Streamlined Implementation: Comprehensive Ophthalmology EMR Development and Deployment


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The client, an esteemed ophthalmologist with an illustrious career exceeding a decade, leads a network of clinics across various locations. This client oversees a group of experienced ophthalmologists, each with decades of combined expertise. The organization is committed to delivering a wide range of eye care services, covering routine examinations to cutting-edge surgical interventions.

Business challenges

A well-known US healthcare institution that wanted to build an extensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system designed especially for ophthalmology practices has contacted us. The client wanted to guarantee smooth record-keeping and data administration for eye care professionals, enhance operational efficiency, and streamline patient management. The client faced challenges mostly in Patient Management, Ophthalmic Exam Documentation, Image and Document Management, Reporting, Analytics, and Diagnostic Tools Integration Capabilities.

Thinkitive Solution

Our business analyst and SME team had several meetings with the client to gather complete business requirements from the client. The team has developed a feature list based on the gathered client requirements. That feature list was presented to the client, and after some iterations, we got approval from the client.

Our team has started developing an EMR solution per the approved ophthalmology specialty feature list. To achieve this solution, our team has delivered multiple key features that help healthcare professionals to streamline their practice operations.

-  Seamless patient registration

-  Template-based clinical reporting and accurate surgical notes

-  Image Management with DICOM Integration

-  Surgical planning sheets with more accuracy

workflow diagram of ophthalmology EMR development.

Solution Highlights

We have provided some essential key milestone approaches to the client that assist providers in completing their tasks with more efficiency-

    1. Seamless Patient Registration with Customized Templates

    Initially, the provider faced challenges in the patient registration process. Patient registration with more accuracy can be more time-consuming without customized templates. Our team provided a feature of customizable templates with a user-friendly interface. With this tool, you may customize fields for entering particular ophthalmic data entry, such as eye conditions, vision tests, or intraocular pressure readings. We have developed the system with a complete security protocol to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

    2. Template-based Clinical Reporting and Accurate Surgical Notes

    It is challenging for providers to accommodate examination results and details in the clinical reporting process. We have delivered a feature solution of pre-defined and customizable templates for clinical reporting. Using these templates providers can accommodate various ophthalmic examinations, allowing practitioners to input specific test results and observations.
    Implementing time recording and structured data storage helps providers input surgical notes and clinical observations directly into the system on real real-time basis. This feature also ensures accuracy and real-time recording of procedures and patient assessments.

-  Customizable reporting templates

-  Real-time documentation

    3. Image Management with DICOM Integration

    It was quite challenging for providers in terms of storing and retrieving image data from the system with accuracy and efficiency. To overcome this our team has delivered a feature. In this feature, we offer the implementation of digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standards to facilitate the storage, retrieval, and viewing of ophthalmic images within the EMR.
    We have offered a feature that helps in easy integration with various imaging devices such as fundus cameras, optical coherence tomography (OCT), or slit lamps.

-  DICOM Integration

-  Image accessibility

    4. Surgical Planning Sheets with More Accuracy

    We have provided the feature of surgical planning sheets with the integration of clinical reports, images, and diagnostic findings for a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition. Developed templates for surgical planning that allow ophthalmologists to outline and document pre-operative plans, pre-and post-operative care instructions, and instruments required.

-  Integration with diagnostic data

-  Customized planning sheets

Value Delivered

  • Operational Efficiency

    Seamless patient registration with customized templates can help providers to reduce the unnecessary time for patient registration using customized templates.

  • Enhanced Precision and Accuracy in Surgical Notes

    Using the delivered feature will assist provider in terms of generating surgical notes with more accuracy and efficiency.

  • Positive User Experience

    Providing treatment on top notch with more accuracy and safety can lead to a positive user experience.