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Experience Hi-Tech software solutions: Powering innovation, efficiency, and growth for your business.

Our Software & Hi-tech Offerings & Services


We provide End-to-End hi tech software solutions to every business, from early startups to well-established businesses. We have extensive experience in software development with quality deliverables. We focus on understanding software requirements in detail to understand every aspect of the product.

Minimal Viable Product & Prototype

Startups need to get feedback from potential customers before pushing a full-fledged product. Our team works with clients to understand product use cases and study existing competitors. Based on the information, the team provides a features list and technology stack best suited for high tech Software Prototypes. We have helped multiple startups at an early stage.

End-to-End Product Engineering

We help multiple businesses with end-to-end software product development, from requirement analysis to post-production support, where businesses don't have to worry about software processes. We understand your requirements and cater to your business-specific software needs. Businesses rely on our skilled programmers to develop solutions and ensure your business's smooth operations.

Technology Migration / Re-engineering

Technology products and businesses don't stay relevant to current situations due to rapid innovation and technological changes. We keep ourselves updated with current trends and technologies, making us the ideal technology partner to migrate or re-engineer high tech software products.

Maintenance & Support

We take full responsibility for all the hi tech software products developed by Thinkitive and provide 30 days of post-production support. Our team is well-equipped with proven tools and software to provide End-to-end support for technology solutions.

Software Development Life-cycle At Thinkitive


Our team follows every step of the software development life cycle to ensure the project should be completed within a given time. We have domain expertise and technology experts at every software development life cycle step to improve processes and guide the team.

Requirement Gathering

  • We take multiple calls with a client to understand the requirements.
  • We create a detailed plan based on shared requirements and our understanding.
  • We take feedback from clients to close the requirement gap, if any.
  • Finalized requirements and got approval requirement scope from the client.
  • Create wireframes (Invision, Adobe xd) for shared requirement scope.

Design Phase

  • Divide requirements into understandable epic and user stories.
  • Engineers divide user stories into small tasks and estimates for each task.
  • We create a sprint-wise plan (2-3 Weeks of Sprint).
  • Create a release plan (3-4 Sprint one release Plan), and after every production-ready product will be released to the client.
  • Get approval from the client on Sprint and release the plan.

Development Phase

  • Based on the Sprint plan, the project manager assigns each ticket to members.
  • Teams take daily scrum meetings to discuss daily tasks and issues, if any.
  • Daily meeting notes will be shared with clients to provide detailed updates to clients.
  • If required, we take daily or weekly calls with clients to discuss issues and share progress.

Branching Strategies

  • Ideally, we suggest developing QA and master (production) branches.
  • Each feature will have a separate feature branch.
  • Pull requests are followed by code review once the feature is completed.
  • Each push will have a ticket attached.
  • For every project, we setup CI/CD pipeline.

Release Plan

  • Internal QA release.
  • UAT timeline will be discussed with the client.
  • Release of production code.

Technologies & Tool We Are Expert In

Backend Technologies

Backend Technologies

Java, Nodejs, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Dart, Go, PHP

Frontend Technologies

Frontend Technologies

HTML,CSS, Javascript, ReactJs, Angular, Vue.JS, Ember, Meteor, Knockout, Backbone.Js

Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies

iOS,Android, ReactNative, Flutter, Ionic

Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies

AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS Cognito, AWS RDS, AWS CloudFormation, AWS EC2, AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service), AWS CloudWatch, AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service), AWS SES (Simple Email Service), AWS SQS (Simple Queuing Service), AWS Step functions, AWS VPC, Azure, Google Cloud Platforms

DevOps & Testing

DevOps & Testing

Code Versioning, Jenkins, CDD, Docker, Kubernetes, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Blazemeter, BrowserStack, SauceLabs, AWS Device Farm, BlazeMobile Pro



MySQL,Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQLServer, Cassandra, MongoDB

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Do you also want hi tech software solutions for your business?

How To Get Started in Software Development?



Share Your Project Requirement

Share your requirements with our domain experts and business analyst. We take time to understand the requirements and do competitive analysis.


Get Into Project Details With a Business Analyst

Our business analyst takes frequent calls with you to understand each aspect of the project. Based on the understanding, we create reliable scope documents for the project's base.


Choose Engagement Terms

Based on communication and understanding of the project, we help you choose the best engagement model. We provide you with developers that suit your requirements.


Kick Start Your

Sign the required documents to start the project and make an initial payment. We kick-start the project within 24 hours.

Choose an Engagement Model That Suits Your Software Development?

Time & Material

Time & Material Model

This model suits projects where requirements constantly evolve or must be clarified. You will need to provide the project's initial scope, and then we can create a phased plan based on it. You can change requirements based on the fact that we can update milestones. You will be paying for the amount of work done.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

This model is used for engagement, where you must extend the team with remote resources. You will need to provide all the necessary skills required for resources. We provide the best matching resources profile based on requirements. We allow customers to take interviews based on requirements or a two-week trial period to check resource skillsets & expertise. Payment will be on per hour basis.

Fixed Price Modal

Fixed Price Model

This model is suitable for projects where the scope is straightforward and, most importantly, fixed. Fixed price engagement doesn't allow you to make changes in scope. You will need to provide the project's initial scope, and then we can create phased planning based on it—this engagement we recommend only for small projects.

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