Predective chart notes with Before and after image/video management


Healthcare, EHR, Aesthetic


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client is based in California and is a well-established organization with a rich history of over 15 years in the aesthetic care industry. Renowned for their commitment to client satisfaction and the latest beauty treatments, they operate multiple clinics across the West Coast. The aesthetic clinic has a significant intake of 1500-2000 patients weekly. The clinic boasts a comprehensive team of 65 physicians, 105 staff members, and 26 administrators, all contributing to the seamless functioning and high-quality care provided to the patients.

Business challenges

The client contacted us to add some features to their existing EMR system. The client wants to add features like predictive chart notes and treatment templates along with before and after photo video management tools. The client was a prominent aesthetic center that has clinics at multiple locations in the US.

The client faced some challenges while performing tasks at their healthcare center. The client was mainly facing issues with a manual chart and maintaining treatment notes, similar to patient image and video management.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive business analyst team and SMEs connected with clients to get complete requirements. After connecting with the client multiple times, the team finalized the requirements. Based on the gathered client requirements, the team has developed a feature list that describes the project scope.

As per requirements, the development team started working on the project. To achieve this solution, our team has delivered the required features that help healthcare professionals to streamline their practice operations. We have delivered the following features-

-  Predictive and comprehensive chart notes and treatment notes

-  Before and after image and video management

workflow diagram of end-to-end function of aesthetic emr software

Solution Highlights

    1. Predictive and Comprehensive Chart Notes and Treatment Notes

    To get predictive and comprehensive chart notes, we have implemented an NLP tool within the EMR. It helps to analyze and understand free-text entries, enabling the system to suggest or predict commonly used phrases. Using the provided features, practitioners can dictate their observations and recommendations directly into the system. It helps to improve accuracy in chart notes.

    Our team has developed an internal customizable template specifically associated with aesthetic treatments. These templates are helpful because they offer predefined sections for various treatments, allowing practitioners to add comprehensive notes, pre- and post-procedure instructions, medication details, and treatment progress notes.

-  Implementation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

-  Customizable templates specifically associated with aesthetic treatments

    2. Before and After Image and Video Management

    We have implemented cloud-based storage solutions within the EMR system for storing before and after images and videos. Using this feature, the provider can ensure reliable and easily accessible image and video management.

    We have implemented a tool for annotations and side-by-side comparative viewing. With the use of these features, providers are able to add markings, measurements, or annotations to images or videos.

-  Cloud-based storage solutions

-  Annotations and side-by-side comparative viewing

Value Delivered

  • Visual Progress Tracking

    We have implemented a feature of before and after image and video management, which helps enhance the monitoring of patient progress.

  • Enhanced Patient Care

    The implementation of predictive and comprehensive chart notes improves the quality of patient care by providing aesthetic practitioners with a detailed and predictive understanding of a patient's medical history and treatment progress.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    By leveraging predictive chart notes, practitioners can tailor treatment plans to individual patient needs.

  • Improved Decision-Making

    The comprehensive nature of chart notes, combined with predictive capabilities, empowers practitioners to make well-informed decisions.