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Thinkitive is the leading IT Staff Augmentation Company. We offer solid, cost-effective, and trustworthy solutions for increasing the efficiency of your company. Our staff augmentation services provide efficient strategy and flexibility for IT, digital, and mobile businesses worldwide. Recruit competent, dedicated, and focused staff on an as-needed basis.

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Software Development Staff Augmentation


Dedicated development is the best choice if you need a team of highly-qualified professionals for your IT solutions. Thinkitive offers clients an easy and cost-effective solution through its available pool of experienced resources. Our team will reliably work with you. We have in-depth expertise in the software development industry. So if you hire a software developer for your project, you'll get the most outstanding outcomes for the lowest price.

Hire Java Developer

We offer best-in-class Java development services that allow clients to leverage most Java development. We offer everything from custom Java development to software testing, support, and maintenance. Our Java development services aim at delivering high-performance web apps for your business.

Hire NodeJS Developers

We offer business-oriented NodeJS development services ranging from API development to NodeJS consulting to global clients. Our NodeJS developers are experienced in building scalable, secured, and performance-oriented real-world web applications.

Hire Python Developer

Thinkitive's Python developers have years of expertise in designing safe, scalable, and dependable Python solutions for various industries. Our Python development team has extensive experience solving complex business challenges in novel ways. Hire Python developers from us to develop innovative online apps using a wide range of technologies such as Javascript, XML, jQuery, AWS, HTML/HTML5, celery Django, Flask, and MySQL.

Hire Mobile Developer

We offer end-to-end Mobile development services for businesses in various industry verticals. You can hire dedicated mobile app developers from our talent pool to leverage the best mobile development services. Our Mobile app developers build scalable, innovative, fully functional app solutions customized for your business.

Hire .Net Developers

Hire .NET developers from our reputable company to help your business grow. With years of expertise, our team has developed the necessary skill set to provide noticeable results. Our developers create high-quality start-up and enterprise-level software that solves real-world challenges. Feel free to take advantage of the variety of .NET development services that Thinkitive's committed .NET programmers provide.

Hire PHP Developer

Be a part of the most used open-source scripting languages to dynamize your websites and web applications. We offer PHP developers with a wide variety of skill sets. Who can work on everything from the simplest PHP apps to sophisticated websites? We use agile development methodologies to reduce the time to market and execute projects on time.

Hire Angular Developer

We have the finest Angular engineers with top-tier expertise and an in-depth understanding of fundamental Java patterns and J2EE design patterns such as Adapters, Business Objects, Delegates, Service Locator, Singleton, DAO, and DTO. Our Angular developers are responsible for all distinct SDLC-Software Development Life Cycle stages. Hire an AngularJS developer from us to speed up your front-end architecture.

Hire React Developer

Our remote React developers are skilled in creating visually appealing UI and UX designs, high-end solutions, and efficient performance. Hire a dedicated ReactJS developer with top-tier knowledge in HTML + CSS, JSX, JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6, DOM manipulation, Redux, Node + NPM to boost your product development capabilities. Contact us to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey. Work with the industry's top 1% of React developers to achieve the best outcomes when integrating React with Redux, Redux-Saga, Flow, and React DnD.

Hire Fullstack Developer

Our offering includes hiring a web development team that allows clients to leverage most of the web development. We offer everything from custom web development to web testing, support, and more. Our web development services aim to deliver performance-oriented web apps for your business.

Staff Augmentation Services


Custom Software Development


We offer a dedicated custom software development team that provides the right software solution tailored to your business needs.

Healthcare Application Development


We specialize in HIPAA-compliant software solutions. Our developers have expertise in building Healthcare apps such as EHR/EMR software, Telemedicine software, Remote Patient Monitoring software, Chronic Care Management Software, Revenue Cycle Management software, and so on.

Retail Application Development


We offer outstanding solutions for your company or startup. Bring your ideas to life by embracing digital transformation in your organization.

Mobile App Development


Hire developers who create best-in-class applications for iPhone and Android. With the skills of our developers, we develop, design, and deploy the finest apps. Hire app developers to create user-friendly applications that meet your business's needs.

Software Testing


Our offering includes software testing and QA services that adhere to the highest quality and industry standards. Our internally trained quality assurance personnel can assist us in increasing product quality while decreasing time to market, risks, and costs.

IoT Development


Thinkitive offers robust IoT development solutions that meet your needs regardless of your firm's size, location, or industry vertical. Our IoT development team can provide various industries' device programming, dashboard development, and monitoring solutions.

AI / ML Development


Our AI/ML experts teach machines to see, hear and learn. Our AI developers provide real-world AI solutions incorporating a high level of Artificial Intelligence and some Natural Intelligence. Our ML Developers do more than merely feed statistics to ML algorithms; they combine data science with current engineering.

Staff Augmentation Benefits


Flexibility and Scalability

With the help of IT staff augmentation services, you can decide how many personnel you want for your project. When to let some go and scale up based on your company's needs. Staff augmentation services allow you complete scalability and flexibility.

Cost Saving

Software team augmentation offers a middle ground for implementing a smooth, economical, and long-lasting solution. This ensures you will retain revenue due to resource shortages or suffer financial losses due to a lack of business.

Top Industry talent

Best IT staff augmentation services have the most excellent industry personnel worldwide on their panel. This enables organizations that use their services to benefit from top-tier resources with specialized abilities in various fields. You can always rely on the large pool of resources from staff augmentation companies.

Cost Effective Solution

Training your existing personnel for a specific project or employing additional workers may take time and effort. Staff augmentation helps you to get results rapidly without investing time or money in training your employees.

Integrate and Collaborate

Managing the integration and cooperation process while outsourcing development might be challenging. Connecting with a company's present ideology and interacting with the existing team by augmenting an individual or a team is simpler.

Quality Assurance

One of the main problems with outsourcing, especially offshore, is that businesses must maintain quality control. Although nearshore outsourcing partially eliminates this issue, businesses with core IT operations prefer staff augmentation services over outsourcing.

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Empowering Healthcare with Integrated Solutions

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Always HIPAA-Compliant: Cloud Security You Can Trust


We Build Enterprise Applications For Diverse Industries


We work in a particular domain, and we are experts in it. We have solid expertise in Software Regulation Standards Like HIPAA, PCI/DSS, GDPR, OWASP, and ISO:9001.



Development of HIPAA-Compliant EHR, EMR, Telehealth platform & Practice Management System (PMS). Have Experience in FHIR, HL7, SMART on FHIR, CCDA, and Integration expertise in third-party EHR solutions.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & E-Commerce

End to End-tailored ERP System for Retail & e-Commerce, Supply chain & Inventory Management Systems. We developed POS Applications, PLM, EDI, Shop Floor Control, B2B e-Commerce, and Omnichannel Commerce.

Software & Hi-Tech

Software & Hi-Tech

We develop innovative and creative next-generation custom software as per requirements. We partner with ISVs for technology consulting, core engineering, and full-scale integration capabilities.

Staff Augmentation Process


Four manageable phases, which we detail below, comprise the basic staff augmentation process flow.

Requirement Analysis

Managing the integration and cooperation process while outsourcing development might take much work. Connecting with a company's present ideology and interacting with the existing team by augmenting an individual or a team is simpler.

Talent Source

One of the primary challenges with outsourcing, particularly with offshore outsourcing, is that organizations must maintain quality control. Although nearshore outsourcing somewhat reduces this issue, businesses with core IT operations prefer staff augmentation services over outsourcing.

On-boarding New staff

While an IT staffing agency handles all legal difficulties, you may begin onboarding your new team member. This is the time to spell out all of your tasks and responsibilities. Otherwise, there may be a great deal of misunderstanding. Remember to schedule Q&A sessions with your new staff.

Maintenance and support

Staff augmentation companies never forsake their employees. An HR or account manager is chosen to work with a larger team.

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Why Thinkitive is the Best IT Staff Augmentation Company?


Thinkitive is the best IT staff augmentation company. We fill voids in your IT personnel and provide additional support with your application development process. Your in-house developers will benefit from additional heads and hands with our flexible tech staffing options. Contact Thinkitive to augment your internal staff.

Frequently Ask Questions on IT Staff Augmentation


Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service in which a software business delivers its engineers as external hires, often on a Time & Materials contract basis.

We allow you to conduct as many interviews as possible before hiring your preferred developer from us. Once you approve, our hired remote developers will work as your dedicated resources from our cutting-edge development center. You have complete control over the resource while we handle developer retention, administrative support, and infrastructure. We sign NDAs to ensure that your concept and project are safe with us.

Thinkitive appoints professional project managers as a single point of contact for all requirements.

Yes, you can hire dedicated remote engineers who work following your deadline, milestone, and your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST). Please get in touch with us at for further details.

A dynamic IT staffing approach enables your business with additional personnel or a required tech stack. It maintains flexibility and cost-effectiveness in decision-making.

By putting together a temporary workforce and providing work based on deliverables, the staff augmentation firm aids organizations in maintaining project control.