Customizable RPM care programs for guaranteed Patient care.


Healthcare, Chronic care management


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services

Client Requirements

A Client is a SAAS Healthcare technology solutions provider having expertise in developing EMR, Telehealth, and practice management solutions. The client wanted to add home care services to manage chronically ill patients into their offerings set.

To go forward with this vision client reached out to us. The client was looking to develop a HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring application.

It must adhere to all CMS guidelines for the RPM program. The app should provide improved patient outcomes by connecting medical devices to the patient's mobile app. Additionally, it should track vitals regularly.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive Business Analyst and Subject expert took multiple calls with clients and understood requirements. As per the client's detailed requirement project team has created a project plan and got approval from the client.

This project plan included the features that need to be delivered:

  • Patient onboarding and Initial assessment with eligibility checking.

  • Creation of a patient-centric care program.

  • Patient mobile app and device connection.

  • Patient review and determining patient progress.

  • Automated time tracking and Billing

  • HIPAA compliance and CMS guidelines sticking

Considering the above features, our team has developed a microservice-based architecture for remote patient monitoring applications. Our team has developed microservice for various features. These include Patient onboarding, Care program, Patient mobile app, Device connector bridge, Time tracking, and billing. And there are more.

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Solution Highlights

  • Patient onboarding and Initial assessment with eligibility checking

    Providers can create patients in the RPM system. They can quickly onboard them into an RPM program. This requires checking patient eligibility according to CMS guidelines.

    After onboarding, the provider and patient can meet either virtually or in person. This initial assessment allows them to exchange patient health information.

    Providers can interact with patients to assess chronic disease severity. They can then create tailored care programs. These programs include goals to track, vitals to monitor, and devices with pre-set threshold levels.

  • Creation of a patient-centric care program

    Providers can interact with patients and understand their chronic disease severity. They can create suitable care programs, including trackable and non-trackable goals. Vitals to be tracked and required devices with threshold levels should also be considered.

  • Patient mobile app and device connection

    The mobile development team has created a patient mobile app. It allows patients to connect medical devices and send vitals for provider review. This app is interactive. Apart from this patient mobile app can connect with providers at any time with secure HIPAA-compliant video calls and messaging.

  • Patient review and determining patient progress

    Providers can access patient data timely and review the patient health information along with vital signs and alerts generated. Providers can update patient clinical information and add notes to any vital check funds at risk.

    Also, providers can mark the patient's progress by reviewing their goals in the care program and updating them as per observation.

  • Automated time tracking and Billing

    The system can automatically track and log the time spent on patient reviews and consultations. This is done after completing the activity and identifying the task type and user adequately.

    According to the time logged, the system assigns the automatic CPT codes, making them eligible for billing.

  • HIPAA compliance and CMS guidelines sticking

    The solution ensures that patient health information is kept safe and complies with all Security standards. Also, our team has taken decent care of all CMS regulations and guidelines that must be followed in the RPM program.

Value Delivered

  • Secured HIPAA complements the RPM platform makes sure data safety.

  • Accessible to onboard patients and provide care program

  • The mobile app enables the patient to connect with providers anytime & anywhere

  • Easy device connection makes simple vital collection for patients from any age group