Membership Management Made Easy: Thinkitive's System Streamlines Billing & Renewals


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Our client, a prominent US-based healthcare organization, manages a vast provider network spanning multiple specialties, serving over 2000 patients monthly through membership-based services. With 24/7 patient support, they prioritize seamless care delivery. Facing limitations with their current chargeable EHR system, they seek to enhance operations with a new solution. Key requirements include scheduling, encounter documentation, referrals, communication tools, medical billing tailored to specialties, and a membership management module to streamline plan creation and billing processes within the EHR system.

Business challenges

    1. Costly EHR System:

The current EHR system utilizes a pay-as-you-go model, leading to increasing costs as their patient volume grows. This creates an unsustainable financial burden for the network.

    2. Limited Functionality:

The existing system lacks crucial features needed to manage a large network and diverse patient base effectively.

  • Scheduling Issues:

    Manual scheduling processes can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and potential patient frustration.

  • Inconsistent Charting:

    Lack of standardized charting templates hinders effective communication and collaboration among providers.

  • Referral Bottleneck:

    The absence of a dedicated referral management system can slow down the referral process and delay specialist consultations.

  • Inefficient Communication:

    Limited communication tools create obstacles for seamless communication between providers and patients.

  • Generic Billing Codes:

    Generic medical codes can lead to errors in claim processing and potential delays in reimbursements.

    3. Membership Management Complexity:

Managing membership plans manually was time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in billing discrepancies and challenges in tracking membership benefits and renewals.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Thinkitive proposes a comprehensive solution to address the client's requirements for a cost-effective EHR system with integrated membership management and other functionalities. Here's a breakdown of the delivered features:

    1. Appointment Scheduling:

    Patients gain convenience through a user-friendly online portal, allowing them to book or reschedule appointments. This reduces administrative burdens for staff, enhances accessibility, and improves patient satisfaction by offering a convenient scheduling option accessible from any device with internet access.

    2. Encounter Documentation:

    Our team has provided Specialty-specific charting templates to streamline patient record creation and ensure thorough and standardized documentation. This enhances clinical efficiency by providing structured templates tailored to different specialties, facilitating comprehensive documentation of patient encounters while ensuring consistency and accuracy in record-keeping.

    3. Efficient Referral Management:

    Streamlined referral processes enable providers to refer patients to specialists within the network promptly. This ensures timely access to specialized care, enhances care coordination, and improves patient outcomes by expediting the referral process and minimizing delays in receiving appropriate treatment from specialists.

    4. Secure Group Messaging:

    Providers initiate secure group messages with patients, facilitating communication for sharing updates or discussing medical concerns. This fosters patient engagement, enhances communication between providers and patients, and allows providers to share any important updates regarding the appointments.

    5. Customized Medical Billing Codes:

    The system incorporates specialty-specific billing codes for accurate claims processing. This ensures proper reimbursement by aligning billing codes with each provider's specialty, minimizing billing errors, and maximizing revenue capture through precise coding tailored to the services rendered.

    6. Automated Claim Processing:

    Integration with clearinghouses automates claim processing and expedites reimbursements. This reduces manual intervention, accelerates the revenue cycle, and improves financial efficiency by streamlining the claims submission process and facilitating faster reimbursement for services rendered.

    7. Membership Management Module:

  • Plan Creation:

    Design various membership plans with specific features and pricing structures.

  • Patient Assignment:

    Easily assign patients to appropriate membership plans based on their needs.

  • Automated Billing:

    Generate automated invoices based on chosen membership plans and services rendered.

  • Reporting & Analytics:

    Track membership trends, identify renewal dates and gain insights into revenue streams through membership management reports.

Value Delivered

  • 15-20% reduction in expenses:

    Transitioning from a pay-as-you-go EHR model to a custom system offers long-term cost savings.

  • 30% reduction in documentation time:

    Specialty-specific encounter documentation templates streamline record-keeping, resulting in a 30% reduction in documentation time and increased accuracy in patient records.

  • Optimized Care Coordination:

    Efficient referral management ensures timely access to specialized care, reducing referral processing time by 40% and enhancing patient outcomes.

  • Enhanced Communication:

    Secure group messaging improves provider-patient communication, leading to a 20% increase in patient engagement and satisfaction scores.

  • Automated Processes:

    Automated functionalities and specialty-specific coding minimize billing errors, potentially leading to a 5-10% reduction in administrative errors.

"Thinkitive's custom EHR system has been a game-changer for our large provider network. The transition from a pay-as-you-go model to a cost-effective, custom solution has delivered significant financial savings. We've seen a 15% reduction in expenses, allowing us to invest more resources in patient care. The new system's functionalities are truly impressive. Standardized charting templates have facilitated better communication and care coordination across specialties."