Revamping an Auction/Bidding Platform for a 40+ Demographic


Healthcare, Remote patient monitorning


Adobe XD, Photoshop and Illustrator

Client Requirements

The client, based in the United States, needed a revamp of their Auction/Bidding platform that targeted users over 40 years old. The platform needed to be easily accessible and feature a user-friendly interface that this age group could easily understand.

The main objective was to provide users with a clear indication of their current stage in the process, minimizing confusion and ensuring that payment was made seamlessly through a reliable payment gateway. The client desired a platform that was not only accessible to their demographic but also provided clear prompts on the following steps to take.

Thinkitive Solution

We conducted thorough research on auction/bidding platforms and their competitors to meet the client's requirements. Our primary focus was designing a platform that adhered to strict accessibility guidelines.

We implemented a step-by-step selection process that allowed users to view asset classes, categories, sub-categories, makes, and models. We prioritized the user experience by increasing the text size and improving overall accessibility while maintaining a clear visual hierarchy.

To ensure that essential data regarding the asset was easily accessible, we arranged it to emphasize its importance. In addition, we added a filter panel to the left of the screen, providing users with easy and quick access to all asset viewing flows on the search page.

Workflow of the client’s auction/bidding platform

Solution Highlights

  • We created and tested a web application specifically for auctioning and bidding on vehicles and equipment related to the construction business.

  • The platform allowed sellers to publish their assets and assign an asset manager to oversee the transaction.

  • The design phase of the web app took into account the target audience's comfort level and adhered to accessibility guidelines.

  • We aimed to provide a user-friendly interface that made navigating the complex business of auctions, bids, and large payments easier.

  • The platform offered real-time updates on auction and bid statuses and featured a secure payment system protecting buyers and sellers.

Value Delivered

  • The primary objective was to provide a seamless and trustworthy platform for users to purchase and sell construction vehicles and equipment.

  • The platform included essential features such as Logistics, Finance, Inspection, Valuation, etc.

  • Brand new assets were removed from the platform to ensure that only relevant models based on user requirements and budget were displayed.

  • The platform ensured the verification of sellers, buyers, and assets and included a map view feature that displayed the exact location of the asset.

Tools & Technologies

  • Various technologies and tools were used to design and develop the platform.

  • Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator were utilized to create the user interface.

  • Several UI versions were designed and tested using innovative ideas to achieve an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • To enhance user experiences, tools such as Miro and FigJam were employed for creativity, Google Forms for surveys, and Notion and Google Docs for design documentation.