Online Pharmacy App For Delivering Medications to Patients


Healthcare, Chronic care management


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services

Client Requirements

The client is a leading USA-based digital Pharmacy company focusing on providing accessible prescription drug delivery at the lowest price. They wanted to provide telemedicine consultation and deliver prescription drugs. The mission is to provide virtual consultations and deliver prescribed drugs to the patient’s doorstep on the same day. We developed a platform with features like virtual consultations, managing prescriptions, insurance, shipping, and patient subscriptions to meet this requirement.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive Technologies assembled a team of domain experts and architects to plan the development. A mobile application and backend services were finalized and designed.

The team created a Mobile Application for patients. It was developed using the hybrid framework [ReactNative]. A scalable backend platform was developed using Java with Spring Boot framework. Different access roles like admin, primary member, family member & child members were provided.

Architecture Diagram for Online Pharmacy App For Delivering Medications to Patients

Solution Highlights

  • The user can purchase a monthly subscription plan for teleconsultations. Attractive offers, coupons, and discounts were also provided to the users.

  • We reduced app development time by using ReactNative. iOS and Android apps were developed at the same time. MVVM architecture, typescript for data processing, JSX, and TSX for UI development and integration were used.

  • Optimized data storage and retrieval time using redux-toolkit with the thunk middle-ware for data cloud storage.

  • Enhanced application performance was achieved using effective caching and lazy loading techniques with redux.

  • PCI compliance was strictly enforced using native SDK for Everyware payment integration and PCI checklist.

  • In-app patient notifications for subscription, payment status, medication consumption, and medication refill.

  • Standard security practices were implemented by implementing biometric login, pin login, and log-out users after seven days.

  • The order and Refill Rx feature allows users to scan RX and send it to the pharmacy. Users can also order prescribed medications for their family members and transfer them from a different pharmacy.

Value Delivered

  • Managed privacy policies for users as per HIPAA compliance Standards.

  • Enabling patients to self-purchase subscriptions along with discounts and coupons.

  • Pricing, coupon, and discount management features for the administrators.

  • Implemented a robust payment system for purchasing subscriptions, recurring payments, and cancellations.

  • Rules and regulations mentioned by the App Store and Play Store for the pharma category were followed. This led to the successful review and release of mobile apps on the respective stores.

  • Integrated teleconsultation feature for patients along with prescribed medications delivery at doorstep.

Tools & Technologies

  • Mobile Tech: React-native - javascript, typescript, JSX, TSX, and React lib.

  • Backend Tech: Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Docker.

  • Admin Portal: Javascript, ReactJS & NextJS.