Revolutionising Employee Wellbeing


Healthcare, Remote patient monitorning


Spring Boot, Gradle, Java, Eureka, ZooKeeper, JPA

Client Requirements

The client wanted to develop a comprehensive wellbeing product designed to improve mental and physical balance, ultimately enhancing productivity. The platform incorporates medical and domain expertise and revolves around the six pillars of wellbeing: sleep, nutrition, exercise, community, stress management, and meaningful activity. By focusing on these key areas, the client aims to empower individuals and organisations to prioritise employee wellness.


The primary challenge was to develop a scalable and user-friendly platform that catered to the diverse well-being needs of their employees. They needed a solution that seamlessly connected suppliers, client managers, and individual users while ensuring privacy, security, and a seamless user experience.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive understood the fundamental requirements of the client, created a list of non-functional requirements and the estimated time for each requirement along with the end-to-end functional flow, and got it cleared from the client.

Thinkitive created the software specification document, high-level wireframes, and user stories, and the client verified the test scenarios. Hence, the client understands the complete product before the product development starts and gets the change requests curated before starting the development.

Thinkitive started creating an architecture for the entire application suite for the product. Thinkitve created EPICs and User stories as a baseline to plan for a solution. Thinkitive delivered all the planned releases with little to no delays. Then we moved to production, and Thinkitive took care of the maintenance of the production application along with minor enhancements, bug fixes, and new feature development.

Architecture Diagram for Revolutionising Employee Wellbeing

Client Onboarding and Management Dashboard:

  • When organisations join the platform, they gain access to a dedicated management dashboard.

  • This dashboard allows clients to set up their account, define employee wellbeing budgets, and manage various aspects of the platform. During the onboarding process, clients can establish monthly, quarterly, or yearly wellbeing budgets for their employees, ensuring customization and flexibility.

  • Manager Access:

    • The client has the ability to invite their managers to access the management dashboard. Managers can monitor various activities such as their team's wellbeing and associated metrics.

    • Client managers can generate reports to gain valuable insights into their employees' wellbeing. These reports offer thorough details on engagement levels, invoices, finances, and other important metrics. Managers can use these insights to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement focused interventions to improve employee wellness.

    • Clients have control over the access levels of their managers, determining which pages and information they can view within the management dashboard. This ensures privacy and confidentiality while allowing for efficient team management.

    • Client managers can generate reports to gain valuable insights into their employees' wellbeing. These reports provide detailed information on engagement levels, invoices, financials, and other relevant metrics. Such insights allow managers to identify areas of improvement and implement targeted interventions to enhance employee wellness.

Supplier Onboarding and Supplier Dashboard:

  • Suppliers play a vital role in the platform. They can register on the platform through the supplier dashboard, which offers a seamless signup and login process. Upon registration, suppliers are required to complete Stripe onboarding to facilitate smooth and secure payment transactions.

  • Product Management:

    • Suppliers can easily upload their products to the dashboard, including detailed descriptions, pricing, and availability. If a product is temporarily unavailable, suppliers can mark it as "out of sale" to prevent customers from placing orders.

  • Order Fulfilment and Customer Support:

    • The supplier dashboard allows suppliers to view incoming orders from customers and efficiently fulfil them. Additionally, a built-in customer support system enables seamless communication between suppliers, users, and administrators, ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution.

  • Manager Access:

    • Suppliers have the ability to invite their managers to access the supplier dashboard. Managers can monitor various activities such as invoices, transactions, and product directories, providing enhanced oversight and control.

  • Shopify integration:

    • The platform offers Shopify integration as an option for suppliers, streamlining their inventory management process. This integration eliminates the need for suppliers to maintain stock on both platforms separately. With the integration in place, client orders will automatically appear directly on the vendors' Shopify accounts. This eliminates the hassle of exporting and importing CSV files, ensuring a seamless and efficient order management experience for suppliers. By leveraging this integration, suppliers can focus on fulfilling orders and delivering a superior customer experience without the added complexity of managing inventory across multiple platforms.

Employee Engagement and User Dashboard:

  • Employees are invited to join the client platform through personalised email invitations from their respective clients or managers. Once onboarded, they gain access to a user dashboard designed to promote engagement, goal-setting, and improved wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing Assessment:

    • During the onboarding process, employees are prompted to complete a simple and confidential wellbeing assessment. This assessment enables the platform to generate personalised wellbeing resources tailored to individual needs. These resources can include website recommendations, mobile apps, classes, and relevant books.

  • Purchasing Products:

    • Users can explore and purchase a wide range of wellbeing products offered by various suppliers within the client ecosystem. The user dashboard provides a seamless purchasing experience, allowing individuals to enhance their wellbeing with the products of their choice.

  • Goal Setting:

    • The user dashboard allows individuals to set personal goals to improve their overall wellbeing. This feature enables users to track their progress, receive relevant recommendations, and celebrate milestones, fostering a sense of empowerment and motivation.

  • Customer Support and Order Tracking:

    • The user dashboard integrates a customer support system, enabling users to directly connect with suppliers or administrators for inquiries or support. Users can also track the status of their orders, ensuring transparency and ease of use.

Value Delivered

  • Improved Employee Wellbeing: EnhanceWell empowers employees to take control of their wellbeing. It provides resources, personalised goals, and access to a wide range of wellbeing products, enabling employees to make positive changes in their lives and improve their overall wellbeing.

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: The platform fosters increased employee engagement by offering a user-friendly interface, personalised goals, and interactive features. It encourages employees to actively participate in their wellbeing journey, resulting in higher motivation, satisfaction, and productivity.

  • Streamlined Wellbeing Management: For clients and organisation managers, EnhanceWell offers a centralised management dashboard. This enables them to set budgets, monitor employee wellbeing, and gain valuable insights through comprehensive reports. It simplifies the process of managing employee wellbeing initiatives and enables data-driven decision-making.

  • Supplier Growth and Collaboration: EnhanceWell provides a dedicated supplier dashboard that connects suppliers with a large user base. By joining the platform, suppliers gain visibility and access to potential customers, leading to increased sales opportunities and business growth.

  • Efficient Communication and Support: The integrated customer support system facilitates seamless communication between suppliers, users, and administrators. It ensures prompt assistance, efficient query resolution, and a positive user experience throughout the platform.

  • Data-Driven Insights: EnhanceWell collects and analyses data related to employee wellbeing, product usage, and engagement. This data can provide valuable insights to clients and administrators, enabling them to identify trends, measure the impact of wellbeing initiatives, and make informed decisions to further enhance the wellbeing program.

Technologies and tools

  • Infrastructure: Cloud based (AWS), SES, API Gateway, SES, SNS, Lambda, S3, Cloudwatch, SQS

  • Backend: Nodejs, Serverless

  • Frontend: Reactjs

  • Database: DynamoDB