Processing payments without any hustle with the assistance of integrated payments


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The client is a distinguished chiropractic specialist and a prominent healthcare provider with a strong presence across various locations in the United States. Known for delivering patient-centered care, the client has built a network of clinics dedicated to improving the well-being of their diverse patient base. The chiropractic Clinic operates with a significant intake of 150-200 patients weekly. The clinic boasts a comprehensive team of 15 physicians, 20 staff members, and five administrators. The client was using a particular chiropractic EMR system, which was not able to fulfill all of the client's other requirements. Requirements like payment integrations for seamless processing of payment. To fulfill this requirement, the client has reached out to us for a solution-oriented feature.

Business challenges

The client faced challenges providing seamless patient payment options within the current EMR system. The client required effortless integration with all payment gateways for a smooth and unified financial transaction experience. Also, the client was looking for a solution for automated reminders to patients regarding pending payments to streamline the revenue cycle. Additionally, they were looking for a feature to store credit card information securely and access it from any location for convenient and efficient payment processing.

Thinkitive Solution

In terms of addressing these challenges regarding payment processing and delivering a customized solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of clients, Thinkitive business analyst teams and SMEs connected with clients multiple times to get complete requirements. After connecting with the client multiple times, the team finalized the requirements per the understanding and priority.

As per the client's requirements, the client has given an introduction to their software. On that basis, we have introduced an Implementation of a feature for payment processing. We have offered Effortless Payment Processing Feature, in which we have integrated payment processing with the existing EMR system. In terms of offering a diverse range of payment options for patients, we have offered a solution that effortlessly integrates with all major payment gateways. Also, to send payment reminders to patients, we have implemented an automated system.

  • Effortless Payment Processing Feature

    -  Payment Gateway Integration

    -  Automated Payment Reminders

Workflow diagram of complete patient encounter till claim submission of a chiropractic EMR software

Solution Highlights

    1. Effortless Payment Processing Feature

    In terms of having the capability to handle financial transactions associated with patient services, such as consultations, treatments, and other healthcare-related activities, our team has implemented a payment processing feature in the EMR system.

    Our development team has incorporated an EMR system with a secure payment gateway to handle financial transactions. It involves involving integration with third-party payment processors or compliance with industry standards for secure online transactions, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. It involves a feature that supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and other electronic payment options.

    a) Payment Gateway Integration

    We have payment gateways integrated into the patient portal within the EMR system. Using this integration, patients can view and pay their bills online, enhancing the overall patient experience and reducing administrative burdens. This integration supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and other commonly used payment options.

    Also, our team has implemented a Real-time Transaction Processing tool that helps providers to have up-to-date financial information within the EMR system.

    b) Automated Payment Reminders

    Our team has integrated the Automated Payment Reminders feature into the EMR's billing system. It leverages patient billing information, such as invoiced amounts, due dates, and payment history, to automate the reminder process. Also, the implemented feature includes configurable triggers that automatically generate payment reminders based on predefined criteria. Moreover, the implementation of this feature allows the customization of reminder messages to make them personalized and relevant to each patient.

Value Delivered

  • Seamless Payment Gateway Integration

    Effortless integration with all major payment gateways provides patients with a variety of payment options, enhancing accessibility and accommodating diverse preferences.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Integration with a reliable payment gateway enhances the overall efficiency of payment processing.

  • Streamlined Payment Experience

    By integrating a seamless payment gateway, the system ensures a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire payment process.

  • Secure Transactions

    The payment processing feature prioritizes security, ensuring that all transactions are conducted in a secure environment.

  • Automated Payment Reminders

    The system's automated payment reminders feature adds a layer of convenience for both chiropractors and patients. Reminders are sent at scheduled intervals, reducing the likelihood of missed payments.