Digital Real Estate Administration Platform


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Java,Spring Boot,Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirement

The client is a foremost US-based Real-estate company that mainly focuses on real estate property management like rent and selling of properties. The core purpose of this application is to make this service automated and very easy to handle, not only for owners but also for their tenants. This application manages and makes things easy for both parties, tenants and owners. The company is US-based, but they have a significant territory in Canada. Usually, we just rent our house, but in Canada, people live in houses, apartments, parking, and basements. Each place has amenities and features like heaters, store rooms, ventilation, and many more.

All these things are mentioned under advanced and automated filters of this application for the user's convenience. The client wants to make an end-to-end process for tenants and owners since the transaction, receipt generation, receipt OCR scan, and property agreements could be done under the same hood of application.

Thinkitive Solution

To make a better dish, we need the best ingredients. In such a way, we need an excellent technical team to make better digital products. Thinkitive Technologies has the best developers, remarkable testers, smart analysts, and creative designers. To make this wholesome product, we need different sub-products like a portal, backend, Android mobile application, and iOS mobile application.

Architecture Diagram for Digital Real Estate Administration Platform

To make a web portal and admin panel, Thinkitive has great front-end developers. For making a bug-free and smooth backend, Thinkitive has highly experienced backend developers. To make an attractive design company, have an innovative and creative group of designers to make clean and highly responsive mobile apps. Thinkitive has great and passionate mobile developers who follow quality standards of application development religiously.

Solution Highlights

  • With a mobile application, you could do SSO first for easy authentication.

  • Two roles come under the application, which is owner and tenant. We can put our property or build for tenants when logged in as owners.

  • There are features to add specific parts of the building that the owner plans to keep on rent for tenants. He can rent his parking, storage, and apartment if the owner wants.

  • In Canada, people used to live in parking and storage since it will be easy for tenants to get homes cheaper than other apartments.

  • Plenty of filters and expectation forms help tenants get the best and most accurate properties to get expected property.

  • With the picture and video upload feature, owners can upload photos and videos of properties, saving tenants and owners time, money, and effort. The video feature lets users get basic information and a property tour.

  • The owner could mention the amenities that will be provided with the property so the tenant could figure it out according to his requirements.

  • By managing paperwork and agreements, there will be trusted sources for tenants and owners, which will give them relief. Also, many more efforts will be saved because an automated system takes data automatically for existing data.

  • There is a feature of receipt generation for owners to send digital receipts to tenants, which they can keep as a record over the application. Also, it will help them with tax consumptions.

  • Those owners who believe in hard copy receipts for such tenants' mobile app has the feature to scan that receipt by which OCR will read the receipt and fetch data from that scan, saving tenants time to enter data manually.

Value Delivered

  • Initially, using this application and its features makes it easy for tenants to approach owners, and for owners, it's easy to get tenants.

  • Between tenants and owners, initially, there were brokers, and due to this platform, now these two parties can communicate and do transactions without any brokers, so their charges are also cut off.

  • With the feature of receipt generation and scanning hard copy receipts, things got easy to track and keep in records.

  • With digital payment, it will be easy for tenants to send and owners to receive money and keep track of it securely.

  • Due to handling the agreement procedure, extra paperwork pain is deducted for users.

  • Putting different parking, storage, and apartments filters will make it easy for tenants to fetch properties. Also, by mentioning requirements like heaters, water, ventilation, gym, etc., users can sort out their expected properties, which saves much time.

  • Also, photos and video of the property give tenants an introductory tour of that property, saving tenants and owners time, money, and effort.

Technologies and tools used:

  • Mobile application: React native (Hybrid app development technology), Play console (For Android app deployment), and app store (For IOS app deployment)

  • Web-portal: Angular 12.

  • Backend: Java, Spring boot, AWS hosting (App Service), PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker

  • Testing: Selenium (For automation testing).

Technical Architecture Diagram:

Technical Architecture Diagram for Digital Real Estate Administration Platform