EHR integration to find pharmacies with geolocation


Healthcare, Telemedicine, RPM, CCM


Java,Spring Boot,Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirements

The client was UK-based and one of the world's fastest-growing digital healthcare organizations. They are leveraging our highly scalable, digital-first platform combined with high-quality, virtual clinical operations to provide integrated, personalized healthcare.

The client was looking to integrate their healthcare platform with multiple EHR to exchange patient health records to make seamless provider services to find nearby pharmacies using geolocation. Also, they wanted to transform their current middle layer code from Java to Python, which is used for EHR integration. The reason behind this code migration was that their existing platform needed to be more scalable.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive's business analysts and subject matter experts started with the requirement analysis (Discovery) phase. The thinkitive team took multiple calls with the client and created detailed requirement documents along with multiple use cases. Thinkitive established a team of professionals with expertise in frontend and backend development.

The Thinkitive team has appointed a skilled python developer team and a well-trained tester. Python developers have worked well and quickly migrated the middle layer engine code from Java to Python. Also, the Thinkitive team has helped clients to integrate their digital health platform and their own EMR with multiple EHR using the newly migrated Python-based EHR middle layer/Engine.

Solution Highlights

Architecture Diagram for EHR integration to find pharmacies with geolocation
  • Code Migration from Java to Python and created flexible EHR middleware.

    The Thinkitive's developer team has started java code analysis. Created packages that have to be converted into python. Python team has started to write the same packages in the python code stack.

    Python developer has created a solid and well-tested middleware engine ready for any EHR integration, which will consume data from any EHR with multiple standards like FHIR, JSON, etc.

  • EHR integration with multiple EHRs

    The thinkitive team has integrated the client's EMR solution with multiple EHRs using a Python-based middleware engine. The thinkitive team has mapped all workflows between the middleware engine and EHR, which have data in different standards. EHR middleware gets the data from multiple EHR and converts it into a single unified API which will be further mapped with the client's EMR solution.

    This integration allows clients to easily sync and exchange patient medical data between EMR and EHR.

  • HIPAA-compliant secure data sharing

    Thinkitive has provided this solution by following all HIPAA-compliant guidelines, which will ensure the security of the data to be exchanged.

    • Workflows integrated

      The below workflows have been migrated successfully from a Java-based middleware engine to Python bases middleware.

      1. Geolocation Address Finder

      2. Geolocation Distance Finder

      3. Geolocation Region

      4. Geolocation Reference

      5. Referral Reference

      6. Referral Search

      7. Geolocation Places

      8. Pharmacy List

      9. Pharmacy by ID

      Additional workflows added in python based middleware EHR integration

      1. Book an Appointment

      2. Cancel the Appointment

      3. check-in Appointment

      4. Sync Consultation Summary

      5. Create Patient

      6. Update Patient

      7. Sign and Upload Consent data

Value Delivered

  • Successful code migration results in high scalability and improved performance of the middleware engine.

  • Customized EHR middleware works as a bridge and is ready to integrate with any EHRs instantly.

  • Finding nearby and using geolocation pharmacies improved providers' order management capabilities.

  • Easy to integrate any other workflows with any EHR.