Intrinsic Power - Smarter electric vehicle charging Monitoring and Control Solution


Healthcare, EMR


Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirements

The USA-based client develops and produces intelligent residential charging stations, enabling ubiquitous electric vehicle charging within the constraints of the power grid.

The project aims to develop a system for managing data related to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSEs). It should provide specific user and provider features, such as retrieving charging station status and sending commands through dedicated applications.

The system will enable users to access real-time information about the availability and functionality of EVSEs. Additionally, it will allow providers to monitor and control the charging stations remotely. The ultimate objective is to create a user-friendly platform that facilitates efficient communication and interaction between EVSE users and providers.

Thinkitive Solution

Database Design: Create a robust database to store information about EVSEs, including their locations, status, and other relevant details. Ensure efficient data retrieval and management.

User Application: Develop a web application for users to access EVSE data. This application should provide features such as real-time status updates, nearby station searches, and the ability to send commands to start or stop charging.

Provider Dashboard: Build a secure web-based dashboard for EVSE providers. This dashboard should allow providers to monitor the status of their charging stations, receive alerts for maintenance or issues, and remotely control the charging process.

APIs and AWS IOT Integration: Create APIs enabling seamless communication between the user application, provider dashboard, and EVSEs. These APIs should facilitate real-time data exchange and command execution.AWS IoT Core to facilitate seamless device management and control. By leveraging AWS IoT Core, our platform enables real-time data exchange and efficient command execution, empowering customers to monitor and control their devices, including EVSEs (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). This integration enhances our IoT platform's overall functionality and capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for customers' IoT device management needs.

Security Measures: Implement robust security measures, including user authentication, encryption, and secure API endpoints, to ensure the privacy and integrity of user and provider data.

Scalability and Performance: Design the system to handle many users and charging stations efficiently. Consider load balancing, caching mechanisms, and optimizations for fast and reliable performance.

Documentation and Support: Provide comprehensive documentation for users and providers, including user guides, API documentation, and troubleshooting resources. Offer customer support channels to assist with any queries or issues.

Architecture Diagram for Intrinsic Power - Smarter electric vehicle charging Monitoring and Control Solution

Solution Highlights

  • Angular: Use Angular to develop a user-friendly and responsive web application for users to access EVSE data, view charging station status, and send commands.

  • Serverless Architecture: Implement a Python-based serverless backend using AWS Lambda functions. It handles various functionalities such as retrieving EVSE status, processing commands, and updating DynamoDB.This allows for automatic scaling, cost optimization, and easy deployment.

  • Storage: Utilize Amazon DynamoDB as the NoSQL database to efficiently store and retrieve EVSE data. DynamoDB provides fast performance and seamless scalability.

  • User Authentication: Implement Amazon Cognito as the user authentication and authorization service. This ensures secure access to the application and protects user data.

  • API Gateway: Use AWS API Gateway to create APIs for communication between the frontend application and backend services. It acts as a central entry point for all API requests.

  • Serverless Application Model (SAM): Use AWS SAM to define and deploy the serverless resources, making it easier to manage the infrastructure as code.

  • Version Control and Code Collaboration: Utilize AWS CodeCommit as a fully-managed source control service to store and manage the application's source code securely.

Value Delivered

  • Real-time EVSE Data: The solution provides real-time data on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSEs) status. Users can quickly access station availability information, enhancing their convenience and efficiency in finding suitable charging locations.

  • Seamless Communication: Integrating Angular, Python serverless backend, and AWS services like API Gateway enabled seamless communication between the user application, provider dashboard, and EVSEs. This ensures smooth data exchange, command execution, and overall system functionality.

  • Enhanced User Experience: With the user application developed using Angular, users can enjoy a user-friendly and responsive interface. They can easily navigate the application, view the charging station status, and send commands, improving their overall experience.

  • Efficient Monitoring and Control: The provider dashboard, powered by AWS IoT Core and integrated with services like Lambda, DynamoDB, and Cognito, enables EVSE providers to monitor and control their charging stations seamlessly. Leveraging the capabilities of AWS IoT Core, providers can remotely manage the stations, receive real-time alerts for maintenance or issues via SNS (Simple Notification Service), and ensure optimal operation. This comprehensive integration of AWS services enhances the monitoring and control functionalities, empowering EVSE providers to streamline their operations and deliver a superior charging experience.

  • Secure Access and Data Protection: By leveraging services like Cognito for user authentication and authorization, the solution ensures secure access to the application. Encryption and secure API endpoints protect user and provider data, enhancing privacy and integrity.

  • Scalability and Cost Optimization: The serverless architecture, combined with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB, allows the solution to scale automatically based on demand. It ensures optimal resource utilization, minimizing costs and providing a scalable infrastructure.

Technologies and tools

  • Devices: MQTT and HTTP protocols for device connectivity.

  • Frontend: Angular.

  • Backend: Python serverless.

  • Database: DynamoDB.

Technical architecture Diagram

Technical architecture Diagram for Intrinsic Power - Smarter electric vehicle charging Monitoring and Control Solution