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Revenue Cycle Management Software Development

  • 9+ years of in-depth healthcare domain expertise
  • Delivered 30+ HIPAA compliant RCM software with 98% improved collectionsFully custom telemedicine app with EHR integrations
  • Fully custom RCM app with multiple EHR and payer integrations
  • Cost-affordable revenue cycle management solutions
  • Maintenace and support

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We develop revenue cycle management software to manage the financial operations of the healthcare business. Our feature-rich RPM software includes patient registration, insurance verification, claims submission, payment processing, and accounts receivable management.

  • 9+ years of in-depth healthcare domain expertise
  • Delivered 30+ HIPAA compliant RCM software with 98% improved collectionsFully custom telemedicine app with EHR integrations
  • Fully custom RCM app with multiple EHR and payer integrations
  • Cost-affordable revenue cycle management solutions
  • Maintenace and support

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RCM platform to provide timely access to specialty physicians

Custom Revenue Cycle Management Software Development Development Services - Team, Timeline & Cost


We offer custom revenue cycle management software development services from start-ups to large corporations. It assists companies manage their financial processes, from billing and invoicing to collections and reporting. Custom RCM software development services can help businesses with improved efficiency and accuracy of the revenue system. We seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as accounting, payroll, and ERP systems.





Development Team

Project manager ( No cost )

Business analyst ( No cost )

UI/UX Developer

Frontend Developers

Backend Developers

QA and DevOps Engineers



40K - 75K+


Features Included

Quick Insurance Verification

Superbill with Medical Coding

Claim and Denial Management

Automated ERA and EOB Posting

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Seamless Third Party Integration





Development Lifecycle

Discovery ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

Engineering ( Duration: 4 - 6 Months)

Testing ( Duration: 4 - 6 weeks )

Deployment ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

Support & Maintenance

Say Goodbye to Revenue Loss. Get Custom Revenue Cycle Management Software Today!

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Features of Custom Revenue Cycle Management App


Take your clinic online with an end-to-end customizable healthcare revenue cycle management services.

Pre-authorization and eligibility verification

Verify patient insurance coverage, check for plan exclusions or limitations, and minimize the risk of claim denials.

Pre-authorization & eligibility verification - Thinkitive;

Accessible collection of patient demographics and Insurance information

While onboarding patients into RCM, providers can quickly collect patient demographics and insurance, family and payment details.

One-click insurance verification through payer integration

Integrating with payers allows practices to complete insurance verification in a single click. By entering insurance details only, billers can verify whether insurance is valid or not.

Multiple insurances give you more options for reimbursement

The ability to maintain multiple insurances for a single patient gives the practitioner more options to recover expenses quickly.

Insurance preferences make claim processing easy

Setting up patient insurance preferences will assist providers in applying for the proper insurance by authorizations and eligibility. The maximum reimbursement will be possible with a single claim, thanks to this.

Same day Pre-authorization and eligibility checking

Providers can request pre-authorization and eligibility from the payer for any required procedure to be done on the patient. Healthcare providers can get a response within hours on the same day.

Ability to add a card on file and easy co-pay or self-payment

Easy-to-pay providers can keep track of patient card information for future payments.

Advanced medical coding and superbill management

Automated CPT code suggestions, real-time code validation, and code-specific reimbursement information

Registration - Thinkitive;

Pull bills and encounter information from EHR

EHR integration allows providers to fetch bills from multiple EHRs and healthcare platforms which need to be submitted for claims. Also, providers can create a new encounter in RCM by referring to a hard copy of patient encounter information.

Quick superbill creation with auto-populated encounter information

Superbill can be created by selecting a particular patient encounter. All encounter details will be auto-populated, and no need to re-enter detail. In addition to that, providers can create superbills manually by filling required details.

AI-based automated medical coding

AI-based automated coding will reduce ambiguity and improve the accuracy of the bill. ICD and CPT codes can be auto-populated by entering only the required description of the diagnosis and procedure.

Auto charge capturing reduces human errors

Providers can record their fee schedule for each service provided, referring to CPT codes. As the CPT codes are entered into the super bill system can auto-fill charges automatically from the appropriate fee schedule.

Taking the patient's finances into account

While generating the superbill, the system considers all the past dues and advances paid by the patient. It provides an estimate of the patient credits.

Cut down on provider efforts by attaching a document to a superbill

Providers and billers can cut back on the time they spend printing and shipping papers for claims and superbills.

Simplify your Medical Billing with Revenue Cycle Management Software

Hands-free claim submission and Denial Management

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of their billing processes, reduce the time and effort required to manage claims and denials, and accelerate payment collection.

Auto Charge capturing & coding - Thinkitive;

Submission of claims with a single click and auto-fill

A specific patient encounter can be chosen to make a superbill.

You won't need to enter any encounter information again because it will all be automatically populated.

Additionally, providers can manually construct superbills by manually entering the required data.

Auto claim scrubbing reduces human errors

Before submission, automatic AI-based scrubbing will eliminate claim issues and lower the refusal rate. The scrubbing procedure allows for the verification of all spelling mistakes, medical codes, and costs.

Electronic claim submission, along with the paper claim

Providers can submit claims electronically directly into the payer portal. In addition to that offline paper claims like CMS1500 claim form can be downloaded and printed.

Online claims tracking and follow-up

A submitted claim can be tracked online by checking the claim status at the payer's end. In addition, the provider can take a follow-up through emails or calls for pending claims from the payer's end.

Secondary claim processing to get more reimbursed

If any patient is facing complications while submitting the primary claim, then the patient can apply for a secondary claim.

Actionable Deniel analysis and claim resubmission

Providers can view the rejected or denied claims and analyze it to find the root cause of rejection. They can take preventive action to reduce such claim denials.

Automated payment processing and ERA/EOB posting

Real-time ERA/EOB tracking and reporting, and analytics to help identify and manage claim and payment discrepancies.

Electronic Claims submission - Thinkitive;

Account receivable statistics with aging and follow-up

Providers can view the account receivable payment status with due age from the date of services. Providers can view the report and graphical form for better understanding.

A comprehensive analysis of the receivables assists in creating a strategy for payment collection

The analysis of account receivables by providers might reveal overdue payments and their causes. Based on the data, providers can create a strategy to stop payments from aging beyond due and enable early payment collection.

Auto reminders for due payment

Configurable reminders can be set to take follow-up of due payments from patients and payers. The system can automatically send an email notification to the payer and patient as per the configuration set.

Custom payment policy

Providers can set payment policies for each patient, like payment terms, mode of payment, and discounts. These policies can be modified as per customer needs.

Detailed Claim specific ERA payment posting

Providers can apply payments to each claim in detail per ERA payment advice provided by the payer.

Automatic EOB Posting

In an automatic EOB system, healthcare providers have immediate access to the EOB data required to communicate with payers regarding updated or rejected claims. It results in early revenue recognition for transactions.

Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

Robust Analytics and reporting

Providing insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities to help healthcare organizations improve their financial performance.

Remittance Processing - Thinkitive;

Informative dashboard presenting revenue stats

The provider's dashboard shows various information like revenue statistics, claim details, and account receivables. Also, providers can view alerts and notifications for any upcoming tasks.

Essential performance reporting will help to analyze revenue gaps

Key performance indicators may be assessed by examining comprehensive reports based on revenue earned and claims submitted and reimbursed. This included ICD codes, CPT codes, Lab test sets, and much more.

Reporting in multiple formats like graphs, lists, and numbers

Providers can view reports in multiple formats like graphs, lists, and numbers, easily exported into the xls, pdf, and CSV formats.

Auto report generation and presentation to management

The system can generate reports automatically per configuration and auto-populate on the management dashboard or mail.

Configurable reports reduce repetitive efforts

Recurring use of these reports saves providers time spent searching and applying filters to receive results. Providers can configure their reports according to their needs and specifications and save the configuration.

Quickly export reports in XLS, PDF, and CSV formats

Providers may quickly and easily export their reports into the necessary file types, including PDF, XLS, and CSV. This will lessen the providers' efforts to repeatedly obtain reports.

Integrating multiple EHRs, clearinghouses, and payers

Improve the revenue cycle process by streamlining workflows, improving accuracy, and providing better visibility into financial performance.

Insurance Follow up & Denial managment - Thinkitive;

Fetch patient information quickly from any EHR & EMR

The RCM system can integrate with any EHR and EMR to access patient information from multiple EHR and EMR platforms. Providers can directly fetch reports, encounter summaries, and patient balances from EHR/EMR.

Reduce daniel's rate by integrating with the clearinghouse

An RCM system will allow you to create an electronic claim and submit it to a clearinghouse. Clearinghouses receive and review the claims for accuracy, and then electronically transmit the claim data to insurance companies.

Payer integration for insurance verification and authorization

Payer integration leverages automation in electronic claim submission. It directly fetches into the payers portal, making it convenient to take follow-ups through auto reminders.

Integration with multiple payment gateways

Multiple third-party payment gateways are integrated into RCM. It advances payments from patients as a co-pay or self-pay.

Push claims to EHR seamlessly

Providers can push electronic or paper claims data and relevant payment information and follow up details to any integrated EHR. it can be synchronous and asynchronous way. This will help providers to keep track of their reimbursement status.

Secure Electronic claim transfer with HIPAA compliant standard

Since the electronic claim transfer is in XML format and the clearing house converts it to EDI format before sending it to the payers, it should be safeguarded via HIPAA compliant protocall.

Take Your Medical Billing and Revenue cycle Management To Next Level

Revenue cycle management App Development - Process

Cerner Icon

Discovery   ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

The first step in revenue cycle management software development is to analyze the requirements. Our subject matter expert understands the end-user needs, gathers and analyzes user feedback, and researches existing solutions. Based on the understanding, our team creates wireframes and workflows to form the product development base.

Left Arrow Icon

Engineering   ( Duration: 4 - 6 Months)

After requirement gathering, the next step is to design the app. It includes creating a dynamic UI/UX for patients and healthcare providers. Simultaneously our engineering team first creates sprint planning for your custom revenue cycle management software. It involves coding the app and integrating APIs such as patient data encryption, SSL Layer, and HIPAA-compliant servers.

Right Arrow Icon
Api Testing Icon

Testing   ( Duration: 4 - 6 weeks )

Our testing team creates test cases for different workflows and user stories depending on the requirements. The testing team performs numerous cycles of combined manual and automated testing on a delivered revenue cycle management platform. We rigorously test all the features and functionalities and fix bugs quickly and efficiently if found.

Left Arrow Icon

Deployment   ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

Our team creates end-to-end CI/CD pipelines that enable us to deploy applications on the server quickly. We ensure your RCM infrastructure is secure and HIPAA compliant. We integrate the application into a larger entity or infrastructure, deploying the application on the necessary devices. Finally, we deploy RCM software in the right market, maintenance, and support.

Revenue Cycle Management Development Cost


The cost of revenue cycle management app depends upon a multiple number of factors:

  • Requirements of revenue cycle management software
  • RCM app types and deployment platforms ( Web, iOS, Android, or Desktop ).
  • Add on features or components like ( Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring software, and Chronic Care Management solutions )
  • User type supported by a system like ( SuperAdmin, Provider, Patient, or any other )
  • Visitor Volume in RCM app
  • Extracting payments for services
Time & Material - Thinkitive

From $40,000

With all features

Dedicated Team - Thinkitive

From $25,000

With reduces features

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Tools & Technologies use to Develop Revenue cycle management

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.Net, Java, Python, NodeJS, Php, Go

Frontend Technologies


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, React, Meteor, Vuejs, Nextjs, Ember

Mobile Technologies


iOS, Android, Xamarin, Cordova, PWA, React Native, Flutter, Ionic

Cloud Technologies


AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Rockspace

DevOps & Testing


Wowza Streaming Engine, Azure Media Services, Media Services

DevOps & Testing

Cloud Storage

Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon RDS, AWS Elasticache, Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Kinect DK, Azure RTOS, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Database


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  • Flutter logo Flutter
  • Ionic logo Ionic


  • AWS logo AWS
  • Microsoft Azure logo Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud logo Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean logo Digital Ocean
  • Rockspace logo Rockspace


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    Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Azure Media Services logo Azure...
    Azure Media Services
  • Media Services logo Media Services
Messaging And Conferencing
  • Sendbird logo Sendbird
  • Contus Mirrorfly logo Contus...
    Contus Mirrorfly

Cloud storage

  • Amazon S3 logo Amazon S3
  • Amazon Redshift Logo Amazon...
    Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon DynamoDB logo Amazon...
    Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon DocumentDB logo Amazon...
    Amazon DocumentDB
  • Amazonrds Logo Amazon RDS
  • AWS Elasticache logo AWS...
    AWS Elasticache
  • Azure Data Lake logo Azure...
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Why Thinkitive is the Best revenue cycle management company?


We have an in-depth understanding of the healthcare domain & technology expertise. It allows us to provide suitable revenue cycle management software solutions to meet your custom requirements. We develop HIPAA-compliant custom revenue cycle management software, which assists healthcare providers and patients with a smooth payment reimbursement option. As one the top revenue cycle management software development company, we offer end-to-end RCM application development. We provide initial maintenance and support along with top-notch quality deliverables.

In-depth Domain Expertise - Thinkitive

In-depth Domain Expertise

Thinkitive, the best chronic care management software development company. We has 9+ years of broad technical expertise and knowledge of HIPAA-compliant RCM software development. We deliver flexible, scalable, and robust revenue cycle management services.

Ready-to-use Components - Thinkitive

Rich Feature with Customizable option

We have ready-to-use RCM components that can accelerate the development of RCM software. Some RCM components are Claims submission, Denial Management, Insurance information, verifying insurance coverage etc.

Third Party Integration - Thinkitive

User friendly and Dynamic UI/UX

Intuitive UI/UX experience design with detailed information about RCM activities like steadfast submitting and processing claims, collecting payments, managing denials and appeals.

Affordable Telemedicine Solutions - Thinkitive

Cost effective and on-time Delivery

We provide cost-effective revenue cycle management solutions with on-time delivery of the RCM apps without compromising the quality.

Fully Customized Solutions - Thinkitive

Develop 100% Secure and Compliant Software

Being one of the best revenue cycle management development companies, we offer a 100% safe and secure RCM system in every aspect of standard regulations and guidelines.

Timely Delivery - Thinkitive

Integrated with Multiple Payers & EHRs

We seamlessly integrate Revenue cycle software with multiple third party payers and EHRs. It increases overall efficiency and accuracy of the RCM app.

Take control of your revenue cycle with our comprehensive revenue cycle management software solution.

Revenue cycle management App Development Case Studies


Empowering Healthcare with Integrated Solutions

Can Technology Transform Your Practice? See How This EMR...

Streamlined Encounters, Satisfied Providers: A Case Study...

Always HIPAA-Compliant: Cloud Security You Can Trust


Revenue cycle management App Architecture for HIPAA Compliance

Telemedicine App Architecture for HIPAA Compliance - Thinkitive

Secure Your Patients' Data with Our HIPAA Compliant RCM Software Solutions

Choose the Engagement Model that suits your Revenue Cycle Management App Development


Time & Material Model

This model is suitable for projects where requirements constantly evolve or need clarification. You will need to provide the project's initial scope so we can create a phased plan.

  • check icon

    Pay when milestone is achieved

  • check icon

    Flexibility to change scope

  • check icon

    Monthly report

  • check icon

    Better control on cost


This model is used for engagement, where you must extend the team with remote resources. You will need to provide all the necessary skills required for resources.

  • check icon

    160 hours of man-power

  • check icon

    Monthly billing

  • check icon

    Pay only for measurable work

  • check icon

    Quick replacement

Fixed Price

This model is suitable for projects where the scope is straightforward and, most importantly, fixed. You must specify the project's initial scope, and we will build phased planning based on it.

  • check icon

    Fixed time duration and budget

  • check icon

    Pay when target is achieved

  • check icon

    No hidden cost

  • check icon

    Post deployment support

Frequently Ask Questions on Revenue cycle management app development


RCM services, or Revenue Cycle Management services, are processes used in the healthcare industry to manage the financial aspects of patient care. They involve billing, coding, claim submission, and payment processing to optimize revenue generation, reduce claim denials, and improve the overall financial performance of healthcare providers.

Revenue Cycle Management Software is a financial tool healthcare providers use to track and manage patient billing, claims processing, and payment collection throughout patient care. It streamlines and automates revenue-related tasks to improve efficiency and financial performance in healthcare organizations.

To improve revenue cycle management, streamline billing processes, optimize coding and documentation accuracy, reduce claim denials through thorough checks, implement effective patient payment strategies, and leverage technology for efficient data management and analytics. Regularly review and update protocols to adapt to changing regulations and industry best practices.

A Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) company is a specialized organization that assists healthcare providers in optimizing their financial processes. It handles various aspects of the revenue cycle, such as medical billing, coding, claims processing, and payment collections. The primary goal is to enhance revenue efficiency and streamline the financial aspects of healthcare practices, ultimately improving overall financial performance.

Revenue cycle management in healthcare is the process of billing for services delivered to patients. It also includes collecting payments from insurance or patients. The process begins with the patient's pre-registration in the RCM and ends with payment collection.

Revenue cycle management in medical billing is essential for the healthcare organization to secure timely revenue, consistent collections, and financial sustainability.

Outsourcing to an RCM provider ensures a consistent revenue cycle and improves cash flow. A/R (Accounts Receivable): A good RCM partner assists healthcare providers in following up on AR settlements from insurance companies.

Thinkitive has extensive domain knowledge using which we can develop customized medical billing and Revenue cycle management software with robust features.

The revenue cycle management process begins when a patient schedules an appointment to receive medical services. Once the organizations have received all claims and patient payments, the procedure is complete.

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