Product Promotion of a Retail Domain-Based Organization


Healthcare, Chronic care management


NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services

Client Requirements

The organization the client represents operates in the US retail industry and specializes in product promotion. Their platform serves as a meeting ground for vendors, customers, and affiliates, providing a solution for distributing promotional products and connecting salespeople.

The client sought to develop an application allowing customers to make product requests while affiliates could check their availability. If the product is unavailable, the affiliates could contact vendors to create a custom product and send a quote to the customers.

Thinkitive Solution

To create the web application, Thinkitive Technologies brought together a team of developers who worked on both the front and back end. We focused on critical modules, such as Inventory Management, Customer Management, Jobs, Presentations, and Quotes.

The developers collaborated with the client's product managers to thoroughly understand the business requirements. Using Agile methodology, we implemented the features in an optimized way. Drawing from our existing retail domain knowledge, we provided valuable input to enhance the platform with new functionalities. Our skilled developers followed the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process to produce bug-free and scalable software.

Solution architecture diagram of product promotion of retail based organization

Solution Highlights

  • We enhanced the web application by creating a presentation module to add multiple products.

  • Quotation generation, showcase functionality to give the customer an idea about the price range and size of the product

  • A reporting system was made easy by providing document export facilities.

  • The logistics service was implemented to maintain the delivery track, giving a detailed insight into the product delivery.

  • The lightning-fast and user-friendly UI gave a better connection to the product for all types of customers.

  • A real-time chat mechanism on the quotation shared between vendor and customer made the decision-making quick.

  • Integration with third-party product vendors made the scale of product availability better.

  • A better custom product gallery management with AWS S3.

  • A smooth process of job creation.

Value Delivered

  • Better customer management functionality.

  • Easy to access inventory details.

  • Better enlightenment of the orders placed by adding the presentation functionality.

  • Transparent communication between a customer and a vendor related to quoting.

  • Real-time chat system to discuss the quotations.

  • Extensive database of third-party products to make the platform a single stop for all the client requirements.

  • A detailed job (Order) PDF with product images, details, and cost.

  • Real-time product delivery status tracking mechanism.

Tools & Technologies

  • Frontend Tech: ReactJS, HTML, CSS, AWS S3, Cloudfront, Route53, Material UI, Redux, AWS Code Pipeline

  • Backend Tech: AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, NodeJS, API Gateway, S3, Cloudwatch, RDS, Third-Party APIs.