Custom Telemedicine Solutions & Services

We deliver custom telemedicine solutions that allow providers
to deliver quality virtual care.

Our Custom Telemedicine Offering


01. Telemedicine Consultation & Design


It's very important for startups to get feedback from potential customers before pushing a full-fledged product in the market. Our team works with clients to understand product use cases and study existing competitors. The team provides a features list and technology stack best suited for software prototype based on the information. We have helped multiple startups at an early stage.

02. Thinkitive’s Customizable Telemedicine Solution


We help multiple businesses with end-to-end software product development, right from requirement analysis to post-production support, where businesses don't have to worry about software processes. We understand your requirements and cater to your business-specific software needs. Businesses rely on our skilled programmers to develop solutions and ensure your business's smooth operations.

03. Custom Telemedicine Platform Development


Technology product and businesses don't stay relevant to current situations due to rapid innovation and technology changes. We keep ourselves up to date with current trends and technologies, which makes us the ideal technology partner to migrate or reengineer software products.

04. EHR, Devices, Labs & Billing Integrations with Telemedicine


We take full responsibility for all software products developed by Thinkitive and provide 30 days of post-production support. Our team is well equipped with proven tools and software to provide end-to-end support for technology solutions.

Telemedicine platform Integration with Third party apps.


01. EHR Interoperability & Integration


We have ready to use EHR integration bridge solutions that have been integrated with EPIC, Cerner, AthenaHealth, AllScript, NextGen, eClinicalWorks (eCW), Meditech, Elation, eMds,CareCloud, HL7v2, & FHIR. Also we help our customers to build custom EHR integration.

02. IoMT, Devices and Wearable Integration


We have device integration bridge solutions that Seamlessly integrate with any healthcare device like - iGlucose, Strava, Dexcom, BodyTrace, Fitbit, google fit, iHealth, & blood pressure monitors.

03. Lab & Radiology Integration


We can develop uni- and bi-directional communication with any laboratory / radiology vendor or LIS / RIS system capable of supporting HL7 messaging. Also we do e-prescription Integration using Dr.First, Surescripts.

04. Payer & Billing Integration


We have ready to use EHR integration bridge solutions that have been integrated with EPIC,Cerner, Athena, CareCloud, NextGen, AllScript, GE, eClinicalWorks (ECW), IMS, Greenway, eMds. Also we help our customers to build custom EHR integration.

Do you want to Develop Custom Telemedicine Platform?

Features We Provide In Custom Telemedicine Solution


Take your clinic online with an end-to-end custom telemedicine platform.

Instant Appointment Booking & Availability Management

Create your calendar with ease and take appointments as per your convenience.

Mobile apps for patients - Thinkitive;

Create & manage provider availability

Book appointments with patients with ease

Alerts and reminder for every appointment using email and SMS

Integrate appointment booking widget to provider website

Edit, request cancellation or reschedule appointments

Customized patient intake form to get details before appointment

Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Video Consultation And Messaging

Consult patients with real time video streaming and secure messaging

Mobile apps for patients - Thinkitive;

Waiting room for provide and patients to get ready

Secure and real-time video consultation

Send and receive messages securely with ease

Record or take screenshots during video consultation

Instant on-demand video consultation for emergency

Invite multiple participants at a time

Quick Access To Patient's Health Record & EMR

Track medical records and document along with billing information

Mobile apps for patients - Thinkitive;

Track patient demographics and vitals

Keep patient medical history on HIPAA compliant environment

Store securely patient insurance and credit card information

Send and receive medical records using direct messaging

Sync medical records with multiple EHRs

Audit log to track every activity related to patient records

Customised Patient Charting, ePrescription & SOAP Notes

Create SOAP notes during video call with quick push to EHR

Mobile apps for patients - Thinkitive;

Customized patient SOAP notes

Order diagnostic tests, including lab tests and imaging (x-ray, MRI)

Electronic prescription of controlled substance

Push notes, orders and prescription to EHR

Real time drug & medicine search directly from EHRs

Flexible billing coding including CPT, HCPCS, ICD9, ICD10 and SNOMED codes

Enange Patient Through Portal & Mobile Apps

Quick scheduling, billing and Messaging with powerful patient portals

Mobile apps for patients - Thinkitive;

Interactive & responsive patient portal

Patient mobile app for quick access

Patient can upload images and medical documents

View and download appointment notes and prescription

Reminder, alerts & notifications for appointments

Access to multiple provider and provider groups

Patients can book appointments with any provider or provider group to take care within time.

Seamless Practice Management & Administration

Reduce your practice workload using our automated services & tools

Mobile apps for patients - Thinkitive;

Open tasks for every incomplete action

Role based access management to support organizations

Clinical pathways for better decision making

Reports and analytics dashboard to get more insights

Centralized configuration for practice resource management

Integration with multiple EHR system

Ready To Get Started? Custom Telemedicine Platform Development



Share Your Project Requirement

Share your requirements with our domain experts and business analyst. We take time to understand the requirements and do competitive analysis.


Get Into Project Details With Business Analyst

Our business analyst takes frequent calls with you to understand each aspect of the project. Based on the understanding, we create reliable scope documents to create the base of the project.


Choose Engagement Terms

Based on communication and understanding of the project, we help you choose the best engagement model. We provide you developers that suit requirements.


Kick Start Your

Sign the required documents to get started with the project and make an initial payment. We kick-start the project within 24 hours.

Choose Engagement Model That Suits Your Healthcare Solution

Time & Material

Time & Material Model

This model is suitable for projects in which requirements are constantly evolving or not very clear. You will need to provide the project's initial scope and then we can create a phased plan based on it. You can change requirements based on the fact that we can update milestones. You will be paying for the amount of work done.


Dedicated Team

This model is used for engagement, where you need to extend the team with remote resources. You will need to provide all the necessary skills required for resources. We provide the best matching resources profile based on requirements. We allow customers to take interviews based on requirements or take a two week trial period to check resource skillsets & expertise. Payment will be on per hour basis.

fixed price

Fixed Price Model

This model is suitable for projects where the project's scope is clear and most importantly, fixed. Fixed price engagement doesn't allow you to make changes in scope. You will need to provide the project's initial scope and then we can create phased planning based on it. This engagement we recommend only for small projects.

Do you want to Develop Custom Telemedicine Platform?

Frequently Ask Questions On Custom Telemedicine Solutions


Telemedicine can be defined as “The use of electronic communication and healthcare software to monitor and treat patients remotely without the need of a physical visit to the facility.”

Telehealth is a very broad term that can define as “Telehealth is the use of digital devices and communication technologies, such as laptop and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care. These may be technologies you use from home or that your doctor uses to improve or support health care services “ but Telemedicine is very specific that it can be defined as “The use of electronic communication and healthcare software to monitor and treat patients remotely without the need of a physical visit to the facility.”

Following are major features of Telemedicine platform

  1. Remote Scheduling and Appointments
  2. Virtual waiting room
  3. Video conferencing
  4. Instant chat messaging
  5. E-prescribing
  6. Patient History Management and Clinical documentation
  7. Encryption and security protocols
  8. HIPAA Compliant Communication
  9. Integrations with other medical software & EHRs

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is adherence to the physical, administrative and technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA, which covered entities and business associates must uphold to protect Protected Health Information integrity (PHI).

We customized based eCommerce solutions based on your custom requirements.

Costing will be dependent on your requirements. Lets know your requirement we will provide estimated cost in no time.