Simplifying Patient Registration, Appointment Scheduling & Payments in EMR Software: A Case Study


Healthcare , EMR


Python ,Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services


The client is a US-based Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNPS) and has been a trailblazer in the holistic medicine space since the establishment of their practice center in 2015. Their practice has more than ten mental health practitioners and other staff members with approximately 600 active patients. However, the client started facing issues due to a lack of a system with the functionality they need to manage their growing practice, especially the ability to offer comprehensive service packages and flexible scheduling options.

Business challenges

The client has reached out to Thinkitive to implement some advanced features because using the current EMR is troublemaking for the client due to the following challenges :

    1. Challenging patient and service package management

-  Complex patient registration process.

-  Spending more time managing service packages due to complex structure.

-  Experiencing challenges in crafting service packages with comprehensive descriptions.

-  Encountering difficulties in tailoring time durations for service packages.

-  Need to manually add time slots to ensure an appropriate gap between consecutive services.

    2. Complex appointment scheduling structure

-  Encountering challenges in calendar integration.

-  Facing issues in managing time slots during the appointment booking process.

-  Real-time availability of providers is not accessible, adversely impacting the scheduling process.

    3. Inefficiencies in Payment Processes

-  Manually reconciling payments with patient records and insurance claims was time-consuming.

-  Delayed Payments- old payment methods resulted in delays in receiving payments from patients and insurance providers.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Using the gathered client requirements data, the team formulated a feature list outlining the project's scope. Following the validated feature list from the client, our team has started working on that EMR. In pursuit of this solution, we have successfully implemented various essential features.

    1. Robust Patient & Service Package Management:

    As per the requirement of the client for service package management, the client should be able to select a service package as per the diagnosed report. Also, choosing a date for the next appointment in the current service package should be automated on the calendar to make treatment huddle-free. our team has implemented a feature module that allows providers to define different service packages with customizable durations, included services, and pricing structures. Also, our team kept this module intuitive and user-friendly for healthcare providers to manage.

-  Define service

-  Customizable duration

-  The gap between the two appointments

-  Flexible price structures

-  Appointment reminders

-  Custom forms

-  CPT codes

    2. Advanced Scheduling:

    The client requested a scheduling feature while managing service packages. To achieve this requirement, our technical team has developed a sophisticated scheduling module with features like calendar integration and real-time availability checks. Also, the team has implemented algorithms that help in time slot management, which ensures synchronization with other relevant services in the package.

-  Calendar Integration

-  Time slot management

-  Real-availability check

    3. Integration of Payment Gateway (Stripe):

    The technical team successfully incorporated stripe payment gateway to facilitate secure and efficient financial transactions. They also implemented encryption protocols to safeguard the confidentiality of financial data. This enables seamless integration with the EMR, empowering patients to make payments for services directly through the system. Using this integration system can generate invoices automatically and send them to patients so that patients can complete their payments easily.

Value Delivered

Let's have a look at how it gives value to clients after collaborating with us-

  • Optimized Patient Care:

    Previously, in 2022, the practice center provided service to around 400 patients with only specific services under mental health specialty, but after implementing service package management, the providers have served more than 800 patients with multiple types of services under specialty.

  • Operational Efficiency with seamless scheduling:

    Leveraging an advanced scheduling system enhances operational efficiency by 30% per providers' shared feedback. Reduced administrative burdens, minimized errors, and optimized time management for healthcare providers. This translates into delivering effective care with a notable reduction in both time consumption and errors.

  • Improved Revenue:

    Service package management and seamless scheduling features provide benefits like covering all essential services in one and easy time slot management. It ultimately helps to increase revenue by 20% more than the previous year.