Healthcare Application For Providers To Charge Patients By Smart Predictive Billing


Healthcare, EMR, Remote patient monitorning


Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirements

The client is a prominent US-based health care Company seeking an innovative solution to enhance their billing process and improve patient care. They require a voice recognition feature to transcribe spoken words into text, which will generate CPT codes using machine learning. This will save provider time and ensure accurate billing. Additionally, the client desires remote patient monitoring capabilities for real-time vital sign monitoring. They require telehealth functionality for virtual consultations, electronic prescriptions, and secure communication. There should be a Web Portal for Providers and Health Coaches and a Native Mobile App for Patients. By fulfilling these requirements, our proposed solution will optimize revenue generation, enhance patient outcomes, and improve access to healthcare services.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive has started a discovery phase for this project with a team that includes Tech Leads and QA. All the requirements have been documented, and Sprint has been planned. We have started with a voice-to-text translation feature called Predictive Billing, so we are using Amazon Medical Transcribe service and S3 Bucket to upload Audio. We are converting the Audio into text, and ML will extract CPT codes so that the providers can charge as per generated CPT code; it helps the provider to save precious time. We also developed Remote Patient Monitoring so that providers can review and monitor patient vitals and their condition. We provide a telehealth solution so that providers can connect with patients via Video or Audio call. A mobile application has been natively created in iOS using Uikit and in Android using Kotlin.

Architecture Diagram for Healthcare Application For Providers To Charge Patients By Smart Predictive Billing

Solution Highlights

  • An iOS mobile application was developed to give solutions to Providers for generating a charge

  • The app can convert complex medical terms (Audio) into text using Amazon Medical Transcribe.

  • The app can display translated text using the AWS library for iOS.

  • The app followed the HIPAA compliance guidelines.

  • The app has the functionality to monitor patient conditions.

  • The app consists of Telehealth functionality for video and audio calls using Twilio.

  • Delivered and Released an iOS and Android App Application on App and Play stores, respectively.

  • Followed guidelines provided by App and Play Store for Health Category App.

  • Create voice-to-text translation functionality for a feature called Predictive Billing.

  • Used MVVM architecture for Mobile App with Material UI, which helped maintain the overall product's dynamicity.

Value Delivered

  • Providers can charge patients in less time using the Predictive Billing Feature.

  • Providers can record their voices and see translated text.

  • Providers can submit this text to generate CPT codes and to charge patients.

  • Providers can connect with patients using Telehealth.

  • Providers can review and monitor patient conditions using Remote Patient Monitoring.

  • Providers can communicate with patients using Messenger.

Technologies and tools

  • Mobile App:

  • iOS - Swift, UiKit.

  • Android - Kotlin

  • AWS (Amazon Medical Transcribe)

  • Backend: PHP Laravel, MySQL

  • Web Application: Javascript, Angular Typescript

Technical architecture Diagram

Technical architecture Diagram for Healthcare Application For Providers To Charge Patients By Smart Predictive Billing