Everything You Need To Know About Custom Software Development In 2023

What is custom software development?

It is precisely as it sounds! 

Custom software solutions are distinctive and assist in meeting specific requirements at a reasonable cost. 

Nowadays, tech companies require software for a variety of purposes. Custom software assists organizations in fulfilling and executing all of their business processes smoothly with multiple functionalities.

As we know that every business has its specific and unique needs, and the only way to meet them is through custom solutions. 

The industries like Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, etc. have created standards that lead to customization in their solutions.

Let’s consider the ways of developing ERP for Retail and Healthcare. Retail business needs Inventory management, warehouse management, order management and CRM in their ERP system. ERP for Healthcare industries includes Patient Management, Hospital Ward Management, Nursing Management, Laboratory Management, Electronic Medical records, EHR Integrations, LAB Integration, Appointment Scheduling & Booking, Patient Portal, Video Chat & Secure Messaging etc.

It indicates that these industries have different workflows and requirements, which directs to the development of Custom Software Solutions.

What are the benefits of custom software development? 

Many organizations want to build unique Custom solutions to deliver to their customers. Custom software solutions only focus on their needs. 

If you have a confusion about building Custom software solutions or any other software, you must go with the benefits of Custom software. 

There are a few good benefits to using Custom software solutions rather than Generic software solutions. Here’s a quick overview:

Generic Software DevelopmentCustom Software Development
Used for developing a general-purpose softwareUse to develop a software product as per the needs of a particular business
It is not too easy from designing and marketing perspectiveFor an appropriate group of users, Custom Software has been developed
In Generic software, the quality of the product is not a preferenceIn Custom Software Product, quality & functionality is the main criteria & preference
Generally, there may be some hidden costs, such as installation and implementation costThe software product is costly as the particular product for the customer is developed

Challenges of developing custom software

It has always been challenging for Custom Software solutions to meet the requirements of businesses. 

Below are the critical challenges of developing custom software:

1. Inadequate Software Development Planning:

To be precise, this is one of the most severe challenges as they take the first step in development. The most crucial thing in Custom software development is gathering & understanding a customer’s requirements & perspectives. 

To evaluate this, every team should stick to the plan as every project needs appropriate development in the building phase. So a clear plan and pre-defined solutions must be needed to be successful.

2. Changeable requirements:

Sometimes customers’ minds frequently change and want to switch the entire requirement, code, or project-related problems in the middle phase of the building.

The customer wants some additional features or wants to change technology in the middle phase of the project. It may create an issue for business owners to acquire those changes quickly.

3. Technology Stack Issues:

The Standard of technology matters a lot!

We must consider whether the requirement is settled or approved and documented after considering the above two factors. Right?? But there may be another scenario. 

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Technology is continuously changing in the market, so the technical team needs to check for technical challenges and they should be upgraded with a new tech stack.

Technology is often incompatible with the external environment and platforms, so we have to manage different variants in such situations. 

4. Inefficient Project Management:

One of the biggest reasons behind the unsuccessful project delivery is inappropriate project management planning.

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Below are a few reasons:

  • Choosing the incorrect technology stack
  • Select inappropriate tools
  • Assign the wrong tasks to the wrong team
  • Consume more time on simple tasks & vice versa
  • Recognize the risk of the project at the right time
  • Find the right solution to escape the risk
  • Make sure all team members are on the same page
  • Coordination & communication between team members 
  • Look over the growth & progress of the project
  • Incorrect resource & time management 

5. An Unclear Vision:

Undefined goals & objectives lead to project failure. 

Proper adequate planning & clear vision is essential in Custom software development as it helps to enhance businesses, generate revenue, and make life easier for organizations.

Business owners should plan or monitor the work. They should know the different tools or ideas to get a clear vision. 

How much does custom software cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of each project depends upon its product. 

In short, every product is different and costs vary per the product’s functionalities. 

The product management team should have enough idea about the entire project as many factors determine the cost of building each phase.

If you think of more creative designs or appropriate code that is bug-free, then it may take time to accomplish this, so that the project cost will go up.

Facts to be considered in the cost of Custom product development:

  • Timeline of the project  
  • Development team size  
  • Which Technology stack are we using & how much is it scalable
  • The complexity of product development 
  • Third-party Integration
  • Migration of existing data
  • Marketability test

Compared to Generic software development, Custom software is expensive as the number of hours required to build the project increases.

Why Thinkitive for custom software development?

We earned extensive 7+ years of experience in the development of Custom software for more than dozens of industries, which makes us our technology team expert in such solution development. 

This expertise helps Thinkitive to become a partner with many enterprises from around the world.

We assure our partners by providing unique Custom software solutions in different industries, such as;

Key differentiators: 

  • Unique approach-different projects
  • Digging into the details
  • Delivering end-to-end solutions
  • The way of risk elimination 

For any questions and inquiries, related to software development services, we invite you to visit us at Thinkitive.

Asavari Joshi

Sales Team Lead

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