Comprehensive Dermatology Consolidation: All-in-One Solution


Healthcare, EHR, Dermatology


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client is a US-based organization that boasts more than two decades of expertise in providing dermatology care services. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to advancing skin health, they have established a network of clinics across the Northeast. The dermatology Clinic operates with a significant patient intake of 200-300 patients weekly. The clinic boasts a comprehensive team of 15 physicians, 20 staff members, and five administrators. To align with their longstanding dedication to patient care, the client is actively seeking an EMR solution.

Business challenges

The client wanted to increase the quality and efficiency of their patient data documentation processes by streamlining their workflows. The organization had trouble keeping track of patients, making appointments, Image management, and handling other financial matters related to their dermatology care provider. Furthermore, they desired to incorporate clinical diagnosis support tools like - Total body photography and Teledermatology.

Thinkitive Solution

To obtain all of the requirements, a group of SMEs and business analysts interacted with the clients multiple times. The team has created a feature list that outlines the project scope based on the information acquired about the client's requirements. The client was provided with that feature list, and after a few changes, we received their approval.

As per the approved feature list team has started developing an EMR solution for the speciality of dermatology. To achieve this solution our team has delivered multiple key features that help healthcare professionals to streamline their practice operations. Below are some key features that we have provided to clients-

-  Comprehensive Dermatology Templates

-  Image Management and Integration

-  Seamless Teledermatology Integration

-  Billing and Coding Accuracy

image showing typical workflow of dermatology emr software

Solution Highlights

    1. Comprehensive Dermatology Templates

    In this specialty of dermatology, the provider generally finds encounters as a burning-out process. To tackle such kind of challenges we have provided a customizable template feature that helps the provider during patient encounters.

    We have Delivered an EMR system with a template architecture that enables the development of customized templates for a range of dermatological procedures, problems, and treatments. We have Implemented structured fields within the templates that enable easy input and comprehensive patient data storage, examination findings, and treatment plans.

-  Easy customization of templates

-  Template Architecture

-  Structured fields in templates

    2. Image Management and Integration

    Collecting and Managing patient image data with security is quite challenging for providers. To overcome this challenge we have offered a feature with the functionality of Image Management and Integration.

    We have developed a centralized and secure image storage system that is integrated with EMR. Using this feature it is possible to easily organize and annotate the storage of dermatological images. Enable practitioners to annotate and label images for better categorization.

    During the delivery of this feature, we have ensured that it can provide seamless integration with other diagnostic and imagining devices. It allows for easy retrieval and sharing of images across different platforms, ensuring holistic patient care.

-  Centralized storage and easy annotation

-  Interoperability

    3. Seamless Teledermatology Integration

    Using the delivered feature of Teledermatology integration, it is possible to integrate with teledermatology platforms. We have developed an interface within the EMR system that allows seamless integration. It is helpful for practitioners to conduct remote consultations, share images, and review patient cases through secure video conferencing.

    4. Billing and Coding Accuracy

    Billing for any type of specialty is always a critical task for providers. To make this process seamless we have delivered a feature that helps to easy integration with a comprehensive database of dermatology-specific CPT codes. It helps to reduce the required time for billing and increases the rate of accuracy in coding. Also, we have implemented a charge capture system that allows the recording of provided services, including associated CPT codes and billed amounts.

-  Dermatology-specific CPT Code Integration

-  Charge Capture Mechanism

Value Delivered

  • Enhanced Patient Care and Workflow Efficiency

    Streamlined patient management and workflow processes within the dermatology practice, leading to improved operational efficiency and better patient care.

  • Accurate Documentation and Seamless Image Management

    Using custom templates and a centralized patient data storage facility is helpful for the provider to streamline the overall tasks in the healthcare center.

  • More Accuracy in Billing and Coding

    By integrating billing functions and CPT codes tailored to dermatology, errors were minimized and revenue cycle management was enhanced.