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Spring boot and Microservices, SpannerTemplate

Client Requirements

Thinkitive provides software services to Global Payments, a leading global payments technology company. Their services include developing and maintaining various payment-related platforms such as payment gateways for transactions and reporting. These platforms enable businesses to manage payment processing needs and expand their customer base.

Despite processing billions of transactions, Global Payments lacks a system to analyze user behavior and transaction data. They require a system within their platform to filter, fetch, and process data from graphs and charts on the user interface to make informed business decisions.

Global Payments has launched a new platform called Nucleus to enhance their payment processing services. This platform includes a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) allowing businesses to programmatically manage their payment processing needs. One such API is a search API for cardholders, which enables businesses to query Global Payments' cardholder database and retrieve specific information.

The search API for cardholders needs to be scalable to handle large requests. Businesses may need to query the database frequently to update their records. Furthermore, the API must support pagination, allowing businesses to retrieve data in smaller chunks rather than large sets.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive Technologies formed a team of project architects and business analysts to plan and execute the development and delivery strategy. The team ensured that everyone involved in the project understood the business requirements and set goals accordingly.

Using the Agile methodology, we optimized the implementation of features. We also developed a module that filters data based on custom requirements and improves the data processing time. Additionally, we added a feature to view all the summarized data in one place.

The existing platforms provided valuable insights for the newer functionalities added. Our skilled developers followed the software development life cycle (SDLC) process to deliver a scalable, bug-free software solution.

Solution Highlights

  • Understand the requirements of the Nucleus platform and search API, including data sources, search criteria, and output format.

  • Develop the Nucleus platform infrastructure, such as servers, databases, and APIs, focusing on security and scalability.

  • Create a search API that enables users to search for payment information using specific criteria, with support for pagination to handle large result sets.

  • Conduct thorough Nucleus platform and search API testing to ensure they meet requirements and operate effectively.

  • Integrate PDF and Excel export functionality into the Card Holder dashboard.

  • Implement robust security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Provide users with documentation and training on the Nucleus platform and search API.

  • Continuously evaluate user feedback and adjust the platform to meet changing business requirements.

  • Optimize performance by indexing specific columns for the search API pagination and using Spanner templates.

  • Use Anthos to monitor the web application's performance.

  • API Endpoints: The API documentation includes details about the API endpoints available, such as the search endpoint, pagination endpoint, and any other relevant endpoints.

  • Request Parameters: The API documentation specifies the required and optional parameters for each endpoint, such as search criteria, page size, and page number.

  • Error Handling: The API documentation outlines how the API handles errors, including the error codes and messages that may be returned.

  • Authentication: The API documentation provides instructions on how to authenticate requests to the API, including options such as using an API key or OAuth token.

Value Delivered

  • Increased Efficiency: Global Payment Inc can now efficiently search through large volumes of payment information by implementing the Nucleus platform and search API with pagination. This makes it much easier to find and manage relevant data efficiently.

  • Improved Customer Experience: By providing a secure and efficient search system for payment information, Global Payment Inc can enhance the customer experience and build stronger relationships with its clients.

  • Enhanced Data Visualization for Analysis: The customized filters provided by the API fetch data that can be used for analysis and business decisions.

  • Optimized and Scalable Code Base: Thinkitive has developed a module within the application for cardholders that can handle many requests, making it easier for businesses to manage their payment processing needs.

    By optimizing the code base, the API can handle high volumes of requests efficiently, with minimal downtime, ensuring quick and easy accessibility of information. The code base is also designed to be scalable, making it easily expandable to handle even larger volumes of requests in the future. This scalability ensures the growth and expansion of Global Payment to meet the needs of its customers.

Technologies and tools

  • Frontend: ReactJS, Javascript,HTML, CSS.

  • Cloud: GCP

  • Backend: Spring boot and Microservices, SpannerTemplate, BigQuery

  • API Gateway: Apigee Api Gateway

  • Tools: Postman