Psychiatric Care: Streamlining Patient Assessment with Innovative EHR Integration and Automated Solutions


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The client is a renowned psychiatric healthcare institution based in the United States, providing an extensive array of mental health services across multiple locations in the country. The institution received Mental Health care and Evidence-based treatment. They utilize a specialized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for psychiatric practices but are currently facing challenges in generating customized assessments for individual patients. Consequently, they have resorted to manual scoring as a temporary solution due to difficulties with patient outcome measures.

Business challenges

The client encountered several challenges in the assessment process: lack of manual assessment entry, specialized assessment templates, standardization issues, manual scoring and interpretation, efficiency and productivity concerns, and limited integration with the EHR. To address these challenges, the provider needed a specialized assessment feature. Additionally, they sought functionalities for medication management, Telehealth capabilities, and a robust communication platform. The client contacted us to streamline their workflows and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the patient assessment process.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive business analyst team and SMEs connected with clients to get complete requirements. After connecting with the client multiple times, the team finalized the requirements. Based on the gathered client requirements, the team has developed a feature list that describes the project scope.

As per requirements, the development team started working on the project. To achieve this solution, our team has delivered multiple key features that help healthcare professionals to streamline their practice operations. We have delivered the following key features-

-  Standardized Assessment Templates with customization feature

-  Automated Scoring and Interpretation

-  Seamless EHR Integration with compliance

-  Progress monitoring

-  Medication management

workflow diagram of patient assessment in psychiatry EMR software

Solution Highlights

    1. Standardized Assessment Templates for Therapy Clinical and Psychiatric Evaluation

    The provider faced issues in the Psychiatric evaluation process because of manual documentation. To overcome this challenge, we have offered a feature that can create, edit, and customize assessment templates associated with various psychiatric conditions. Also, this feature comes with a standardized form to ensure consistent and evidence-based assessment practices across the organization.

-  Standardized assessments for Psychiatric evaluation

-  Customised templates for therapy clinical and psychiatric evaluation

    2. Automated Scoring and Interpretation in Psychiatric Progress Note

    The process of evaluating the responses provided by an individual during a psychological or psychiatric assessment makes it difficult to make decisions for treatment. We have offered this feature to provide Automated PHQ9s, MDQ, C-SSRS, GAD-7, SCOFF, GAD scores, and interpretations for clinicians to review, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

-  Automated scoring

-  Interpretation generation

-  Better Client Outcomes

-  Client-Driven Reporting

-  Outcome Measure Library

    3. Progress Monitoring

    Tracking patient progress per the provided treatment is necessary. The proposed feature allowed providers to track and reporting of changes in patient assessments over time. Care providers could monitor progress, assess the effectiveness of treatment, and follow-

-  PPH- Past psychiatric history

-  HPI- History of patient illness

-  Medications

-  Past medication trials

-  Mental status exam

    4. Medication Management

    To manage medications in a practical way, it is essential to have automated recommendations to manage the consistency of medication. Using automated recommendation features and E-prescriptions can assist in managing medication. Using this feature, it is possible to make the process more seamless.

    5. Seamless EHR Integration with Compliance

    The existing system provider faced issues with flexibility in connecting with EHR. Most of the time, providers face challenges with data interpretation in EHR and patient assessment results. Using this provided feature, it is possible to transfer past notes data in the current assessment if required. We have provided

-  EHR integration

-  Data interoperability between patient assessment results and EHR

Value Delivered

  • Standardized Process

    Using the provided feature Standardized Assessment Templates, it is possible to make process standards to maintain consistency in assessment practices across the organization.

  • Increased Reimbursement Rate

    It is possible to increase the accuracy of assessment using delivered features such as automated scoring, interpretation, and treatment recommendations. With the help of comprehensive and accurate patient details, the maximum reimbursement rate can be achieved.

  • Improved Decision-Making

    Automated scoring and interpretation will assist in making informed decisions regarding providing top-notch treatment. It will lead to reasonable patient satisfaction.

  • Seamless Progress Monitoring

    To make changes and add some plans in treatment, using the delivered feature now is possible. It is possible to make seamless changes according to the patient's progress.