Building a Scalable EHR for Multi-Clinic Success: A Case Study


Healthcare, EHR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client, a renowned healthcare organization based in the United States, is seeking a comprehensive EHR solution. With a growing network of clinics across multiple cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, the client aims to streamline its operations and enhance service delivery. Currently relying on its internally developed EHR system, the client was facing functionality issues and seeks a more customizable solution to meet the diverse needs of its clinics.

To tackle these challenges, the client reached out to Thinkitive to build a custom EHR system from scratch for their practice. Because of our extensive experience in healthcare services and successful projects, the client chose to work with us on this project.

Business challenges

    1. Functionality Gaps:

Their existing EHR lacked essential features and couldn't adapt to evolving needs, hindering efficiency and care quality.

    2. Scalability Concerns:

Managing multiple clinics across different locations proved challenging with their current system, limiting their growth potential.

    3. Customization Roadblocks:

Inflexible functionalities restrict the system from fitting and catering to individual clinic needs and preferences.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Recognizing the need for a modern, adaptable solution, the client connected with Thinkitive, a trusted provider of healthcare technology solutions, to seek a customizable EHR tailored to their specific requirements and expansion plans.

To ensure a smooth process, we've thoroughly assessed the client's current EHR codebase. Our next step involves finalizing the desired functionality and building it from the ground up. To achieve this, we'll be structuring our development process into milestones. Each milestone will mark a significant stage of progress, guiding us toward the completion of the comprehensive EHR system that meets the client's needs and expectations.

    A. Milestone 1: Admin Portal for Scalability

    In the first milestone, we have developed a robust Admin Portal within the EHR system to provide centralized control and management capabilities for multi-clinic operations.

  • Centralized Clinic Management:

    The admin portal provides a centralized platform for managing all clinics, allowing administrators to oversee operations, staff, and patient data across multiple locations from a single interface.

  • User Access Control:

    The admin portal incorporates robust user access control mechanisms, allowing administrators to define roles and permissions for different users based on their responsibilities and access requirements.

  • Data Management and Reporting:

    Generate consolidated reports across all clinics, providing insights into overall practice performance, patient demographics, and financial health.


1. Centralized control over multiple clinics, eliminating the limitations of managing each location as a separate entity.

2. Centralized Access Control - Role-based access control (RBAC)

    B. Milestone 2: Scheduling & Encounter Documentation

    The second phase aimed at enhancing operational efficiency:

  • Integrated Scheduling System:

    A centralized platform enabled online appointment booking, appointment reminders, and waitlist management, reducing scheduling conflicts and administrative tasks.

    -  Multiple Locations

    -  Recurring Availability

    -  Block Off/Holiday

    -  Group Scheduling

    -  Daily or Weekly View

    -  Appointment Type

    -  Appointment Reminders

    -  Appointment Confirmation

    -  Color Coding

    -  Customizable Flags

    -  Waitlist Management

  • Efficient Encounter Documentation:

    Standardized templates and voice dictation tools facilitated quicker and more accurate documentation, freeing up valuable clinician time.

    -  Create as many Note Templates as you need

    -  Duplication of Previous Notes

    -  Macros

    -  Image & Body Charting with Annotation

    -  Virtual scribing


1. 20% increase in patient appointments scheduled online.

2. 10% reduction in time spent on encounter documentation.

    C. Milestone 3: Telehealth & Messaging

    The final phase focused on enhancing patient accessibility and communication:

  • Seamless Telehealth Integration:

    A secure telemedicine platform allowed for virtual consultations, expanding patient reach and convenience.

  • Robust Messaging System:

    Real-time messaging capabilities improved communication between providers and patients, fostering collaboration and engagement.


1. 12% increase in patient consultations through telehealth.

2. Improved patient satisfaction due to better communication.

Don't simply take our word for it; listen to testimonial from satisfied client:

"As a physician, I was frustrated with the limitations of our old EHR system. It was clunky, time-consuming, and didn't allow for personalized care. Thinkitive's new EHR is a breath of fresh air! It's intuitive and efficient and gives me the tools I need to provide my patients with the best possible care. The flexible charting tools and encounter documentation features have significantly reduced administrative burden, freeing up more time for what matters most - interacting with patients’’.