Medical staff mobile app integrated with HIPAA-compliant EHR


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The US-based healthcare provider, serving patients across multiple states since 2015, initially relied on an EHR system for daily operations. However, with increasing patient numbers, they seek an advanced, compliant EHR solution. Additionally, recognizing the importance of mobility, they planned a mobile app for staff, facilitating access during hospital rounds. Seeking mobile application and EHR integration, they turned to Thinkitive for our expertise in healthcare services. Tasked with developing a HIPAA-compliant EHR and mobile app, Thinkitive's experience and successful track record made them the client's preferred choice.

Business challenges

    1. Inadequate System Scalability:

    As patient numbers increased over time, the existing EHR system struggled to accommodate the growing workload, leading to performance issues and inefficiencies.

    2. Limited Interoperability:

    Reliance on a third-party tool for sharing patient health data with other healthcare facilities introduced interoperability challenges.

    3. Compliance Concerns:

    The client faced challenges ensuring that their existing EHR system remained compliant with the latest standards, potentially risking data security and regulatory penalties.

    4. Mobility Constraints:

    Without a dedicated mobile application for medical staff, accessing the EHR system remotely during hospital rounds or on the go proved challenging, impacting workflow efficiency and timely access to critical patient information.

image showing typical workflow of dermatology emr software


Upon gathering client requirements, our development team initiated the development of a HIPAA-compliant EHR system. Subsequently, following a pre-discovery phase involving UX research and planning, the development team opted for a Scrum methodology with two-week iterations. This approach was also utilized for UI design, iOS development, and backend implementation of the mobile application.

Within a span of four months, not only was the application and its backend completed, but they were also seamlessly integrated with the existing EHR system.

    1. Comprehensive and Compliant EHR

    The developed EHR system securely collects, stores, and shares patient data within healthcare facilities and with third-party entities like laboratories and pharmacies. Utilizing HL7 and FHIR standards, it accepts medical documents such as labs and radiology reports, ensuring uniform data formatting for interoperability.

    This implementation of EHR enables seamless communication between medical staff and patients, enhancing efficiency and data consistency across the platform while adhering to regulatory requirements for privacy and security.

    To ensure the HIPAA compliance of the EHR system and the security of patient health records, Thinkitive’s team applied such measures as:

-  Data encryption (for data in transit and at rest)

-  Data anonymization

-  Data access control

    2. Mobile Application For Medical Staff

    Our technical team has developed a mobile application specifically designed for medical staff members within the clinic. Leveraging modern mobile development frameworks such as React Native for iOS and Java for Android, the application ensures seamless access to health records.

  • Time Logging:

    This functionality enables healthcare professionals to record the duration of their patient interactions, automatically storing the information within the EHR system.

  • Image Capture:

    The application permits physicians or nurses to photograph wounds, rashes, or other visible conditions. Upload it to the EHR system and associate it with the corresponding patient record.

  • Document Scanning:

    Images and documents captured by the application can be seamlessly uploaded to the EHR system, where they are promptly saved to the mobile device library.

Value Delivered

  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance:

    Achieved 99.9% uptime and zero data breaches since implementation.

  • Seamless Access to Health Records:

    Reduced time spent searching for patient records by 40%, leading to increased staff productivity.

  • Streamlined Data Management:

    Seamless integration with existing EHR system and acceptance of medical documents using HL7 and FHIR standards.

Don't just take our word for it; hear from satisfied client:

"Thinkitive's team exceeded our expectations. They delivered a HIPAA-compliant EHR system and mobile app that perfectly meets our needs and helps us provide exceptional care to our patients. We're extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Thinkitive to any healthcare provider looking to upgrade their technology infrastructure."