMR software is to ...understand your unique needs and requirements. Based on that, our development team develop a customized software solution to meet your requirements and solve your problems.

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right iconReady-to-use Components

With our ready-to-use technology components like video conferencing, ... appointment, scheduling, and SOAP notes, fasten your custom EMR Software development process.

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right iconThird-party Integration

Integrate your EMR software with multiple third-party systems like ... Telemedicine, RPM Devices, Labs, Radiology, etc., to build a complete virtual healthcare ecosystem.

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right iconAffordable EMR Solutions

With our ready-to-use base EMR software framework, we give you an ... affordable custom EMR software solution specifically designed for your healthcare practice.

In-Depth Domain Expertise logo

right iconIn-Depth Domain Expertise

Our team has been carefully selected and trained with hands-on ... experience in the healthcare domain. We have in-depth knowledge of developing HIPAA-compliant EMR Software to give you flexible, scalable, and reliable software solutions.

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right iconTimely Delivery

We have curated a development process that covers all the ... aspects of your healthcare practice’s unique needs and requirements with transparency for on-time delivery.

Benefits of Custom EMR Development

Custom EMR Development CaseStudies

Empowering Healthcare with Integrated Solutions

Can Technology Transform Your Practice? See How This EMR...

Streamlined Encounters, Satisfied Providers: A Case Study...

Always HIPAA-Compliant: Cloud Security You Can Trust


Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answer to all your Questions

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Electronic Medical Record, better known as EMR, is a digital version of a patient's paper chart, which contains the patient’s entire medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, and laboratory results. An EMR software system helps healthcare providers streamline their healthcare practice’s workflows, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency in managing electronic medical records. Custom EMR software makes it easier for providers to provide care services as it can be used on computers, smartphones, or other devices.

EMR software development is the process of creating a customized electronic health records software system that is tailored to meet the specific needs and workflows of healthcare practices. The process involves thorough analysis of requirements, EMR interface development, rigorous testing and deployment of the custom EMR software.

EMR programming, in simple terms, can be translated to coding specific functionalities of an existing EMR software system for customization.

Developing an EMR system yourself is a lot of work and requires knowledge of healthcare technology, building software, and following all the rules. It might be easier to work with an EMR software development company or use an existing electronic medical records (EMR) system that you can adjust to your specific needs.

Our EMR developers practice the best custom EMR software development practices for creating secure EMR software solutions:

  1. Implement robust security measures like SSL, PHI data encryption, HIPAA compliance, and two-way authentication to safeguard patient data.
  2. Role-based access to restrict patient data access to authorized personnel.
  3. Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential threats in the system.
  4. Provide training and resources to healthcare providers on the importance of data security and its best practices.
  5. Collaborate with reputable third-party vendors for secure infrastructure and storage solutions.
  6. Continuously updating and enhancing the custom EMR to address emerging security threats and vulnerabilities.

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) focuses on a single provider's view of a patient's medical history, like a digital chart. EHR (Electronic Health Record) goes beyond that, encompassing a broader set of data from multiple sources involved in a patient's care. EHRs are designed to be shared among authorized providers for better-coordinated care.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) are poised to revolutionize healthcare by:

  1. Enabling secure, centralized storage of patient data
  2. Improving communication between providers
  3. Facilitating better care coordination
  4. Empowering patients with their health information

This creates a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare system.

Patients who have trouble getting to the doctor, live in remote areas, or need regular check-ins can benefit from using EMRs for virtual consultations and remote monitoring.

EMR system development is more complex than expected; it takes experience and in-depth technical competence. Nevertheless, if you have a conceptual model for electronic health records development, Thinkitive Technologies can help make it a reality. Hire EMR developers to lead your healthcare organization into a new digital transformation era.

To build your own EMR platform it takes effort, but here's a simplified breakdown:

  1. Figure out what you want:Define what your platform should do and what problems it will solve.
  2. Assemble the right team:Find experts in electronic health record development to build the platform.
  3. Make it easy to use:Design a user-friendly interface with features like video chat, messaging, and secure data sharing for both patients and healthcare providers.
  4. Connect everything:Integrate the EMR system with billing software and other relevant tools.
  5. Ensure quality and security:Test the platform thoroughly to make sure it meets regulations and keeps data safe.
  6. Get people to use it:Launch and promote the platform to attract patients and healthcare providers.
  7. Keep it running smoothly:Continuously monitor and update the platform to maintain its effectiveness and security.

Contact us to hire EMR developers and take your healthcare organization to the next level. Our support team will happily answer all your queries regarding how to build your own EMR.

Make sure your EMR software solution is on the right side of the law by carefully checking all the rules and best practices in place. This includes things like data protection, keeping things confidential, getting patient consent, making sure only authorized users can access the system, and scrambling the information to make it unreadable by outsiders. You should also get help from lawyers and security specialists to make sure everything is shipshape and then do some rigorous tests to see if anyone can break into your system.

A telehealth app can help in managing appointments and drive patient engagement by providing a platform for scheduling, conducting virtual visits, sending reminders, and facilitating secure communication between patient and provider. The telehealth app allows patients to access their medical records, view test results, and receive personalized health advice.

There are several challenges in custom EMR software development. Some of these challenges include ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, addressing privacy and security concerns, integration with existing health IT systems, and providing a seamless user experience.
There are also technical challenges that may arise from the need to support multiple devices and platforms, handle large volumes of data, and ensure reliable connectivity. Moreover, custom EMR software development requires interdisciplinary collaboration between healthcare professionals, software developers, designers, and IT experts.

Yes, providers can schedule video consultations within the platform. Also, providers can register patients, schedule e-visits, write e-prescriptions, and give orders within the telehealth platform.

It depends on the specific platform. Some patient portals allow uploading prescriptions during consultations or refills. Uploading might involve taking pictures or secure file transfers. This feature is not yet universal, so it's always best to check the platform's functionalities beforehand.

Everything About Custom EMR Development

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