Healthcare SAAS for Remote Patient Monitoring & Management


Healthcare, Chronic care management


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services

Client Requirements

The client is a US-based SAAS company working in Healthcare Domain. Their goal is to use technology to offer patients remote health care and monitoring services for preventive care and chronic disease management. This allows patients to improve their quality of life, prevent unnecessary hospital visits, and age comfortably at home, ultimately reducing hospital readmissions and lowering the overall cost of care.

Thinkitive Solution

A team of Business analysts and Technical architects was brought together to create and strategize complete solutions for the client. The team finalized various modules, including Patient & Vitals management, devices, task timer, and updates to patients via SMS.

By collaborating closely with the product owners and comprehending the business requirements, the team utilized agile development to implement the features efficiently. Thanks to the Business Analysts' expertise in the domain, the team developed a robust product and recommended new features of significant value to the client.

Architecture Diagram for Healthcare SAAS for Remote Patient Monitoring & Management

Solution Highlights

  • The extensive patient management module has detailed patient history, general information, vitals, devices, and insurance.

  • Vitals module where patient's details like Blood pressure, Pulse, Temperature, and more are maintained to determine and track patient's health.

  • Providers can send the message (SMS) to the patients, notifying them about the activities and care to be taken. These messages can be on-demand and scheduled. Patients need to be notified about their latest medications and health-related alerts.

  • Healthcare providers can use the messaging service to do the same. The SMS service on the platform allows providers to send messages to individuals or a group of patients.

  • Reports with multiple options to pull patient data with conditions, enabling the business to identify remote care candidates.

  • Detailed one-view summary report of the patient, helping the providers to analyze and make correct diagnosis decisions.

  • Interactive and custom graphs and filters to analyze patient vitals on the same screen.

  • Providers can create and send general notes to patients.

  • A convenient healthcare device integration using the vendor's SDK.

Value Delivered

  • Better patient management functionality.

  • Chronic Disease Management and Remote Patient Monitoring Practice.

  • Ease of access to the medical records for both the provider and patient through a user-friendly mobile app.

  • Better server management to make sure smooth processing of requests and providing backup servers.

  • Time tracker feature for the provider to add time spent on vitals review.

  • A role-based data access through login on the same UI.

  • Real-time notification service to update any calamities.

Tools & Technologies

  • Frontend Tech: ReactJS, HTML, CSS, AWS S3, Cloudfront, Route53, Material UI, Redux, AWS Code Pipeline

  • Backend Tech: AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, NodeJS, API Gateway, S3, Cloudwatch, RDS, Third-Party APIs.