Unleash the Power of Mobility: Transform Your Practice with a Mobile EMR


Healthcare , EMR


Python ,Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services


The client is a growing healthcare organization based in the United States, aiming to enhance patient care delivery through innovative mobile technology solutions. With a focus on efficiency and accessibility, they seek to develop a provider mobile app integrating essential EMR functionalities for seamless healthcare management.

The client probably depends on several systems for appointments, charting, telehealth, intake, and encounters, leading to data silos and preventing a comprehensive patient view. Also, the Lack of mobile access to EMR data restricts patient care outside the clinic. To overcome these issues, the client reached out to Thinkitive for the project due to our experience in providing healthcare services and their vast portfolio of successful projects.

Business challenges

The client, a South African healthcare organization, initially client is using one EMR system, which is not able to fulfill the requirements of the client. Because of that, they started seeking a team of developers who would help them streamline EMR solutions to overcome the following challenges:

    1. Fragmented Data:

The client relies on multiple systems for appointments, charting, telehealth, intake, and encounters, creating data silos and hindering a holistic view of patients.

    2. Inaccessibility to patient data on the go:

Lack of mobile access to EMR data could hinder timely decision-making and patient care coordination.

    3. Limited Remote Data Access:

Lack of mobile access to EMR data could restrict patient care outside the clinic, hindering responsiveness and potentially delaying diagnoses or treatment decisions.

    4. Inefficiency In Virtual Consultations:

Inefficiency in seamlessly integrating telehealth tools within the EMR can hinder remote consultations, impacting patient access to care and practice efficiency.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Using the gathered client requirements data, the team formulated a feature list outlining the project's scope. After making some adjustments, we presented the feature list to the client, who granted approval.

As per the granted feature list, our team has started developing a provider mobile application. Here are the solutions that we have offered to our client:

    1. Unified EMR Functionalities Integration:

    To address fragmented data, we developed a provider mobile app with integrated EMR functionalities. This involved consolidating appointment management, patient charting, telehealth, intake, and encounters into a single platform. The development team has implemented a centralized database architecture to store and retrieve patient information across various modules.

    2. Mobile Accessibility:

    To overcome the inaccessibility to patient data on the go, we implemented mobile access to EMR data. This allowed healthcare providers to securely access data regarding patient records, appointments, and charts from anywhere.

    The team has designed a mobile-friendly user interface optimized for different device screen sizes. Also, we have implemented secure login mechanisms and encrypted data transmission protocols to protect patient information.

    3. Enhanced Remote Data Access:

    To address limited remote data access, we enabled comprehensive access to EMR data outside the clinic. This involved implementing offline capabilities and real-time synchronization functionalities.

    The team has Integrated offline data management capabilities into the app. Secure data encryption and synchronization upon reconnection ensure accessible patient information, even without internet access.

    4. Streamlined Virtual Consultations:

    Our team has Integrated telehealth APIs or SDK platforms directly into the mobile EMR application to facilitate video conferencing and remote patient monitoring. Also, features such as virtual waiting rooms and secure messaging functionalities were implemented to streamline virtual consultations within the EMR platform.

Check out the glowing feedback we received from our client, highlighting how switching to mobile EMR has been beneficial for them.

"I was hesitant about switching to a mobile EMR, thinking it might be clunky or limited. But after connecting with Thinkitive, they proved me wrong! The user interface is incredibly intuitive and mobile-friendly, regardless of the device I use. Now, I have instant access to my patients' full medical history, whether I'm in the clinic, at home, or even visiting a patient at their residence. Offline capabilities give me peace of mind that I can always access critical information, and the integrated telehealth feature has been invaluable for conducting consultations remotely. This app has saved me countless hours, reduced administrative burdens, and allowed me to provide even better care to my patients."