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The client is a prominent healthcare organization in the US, operating multiple clinics across various cities, each specializing in different medical fields. With a commitment to providing comprehensive and specialized care to patients, the client seeks to enhance their existing EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. However, they face significant challenges in optimizing the visit notes feature and form builder functionality within their EMR software. To overcome these challenges, the client reached out to Thinkitive to make advancements in their existing EMR.

Business challenges

The client's existing EMR lacked flexibility in customizing visit notes and forms, creating challenges for diverse specialties and hindering efficient data capture. They faced:

    1. Inflexibility in Customization:

The client struggles with the limited flexibility of their EMR system's form builder feature, particularly concerning intake forms, questionnaires, and consent forms. They find it challenging to tailor these forms according to the unique requirements of each clinic and specialty.

    2. Generic Visit Notes:

The client encounters issues with generic visit notes that fail to adequately capture the nuances of each medical specialty. They lack specialized templates for visit notes tailored to different specialties, hindering the accuracy and efficiency of clinical documentation.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Based on the collected client requirements, our team compiled a feature list defining the project's scope. Following some modifications, we presented the finalized feature list to the client, who approved it.

    1. Advanced Form Builder:

    We implemented a user-friendly form builder with drag-and-drop functionality. The provider is able to customize their questionnaires based on the specialty and service required by the patient. Additionally, we have provided templates for intake forms, which providers can easily use while sending intake forms to patients. Overall, this advanced functionality allowed providers to easily create and customize intake forms, questionnaires, and consent forms specific to their needs.

  • Create Intake Plan: (Add or Remove)

    -  Patient Information

    -  Insurance

    -  Reason for visit

    -  Allergies

    -  Preferences

    -  Problem

    -  Medication

    -  Vitals

    -  Past History

    -  Customize questions

    -  Upload report

  • Create Consent Form:

    -  Title for consent form

    -  Select practitioner

    -  Select mandatory for signed

    -  Add description

  • Scoring Questionnaires(assessment):

    -  Title for Questionnaire

    -  Add section

    -  Add Questions and description

    -  Select answer type -

    -  Single line

    -  Dropdown

    -  Multiple choice

    -  Radio button

    -  Etc

    2. Specialized Visit Note Templates:

    We developed pre-configured templates specific to each specialty within the organization. These templates included relevant sections, prompts, and dropdowns, streamlining data entry and ensuring consistency. It ensures accurate and comprehensive clinical documentation for each patient encounter.

  • Visit Note Template

    -  SOAP notes(Subjective, objective, assessment, and plan)

    -  Complete H & P notes

    -  Simple notes

    -  Consultation notes

    -  Phone notes

    -  Progress note

    -  Initial assessment

    -  Treatment plan

    -  Pre-operative Note

    -  Advance notes

    -  etc.

Value Delivered

  • 90% Increase in Form Customization Flexibility:

    The advanced form builder module enables the client to customize forms with 90% more flexibility compared to their previous EMR system, allowing for tailored documentation processes across all clinics and specialties.

  • Reduced Documentation Time:

    The specialized templates and user-friendly form builder facilitated faster and more accurate data entry, saving clinicians 20% of their time on documentation.

  • Higher Provider Adoption Rate:

    Specialty-specific visit note templates are adopted by 95% of healthcare providers within the client's organization, indicating high satisfaction and usability among clinical staff.

Don't just take our word for it; hear from a satisfied client:

"Before, documenting patient encounters felt like filling out a generic form, missing crucial details specific to my specialty. Now, with the specialized templates, capturing relevant information is so much faster and easier. It feels like the system understands my needs, saving me time and frustration."