Beyond Snapshots: Advanced Image & Video Management for Orthopedic Care


Healthcare, EHR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


Our client is a prominent US-based healthcare facility specializing in orthopedic treatments, with a primary clinic located in New York. With a commitment to providing high-quality care to patients, the client aims to expand its services by opening additional clinics in their town. Despite using a third-party EHR system, the client faced challenges related to the lack of advanced features, particularly in image and video management for before and after comparisons, as well as predictive and comprehensive chart notes and treatment notes.

Business challenges

    1. Limited Expansion Opportunities:

The existing third-party EHR system lacked scalability and advanced features, hindering the client's expansion plans to open new clinics in their town.

    2. Inadequate Image and Video Management:

The current system does not offer robust capabilities for managing before and after images and videos, essential for tracking patient progress and treatment outcomes effectively.

    3. Lack of Predictive and Comprehensive Chart Notes:

The absence of predictive and comprehensive chart notes and treatment notes in the EHR system made it challenging for healthcare providers to generate accurate insights and treatment plans for patients.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


    1. Advanced Image and Video Management Module:

Our team has designed and implemented a sophisticated image and video management module within the EHR system. This module allowed healthcare providers to upload, store, and compare before and after images and videos, enabling them to track patient progress and treatment outcomes accurately.

-  Database Integration (DBMS)

-  Annotations and side-by-side comparative viewing

    2. Integration of Predictive and Comprehensive Chart Notes:

We have integrated predictive analytics algorithms and comprehensive chart notes functionality into the EHR system. This feature empowered healthcare providers to generate insightful and personalized treatment plans for patients based on predictive analytics and comprehensive patient data analysis.

-  Predictive Analytics Integration

-  Real-time Decision Support

Value Delivered

  • Treatment Outcome Improvement:

    Healthcare providers reported a 25% improvement in treatment outcomes attributed to the ability to track progress accurately using the module.

  • Reduced Documentation Time:

    Predictive charting features helps providers to reduce documentation time by 20%, freeing up valuable time for patient interaction.

  • Data-driven Decisions:

    Clinical outcome reports indicated a 20% increase in the number of treatment decisions based on predictive analytics insights.

  • Patient Engagement:

    Patient feedback surveys showed a 30% increase in patient engagement levels during consultations where before and after images and videos were utilized for education.