Optimized Dermatology Billing Workflow: Precise Real-time Coding Assistance


Healthcare, EHR, Dermatology


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The client is a prominent US-based organization specializing in dermatology care. With a decade of experience, they operate multiple clinics across the Southwest region, providing comprehensive skin health services. The dermatology clinic operates with a significant intake of 200-300 patients weekly. The clinic boasts a comprehensive team of 15 physicians, 25 staff members, and 6 administrators, all contributing to the seamless functioning and high-quality care provided to the patients. Recognizing the need for advanced technology to support their growing practice, the client is actively seeking an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution.

Business challenges

The client was looking for a complete solution to make their billing procedures go more smoothly and ensure accurate coding for services related to dermatology. This client was having issues with their billing system in the existing EMR for accurate medical billing and coding for provided services. It was challenging for the provider because of the Complexity of Dermatology Services Coding Errors and Reimbursement Issues. To overcome this challenge, the client reached out to us for a feature that can help them to make the billing process easier and more efficient. Additionally, the client was looking for Teledermatology Integration for remote monitoring and checkups.

Thinkitive Solution

A team of SMEs and business analysts communicated with the clients several times in order to gather all of the requirements. Based on the data collected regarding the client's requirements, the team developed a feature list that describes the project's scope. We gave that feature list to the client, and they gave approval after a few modifications.

As per the approved feature list, the team has started developing a feature that help dermatologist make the billing process seamless, more accurate and efficient way. Also, as per the client's additional requirement, we have implemented a feature that allows for easy integration with teledermatology.

-  Precise Billing and Coding Accuracy

-  Seamless and secure Teledermatology Integration

workflow diagram of billing module in dermatology emr software

Solution Highlights

    1. Precise Billing and Coding Accuracy

    We have provided a feature that helps to integrate with ophthalmology-specific Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes within the EMR software. Also, we have implemented a feature that provides real-time coding assistance that prompts or suggests appropriate CPT codes based on the procedures or tests performed, reducing the possibility of manual errors in coding.
    We have delivered a more efficient charge capture procedure for the EMR system so that services are consistently recorded, and procedures and examinations are appropriately coded.

-  Ophthalmology-specific CPT Code Integration

-  Accurate Charge Capture Workflow

-  Real-time Coding Assistance

    2. Seamless and Secure Teledermatology Integration

    Our team has developed a feature that helps for secure and compliant integration of the EMR system and telemedicine platform which is specifically designed for teledermatology consultations. While delivering this feature, we have ensured bidirectional data flow between the EMR and the telemedicine platform for patient records and consultation information.

    Also, we have implemented secure channels of communication that abide by HIPAA regulations, which guarantee encrypted patient data transmission and patient-provider discussions.

    We have provided integrated documentation of teledermatology consultation directly within the patient's electronic medical record, ensuring a comprehensive record of remote encounters.

-  Telemedicine Platform Integration

-  HIPAA-Compliant Secure Communication

-  Documenting Teledermatology Consultations

Value Delivered

  • Streamlined Billing Procedures

    With the use of delivered features, it is possible to enhance accuracy and efficiency in billing, reducing errors and delays in claim processing.

  • Optimized Revenue Cycle

    A more effective charge capture system led to optimized revenue management, which decreased claim denials.

  • Effective Compliance Adherence

    Ensured compliance with complex billing regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and enhancing overall practice credibility.

  • Elevated Operational Efficiency

    Using all provided features, helps providers to have streamlined operational activity. This leads to patient satisfaction with a good reimbursement rate.