Embedded Electronic Signature Solution


Healthcare, EMR, Remote patient monitorning


Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirement

The client is leading a Real Estate application focusing on key features, including property listing management, lead generation, tracking, invoices, and tax calculation. To enhance their application, they require the integration of an e-signature solution for document signing, processing, and management. The primary objective of this integration is to enable seamless document handling without the need for in-person communication. The users should have the flexibility to sign documents conveniently, regardless of their location and time availability.

Thinkitive Solution:

After thorough analysis and comprehension of the client's needs and requirements, we propose developing an embedded electronic document signature solution that is user-friendly and easy to use. We have seamlessly integrated SignWell as the eSignature platform to achieve this, empowering a superior user experience. To elevate the user experience, we implemented a new feature to meet the unique needs of valued users. This feature allows users to pass custom fields or prefill data directly into the documents through seamless mapping with the SignWell integration.

By leveraging this functionality, users can quickly populate specific fields with relevant information, streamlining the document signing process. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and effort for our users.

Solution Highlights:

Embedded Electronic Signature Solution image
  • User-Friendly eSignature Integration: We have successfully integrated SignWell, a user-friendly eSignature platform that streamlines the document signing, processing, and management process, making it easy for clients and agents to handle their paperwork efficiently.

  • Create a custom template to reuse again and again: Users can create custom templates and store them for ready-to-send document purposes, which they can reuse multiple times.

  • Select a template or Upload files from your system: User can use already existing templates or their custom template else. They can upload files directly from their system or computers.

  • Multiple documents as one document: Users can pass one or more combined documents and convert them into one document.

  • Custom Fields and Prefill Data: Users can pass custom fields or prefill data into the documents. By mapping system fields with SignWell integration, users can quickly populate relevant information, saving time and effort in manual data entry.

  • Manage Document Status: The integration stores the status of a document and keeps track of which document is completed, from whom, and pending from which client.

Embedded Electronic Signature Solution image

Value Delivered:

  • Efficient Document Management: Users can now easily handle their real estate transactions, invoices, tax calculations, and other paperwork, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

  • Increased Productivity: Our solution boosts productivity for both clients and agents by automating document signing and processing procedures. This leads to faster transactions, quicker response times, and increased overall efficiency in the real estate business.

  • Enhanced User Efficiency: Users can create a template and use it whenever needed instead of creating it every time while sending documents for signing. This saves the time and effort of the user.

Technologies and tools used:

We used the following technologies and tools to embed eSignature into our web application:

  • Frontend: Angular, a user-friendly and responsive frontend framework, provides easy customization options.

  • Electronic Signature: We embedded SignWell, a reliable and user-friendly cloud-based electronic signature solution for eSigning documents.

  • Backend: Java Spring is a robust and scalable framework known for high-performance and secure development practices. Java Spring APIs handled large amounts of data efficiently.

  • Testing: Jasmine and Karma's testing frameworks were employed to ensure product quality while identifying and fixing the bugs early in development.