Chronic care management solution unique and innovative approach to caring for patient with chronic condition


Healthcare, CCM


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Requirements

A client is a USA-based software development organization that provides healthcare solutions for multiple specialties. The client wanted to create an application. It should be secure and meet HIPAA standards. This application would be for Chronic Care Management. It would enhance their business by providing value-added services to healthcare professionals. This app should identify and enroll eligible patients in a Chronic Care Management program. It should also handle patient engagements, assessment and screening, and insurance verification. This will help specialists create a comprehensive CCM care plan and assign it to the patients.

The specialist can use this application to increase their revenue. They can do so by offering additional services and reducing the patient's inconvenience. Additionally, specialists can improve their service quality. Calculating Billing per the US government insurance norms for healthcare was also a significant and exciting requirement from the client.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive's business analysts and subject matter experts started with the requirement analysis ( Discovery) phase. The thinkitive team took multiple calls with clients and created detailed FRD requirement documents and low-fidelity wireframes. It established a team of professionals with expertise in frontend and backend development.

The thinkitive team leveraged microservice-based architecture and developed a separate microservice for each module like Patient engagement, Patient vitals check-in using multiple medical devices, Comprehensive care management, Alerts and notifications, analytical dashboard services, And many more. Please find the diagram below for more details.

Architecture diagram for CCM system promoting proactive medical care with patient and provider portals, data management, and care coordination.

Solution Highlights

Our team developed a chronic care management platform to meet the client's requirements. We delivered a web platform for providers and a mobile app for patients, allowing them to use CCM services.

Below are some key highlights which Enhance the client's product value:

  • Provider Web Portal

    In the Provider portal, our team has delivered the below features to enable the provider:

    1. To identify patient eligibility for the CCM program

    2. Enroll eligible patients into a CCM program by taking an initial interview

    3. Create personalized care plans for patients, including trackable and non-trackable goals, Barriers, and clinical assessment and plan.

    4. Provider can review patient care plan timely, update the patient's progress, and make necessary changes in the care plan.

  • Patient Mobile App

    1. Our team developed a chronic care management platform according to the client's needs.

    2. We delivered a web platform for the provider and a mobile app for patients.

    3. Patients can connect with their assigned care members in several ways. They can use real-time messaging, video calling, and audio calling. Also, patients can receive timely alerts and notifications about their health concerns.

  • Automated Time Tracking and Billing

    Our team has implemented time tracking functionality which records the provider's time spent on every patient for review care plan and consultation. The time tracker records show that the system can assign CPT codes as guided by CMS. This makes the patient eligible for billing for that month.

  • Data Security Standards and CMS Rule Compliance

    The system developed by thinkitive has fulfilled all the HIPAA requirements, which ensure patient health data security.

    Besides this, Our team has taken excellent care of all CMS rules and regulations for the CCM program. This will ensure the provider will get more reimbursement on time.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Our team has developed multiple dynamic reports. These reports provide more insight into provider and patient health and revenue statistics.

  • EHR Integration and Automation

    This application can be easily integrated with EHR, making a process most effective and automated.

    1. Identifying CCM-eligible patients within EHR (more on this below).

    2. Inputting patient data collected and transmitted via CCM technology directly into patient charts.

    3. Streamlining Billing through CPT and ICD coding processes.

Value Delivered

  • Better patient outcome.

  • Ease Providers to treat patients with chronic diseases.

  • Better patient engagement using an interactive mobile app.

  • Automated time tracking, enabling seamless billing.

  • HIPAA compliance and CMS rule ensure data security and more reimbursement.