50% Faster Registration, 25% Better Care: Thinkitive's Impact on US Healthcare Efficiency


Healthcare, EHR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client, a prominent healthcare organization based in the United States, wants to enhance and broaden its services across various cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. The Client has employed a subscription-based model for their operational needs but faces mounting expenses, rigid workflows, and operational difficulties with their current system. They depend on multiple subscription services for vital functions such as:

-  Patient Registration (Bulk Patient Onboarding)

-  Appointment scheduling

-  Patient charting

-  Patient encounter process

To overcome these challenges, the client approached Thinkitive for EHR system development based on our extensive expertise in delivering healthcare services and our impressive track record of successful projects.

Business challenges

    1. Higher Operational Costs:

    The client incurred additional expenses associated with the charge-based system, including licensing fees, and still had to rely on third-party vendors to carry out day-to-day clinical activities.

    2. Time-Consuming Patient Registration:

    The system had manual patient registration processes that were time-consuming and prone to human errors, leading to delays in care delivery.

    3. Dependency on Multiple Subscription Services:

    Utilizing various subscription services for vital functions like patient registration, appointment scheduling, charting, and encounter processes leads to complexity and inefficiency.

    4. Inefficient Workflows:

    Manual administration processes and fragmented systems led to inefficiencies in patient care delivery, scheduling, and encounter processes, impacting overall clinic productivity and staff satisfaction.

image showing typical workflow of dermatology emr software


Thinkitive provided a comprehensive EHR system tailored to the client's specific needs, consolidating essential functions into a unified platform. The solution includes:

    1. Patient Registration: (Bulk patient upload)

    We have incorporated an advanced bulk patient onboarding feature that automates the process of uploading large volumes of patient data into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Utilizing a user-friendly interface and data mapping tools, it seamlessly integrates with existing registration functionalities, ensuring efficient data validation, processing, and integration, thus optimizing clinic productivity.

-  Batch Processing

-  Data mapping tool

-  Optimized clinic productivity

    2. Appointment Scheduling:

    The team created a centralized appointment management dashboard that is accessible to clinic staff. Integrated calendar functionalities allow staff to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments seamlessly. Real-time synchronization with patient records ensures accurate scheduling and reduces the risk of double bookings.

-  Integrated calendar

-  Real-time synchronization

-  Multi-provider calender

    3. Patient Charting:

    We designed customizable charting templates tailored to various medical specialties. Integrated data visualization tools enable clinicians to input and visualize patient data efficiently. Utilized structured data storage techniques to ensure data integrity and facilitate easy retrieval during patient encounters.

-  Data visualization tools

-  Easy retrieval: Patient data

    4. Patient Encounter Process:

    Implemented electronic encounter forms that guide clinicians through standardized documentation procedures. Utilized natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automate data entry and streamline charting. Integrated decision support systems provide clinicians with real-time clinical guidance and recommendations during patient encounters.

-  Electronic Encounter Forms

-  Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms

-  Real-time clinical guidance

Value Delivered

  • Streamlined Patient Registration:

    The advanced bulk onboarding feature streamlined the patient registration process, reducing registration time by 50%.

  • 20% decrease in overall expenses:

    The implementation of the comprehensive EHR system led to a significant reduction in costs, with the client experiencing a 20% decrease in overall expenses associated with subscription fees and operational overhead.

  • 30% increase in operational efficiency:

    Post-implementation, the client observed a 30% increase in operational efficiency, as measured by reduced administrative workload and streamlined workflows, resulting in faster patient registration, appointment scheduling, and charting processes.

  • 25% improvement in patient care outcomes:

    With the unified EHR system in place, the client reported a 25% improvement in patient care outcomes, evidenced by higher patient satisfaction scores, reduced wait times, and improved care coordination across multiple locations.

  • Scalability:

    The scalable nature of the EHR solution enabled the client to expand their services to new cities seamlessly. As a result, the client successfully onboarded 10 new clinics across different cities within the first year of implementation, demonstrating the system's ability to support the organization's growth objectives.