A Play-Win-Charity Online Lottery Platform


Healthcare, Chronic care management


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Requirements

The Entertainment Company based in UAE aimed to blend charity and entertainment through gamified donations, rewarding players with cash prizes while supporting charitable causes. We developed an engaging and educational platform featuring games like number draws and scratch cards, designed on a gamification concept to cater to millions of players.

Thinkitive Solution

A group of domain experts and architects were brought together by Thinkitive Technologies to strategize and create the platform. They created iOS and Android mobile applications that were interactive and engaging for users. Additionally, a flexible web backend was established to manage user traffic.

Architecture Diagram for A Play-Win-Charity Online Lottery Platform

Solution Highlights

  • The Lottery application has been developed and tested for iOS and Android platforms as a Native mobile application.

  • The application allows users to purchase tickets, and view live winning numbers, and claim prizes. Users can use the money from their online wallets to buy tickets.

  • MVVM architecture has been used for both iOS and Android platforms. For UI development, Swift UI has been used in iOS applications, and Jetpack Compose has been used in Android applications.

  • The application has effectively implemented lazy loading and caching to enhance performance, as it is a game application with high graphics.

  • The mobile application uses a Third-Party Online gaming platform to offer Scratch Card Games.

  • The application has also integrated Stripe and Paypal Payment integrations using the Native SDK and local payment gateways such as eNet Pay and Fawry to make the payments PCI Compliant.

  • To gather analytics, all the events and games played by the users were rated based on usage, popularity, and engagement.

  • User Segmentation and Campaigning have also been implemented, and promotional push notifications have been sent to users to inform them about upcoming events.

  • A scalable strategy has been implemented to handle the result day load, and spike performance testing has been conducted.

Value Delivered

  • Managed Privacy Policies for users and maintained them as per GDPR Standards.

  • Enabled Players to self-purchase tickets for drawing, view winning numbers, and claim winnings.

  • Maintained transparency for sharing percent of players’ winning to their selected charities.

  • Created an Audit system to generate monthly reports for Drawing and Tickets.

  • Implemented a Robust payment system to gain trust and credibility from players.

  • The apps were developed and implemented with proactive adherence to the regulations of the casino category in both the App Store and Play Store.

Tools & Technologies

  • Mobile Tech:

    1. iOS - Swift, Swift UI.

    2. Android - Kotlin, Jetpack Compose.

  • Backend Tech: Java, Spring Boot

  • Web Tech: Javascript, ReactJS.

  • Admin Portal: Typescript, Angular 6