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Custom Healthcare Software Development

Leverage the power of Custom Healthcare Software for your practice and bring easiness to your practice with an enhanced interface for both providers and patients.

Specialty-based Custom Healthcare Software Development:

Build custom healthcare software specific to your specialty practice with unique dashboards, templates, and functionality.

Fully Integrated Custom Healthcare Software Development:

Integrate your custom healthcare software with other internal and external disparate healthcare systems.

Advanced AI-powered Healthcare Software Development:

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in your healthcare practice with AI-powered custom healthcare software.

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Practice Management System

Streamline & manage your day-to-day clinical activities better with a custom practice management software dedicated for your speciality practice.

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Custom Practice Management System Development:

Address the unique needs and requirements of your practice with custom practice management software.

Speciality-Based Practice Management System Development:

Custom build your practice management software dedicated to your practice specialty with dashboards, templates, and functionality.

Practice Management Mobile App Development:

A custom-built practice management mobile application allows you to manage your practice from the comfort of your smartphone.

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Home Health Software

Efficiently manage and provide medical care at patients’ homes with custom healthcare software specifically designed for home health providers.

Home Care Coordination & Collaboration Software Development:

Develop custom home care coordination software with enhanced communication and better care plan management to improve patient outcomes remotely.

Patient Engagement & Education Mobile Apps Development:

Develop custom mHealth apps for better patient engagement with easy access to the resource library for patient education.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Software Development:

Customize your generic home health software and bring transparency to your services with electronic visit verification software development.

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Pharmacy Management

A digital toolbox for your pharmacy to automate many tasks involved in running your pharmacy and cover everything from inventory, prescriptions, billing and patient communication.

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Pharmacy Software Development:

Upgrade your pharmacy and manage it better with customized pharmacy software dedicated specially for your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Inventory & POS Software Development:

Build custom inventory and point-of-sale software for your pharmacy to manage your inventory, sales, and business operations.

Pharmacy Patient Mobile Apps Development:

Become your customer’s direct point of contact virtually with a unique pharmacy patient mobile application of your pharmacy.

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Telehealth Application

Take your healthcare practice digital with innovative and telehealth applications with custom EHR functionality for your practice.

Telemedicine App Development:

Allow your patients to connect directly with you for their care services with dedicated custom telemedicine application.

Telehealth Software with EHR Integration:

Give your providers the key to offer personalized care with EHR integrated custom telehealth software.

Telehealth Patient App Development:

Offer your patients care services a click away with a dedicated telehealth patient application.

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Chronic Care Management

Improve efficiency of your healthcare practice with custom chronic care management (CCM) software & remotely manage the health conditions of your patients.

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Chronic Care Management Software Development:

Focus more on in-patients and manage chronic diseases better with your practice-specific custom chronic care management software.

Principle Care Management Software Development:

Provide better care to high-risk chronic patients remotely with your own principle care management software.

Population Health Management (PHM) Software Development:

Get crucial insights about your patient population and leverage that to identify unique health trends to provide them with better care services.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Leverage the full potential of hi-tech medical devices and track the patients health vitals in real-time with custom RPM software specially curated for your healthcare practice.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software Development:

Remotely monitor your patients’ health conditions and develop a virtual healthcare ecosystem with custom-built Remote Patient Monitoring Software for your practice.

Remote Patient Monitoring App Development:

Continuously monitor your patients’ health directly from your mobile and help them enhance their health in real-time with your practice-specific RPM application.

RPM Device & Wearable Development:

Custom-build your own secure and safe Remote Patient Monitoring devices for your customers and continuously monitor their health condition with your RPM software.

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Electronic Prescription (eRx)

Give your healthcare practice the complete touch of digital transformation with electronic prescriptions and get rid of the handwritten paper prescriptions.

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eRx Clinical Decision Support (CDS):

Enhance the care delivery in your patient’s medication journey with an accurate prescription decision support system integrated into your eRx Clinical Decision Support system.

eRx Mobile App Development:

Custom-build your eRx (Electronic Prescription) mobile application and manage your patients’ prescriptions better in real-time with improved accuracy.

eRx Third-Party Integration:

Streamline and enhance the functionality of your electronic prescription system by integrating it with third-party healthcare systems for seamless healthcare delivery.


Why Thinkitive is the Best Healthcare Software Development Company to Work With?

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right iconTailored to your Needs:

Thinkitive’s first step to custom healthcare software development or any healthcare software is to understand its unique proposition and need. Based on its unique position in the clinical setting, our development teams develop customized solutions that ideally fits in the ecosystem and solves the problem.

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right iconReady-to-use Components:

To fasten the development process, we have integrated some of the industry’s best ready-to-use technology components for video conferencing, appointment scheduling, and SOAP Notes taking to fasten the custom healthcare software development process.

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right iconThird-party Integration:

A complete virtual healthcare experience with third-party integrations to enable important healthcare services, telemedicine, RPM device connectivity, lab, radiology, etc.

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right iconAffordable Healthcare Solution:

Ready-to-use EMR software framework gives us the liberty to bring one of the most affordable custom healthcare software solutions that rightly match your healthcare practice’s needs and requirements.

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right iconsIn-Depth Domain Expertise:

Our teams have been carefully selected and trained with hands-on experience in the healthcare domain. The in-depth knowledge gathered over the years has set the bedrock for developing HIPAA-compliant healthcare software solutions to offer you a flexible, scalable, and reliable healthcare software solution.

timely delivery expertise icon

right iconTimely Delivery:

Ensuring on-time delivery while understanding your unique needs and requirements with transparency has always been one of our USPs and we have curated our development in that way, to ensure on-time delivery.

Specialty-Focused Healthcare Software Development

Customized Healthcare Software Tailored to the Unique Needs of Specialties

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Primary care

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Urgent Care

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Physical Therapy

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Internal Medicine

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Unlock Practice Potential with Specialty-Specific Healthcare Software

Check how our Custom Healthcare Software assists and supports your specialty in action


Cost-Effective Healthcare Software Development

Choose the Healthcare Software Development Engagement Model As Per Your requirements. Download Quote Now!


Affordable Healthcare Anything, Anywhere

Our skilled healthcare software developers have expertise in understanding the unique clinical needs and requirements of the healthcare practice.

Explore the intricacies of healthcare software development at Thinkitive, where we think every bit! Discover the technical artists crafting the ideal healthcare software solutions for better practice and patient health.


Our domain experts identify the unique clincial needs and project scope to assess the technical requirements to lay a strong foundation for successful software development and implementation.

  • Identifying unique needs and requirements of each stakeholder.
  • Alanyzing, understanding and identifying the unique clinical requirements.
  • Planning the development of a new healthcare software and discovering the required features and functionalities with a timeline for implementation.

After the discovery phase is completed successfully, the healthcare software enters the development phase where we leverage cutting edge technologies to design and develop the software solutions.

  • Casting interactive system design for the healthcare software defining its features and functionalities.
  • Coding the healthcare software by multiple iterations and testing for quality assurance to meet all your needs.
  • Integrating the healthcare software with disparate healthcare systems like billing, pharmacy and laboratory systems.

Once the healthcare software is developed, we conduct rigorous testing to guarantee a seamless and secure healthcare system for your clinical practice.

  • Unit Testing: Testing each code to ensure it meets the requirements.
  • Integration Testing: Testing different code units to ensure it works as it supposed to.
  • System Testing: The entire healthcare software system is tested to ensure that it is designed and developed as planning with defined functions and functionalities.

Our experts ensures a seamless transition from development to real-world healthcare ecosystem, delivering robust and user-friendly healthcare software solutions.

  • Install and configure the software for each user or organization.
  • Hands-on training to users on how to use the software.
  • Provide ongoing support to users after deployment.

Benefits of Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development CaseStudies

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Optimizing MRI Clinic Operations with Custom Healthcare System

Revolutionizing IDD Healthcare with Centralized Data and Streamlined...

Dialysis Care Management System in Jamaica


Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answer to all your Questions

Still have questions ?

Technologies in healthcare have improved patient care, increased efficiency and accuracy in diagnoses, enabled personalized medicine, and enhanced patient engagement. The impact of technology is significant and likely to grow. Although there are challenges, the benefits lead to improved outcomes and a more personalized approach to healthcare.

Healthcare technology solutions encompass a variety of tools and services designed to improve healthcare delivery, management, and patient outcomes. These IT solutions for healthcare include software applications and technologies that healthcare providers, caregivers, and patients can use to manage healthcare information, diagnose and treat medical conditions, monitor patient progress, and offer remote care.
Examples of IT solutions for healthcare includes:

  1. Electronic health records (EHRs)
  2. Telemedicine platforms
  3. Wearable health devices
  4. Health information exchange (HIE) networks
  5. Mobile health apps (mHealth)
  6. Clinical decision support systems (CDSS)

Each of these healthcare IT solutions offers unique benefits and can be used to improve various aspects of healthcare, including communication, collaboration, efficiency, and patient outcomes.

At Thinkitive, we provide customized software development IT services for healthcare industry, which includes :

  1. Hospital Management Systems
  2. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software
  3. Telemedicine solutions
  4. Remote patient monitoring solutions
  5. Chronic Care Management solutions
  6. Revenue cycle management solutions

In addition, We offer IT services for healthcare organization, including application development, such as :

  1. Mobile Health applications
  2. Health And Wellness applications
  3. Fitness Tracking applications

We provide IT services for healthcare organizations to improve healthcare outcomes through data analytics, Which includes :

  1. Data Warehousing
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Predictive Analytics
  4. Business Intelligence to analyze and interpret healthcare data

Furthermore, we provide cloud IT solutions for healthcare industry to securely and efficiently manage their healthcare data and applications, including cloud-based EHR systems, backup healthcare data, and disaster recovery solutions.

There are various examples of healthcare IT services, which are as follows:

  1. Primary care for general medical needs
  2. Speciality care for specific conditions
  3. Emergency care for urgent situations
  4. Diagnostic services for medical tests
  5. Rehabilitation services for recovery
  6. Mental health services for mental health conditions
  7. Home health services for care at home
  8. Hospice and palliative care services for end-of-life care

Thinkitive is the leading healthcare information technology solution provider company with 9+ years of experience.

Healthcare interoperability services refer to the ability of different healthcare systems, devices, and applications to communicate with each other and share information seamlessly. It is the ability of different healthcare IT solutions providers, patients, and stakeholders to exchange data and communicate with one another using a common set of standards and protocols.
Some examples of healthcare interoperability services include:

  1. Health Information Exchange (HIE) facilitates the electronic sharing of patient information among healthcare providers and systems.
  2. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable developers to create software that can interact with EHRs and exchange data with other software systems.
  3. Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) provides a standardized structure and encoding for patient information to allow for exchange between different healthcare systems.
  4. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a widely adopted standard for exchanging healthcare data that utilizes modern web technologies.

Healthcare provider services refer to the medical IT solutions provided to patients by licensed healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare IT solutions providers. These services may include preventive care, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management of various medical conditions.
Examples of healthcare provider services include:

  1. Routine check-ups, immunizations
  2. Diagnostic tests
  3. Medication management
  4. Surgical procedures
  5. Rehabilitation services

The goal of healthcare provider services is to improve the health and well-being of patients by providing high-quality, evidence-based medical care that meets their individual needs and preferences.

Healthcare Medtech Services refer to the application of medical IT solutions in delivering healthcare services. It encompasses various products and services to diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions. Examples of healthcare medtech services include medical devices such as imaging machines, surgical instruments, prosthetics, and assistive devices, as well as software and digital solutions for healthcare management, patient monitoring, and data analysis.

Healthcare Payer Services refer to the services offered by healthcare insurance payers to their members or customers. These services help payers manage their healthcare benefits, control costs, and improve the quality of care delivered to their members.
Some of the common healthcare payer services include:

  1. Patient Claim Management: The procedure of managing patient claims for medical services, comprising verifying insurance coverage, submitting claims, and handling denied claims.
  2. Payer Interoperability: The capability of healthcare payers to share data and communicate with each other, aiming to streamline processes and enhance patient results.
  3. Payer Data & Analytics: The practice of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting healthcare claims and payer data to improve performance, cut costs, and advance patient outcomes.

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