Lifestyle modification application for Pre-diabetic / Diabetic patients for reversal


Healthcare, Chronic care management


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Requirements

The Client is an emerging healthcare company based in the US, focusing on unique approaches to resolving healthcare sector problem statements. The Client required a software solution for diabetic patients to find a sustainable lifestyle with the help of technology and behaviour change.

Providers and Health Coaches will get involved to track patient vitals and habits. They will assign Care programs to patients. The application also should educate people about Health awareness.

The Client wanted to integrate Devices to track the vitals of the Patient. Data needs to be stored securely and follow HIPAA compliance. There should be a Web Portal for Providers and Health Coaches and a Native Mobile App for Patients.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive has started a discovery phase for this project with a team that includes Business analysts and Technical leads. All the requirements have been documented, and Sprint has been planned as per Milestones.

For Device Integration, CGM devices and Wearables are selected for tracking Vitals like Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Physical Activity, and Sleep. Devices like Libre CGM, Fitbit, and AppleHealth are used for Vital tracking. A mobile application has been natively created in iOS using Swift UI and in Android using Jetpack Compose frameworks. Provider Portal is built in Angular Typescript, and Backend Application is built in Spring Boot Java Framework using Microservices architecture.

Architecture Diagram for Lifestyle modification application for Pre-diabetic / Diabetic patients for reversal

Solution Highlights

  • Delivered and Released an iOS and Android App Application on App and Play stores, respectively.

  • Followed guidelines provided by App and Play Store for Health Category App.

  • Followed guidelines provided by App and Play Store for Health Category App.

  • Followed PCI Compliance for Payment gateway integration.

  • Created an NFC Library for receiving data from CGM Sensors.

  • Created a HealthKit Library for receiving data from AppleHealth.

  • Delivered a Device Service used for storing Patient's Vital and created graphs and statistics from received data for CGM, AppleHealth, and Fitbit devices.

  • Push, and In-App notifications are sent for Care Programs, Payments, and Reminders to take Vital readings.

  • Delivered an Admin Portal to create Habit Goals and Care Programs.

  • Used MVVM architecture for Mobile App with Material UI, which helped maintain the overall product's dynamicity.

  • Security measures are taken while sharing PHI data with Backend Application.

  • A scalable strategy has been implemented to handle the time series data of vitals, and load testing has been conducted.

Value Delivered

  • Patients can scan CGM readings from Sensors.

  • Patients can sync Physical Activity and Sleep data from AppleHealth and Fitbit wearable devices.

  • Patients can opt for Care Programs and set up Habits and Goals.

  • Patients can get an education through blogs and videos about opted care programs.

  • Patients can track their blood glucose levels and weekly/ monthly statistics.

  • Managed Privacy Policies for users and maintained them as per GDPR Standards.

  • Supported multiple device screens using UI frameworks

Tools & Technologies

  • Mobile App: iOS - Swift, Swift UI, Core NFC.

  • Android: Kotlin, Jetpack Compose.

  • Backend: Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL.

  • Web Application: Javascript, Angular Typescript.

  • Admin Portal: Typescript, Angular 6.