Personalized RPM care programs for acute patient


Healthcare, RPM


Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirements

Based in North Carolina (USA), the client offers Telemedicine and medical coding and Charge Capturing services through current systems. The client wants to add HIPAA-compliant Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services to their existing platforms. This is to manage home care for patients requiring RPM services.

The goal was to create an app. This app would help healthcare professionals create complete RPM programs. These programs would include both trackable and non-trackable goals. To do this, required vitals must be tracked using the required medical devices.

The client requested additional features for the care program. They wanted the ability to customize alerts within the program. Audiences should also be able to receive notifications via text message and email.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive’s business analysts and subject matter experts started with the requirement analysis ( Discovery) phase. The thinkitive team took multiple calls with the client and created detailed SRS requirement documents and low-fidelity wireframes. Thinkitive established a team of professionals with expertise in frontend and backend development.

The thinkitive team delivers the functionalities in the RPM platform to enable the customizable care program listed below:

  • Personalized RPM care program creation and maintenance library

  • Trackable and nontrackable goals with a timeline

  • A place to add vitals to be tracked and required devices and tracking details

  • Provision to add interactive health sessions

  • Configurable alert management

  • Timely Patient review and goal update

Customizable remote patient monitoring care program image

Solution Highlights

  • Personalized RPM Care Program Creation and Maintenance Library

    Providers can create a personalized care program for each patient category as a template and maintain the library. Providers can create care programs according to patient gender, age, conditions and severity, location, and expected patient outcomes.

  • Trackable and Non-Trackable Goals with a Timeline

    Providers can add Non-trackable and trackable goals with proper targets and a timeline to achieve the respective target. For trackable goals, the provider can suggest the required values to be achieved by the patient.

  • Place to Add Vitals to be Tracked and Required Devices and Tracking Details

    While creating a care program, providers can add the vitals that need to be tracked to understand patient health. The provider can add those vitals, check-in instructions , and required devices with normal ranges.

  • Provision to Add Interactive Health Sessions

    Providers can add multiple healthcare sessions to accommodate patients' chronic diseases. They can create a schedule for patients to attend the sessions. This will give them access to more education and health services.

  • Configurable Alert Management

    Providers can configure threshold levels of solid values when assigning care programs for a patient. They can also set alerts if a value falls below the normal range. The provider can add caregivers from the clinic and family members to the alert system. They will receive an alert if a vital sign exceeds the expected values.

  • Timely Patient Review and Goal Update

    The provider can timely access the patient data and review the patient's vitals and health conditions per the care program. The provider will review the patient's goals. They will mark the progress with appropriate notes. This will show whether the patient is making progress or not.

Value Delivered

  • Customizable care program enables providers to create patient-centric care program.

  • Interactive sessions provide more ease to patient education and awareness.

  • Goals in the care program make it simple to determine patient progress.

  • Personalization in care programs makes assigning care programs for a specific patient group simple.