E-Prescribing Made Easy: Thinkitive Integrates Secure Rx Features into Unified EHR


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The client is a prominent healthcare provider operating multiple clinics across various cities in the US, with a vast patient base of over 2000 individuals and a team comprising more than 85 providers and staff members. Over the years, the healthcare practice has gathered various tools to handle different tasks, like managing patients online and issuing prescriptions electronically. With an outdated EHR system and the departure of EHR experts from their staff, the organization saw this as an ideal moment to streamline its systems. They sought to merge these disparate platforms into a single, streamlined, and cloud-based EHR solution for enhanced efficiency and cohesion.

Business challenges

    1. Fragmented Technology Landscape:

The practice relied on numerous disparate platforms for patient portal, e-prescriptions, scheduling, intake forms, and other workflows, leading to:

  • Data Silos:

    Information scattered across systems, hindering holistic patient care and hindering data-driven decision-making.

  • Inefficiencies:

    Cumbersome workflows with manual data entry across systems, wasting staff time and increasing errors.

  • High Costs:

    Multiple tool subscriptions led to a significant financial burden.

    2. Limited e-Prescription Capabilities:

The system lacked specialized e-prescription capabilities for medications, creating inefficiencies and potential medication errors.

    3. Impending Server Expiry:

The current server infrastructure is approaching the end of its operational lifespan, necessitating expensive upgrades and exposing security vulnerabilities.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


    1. Unified EHR System Development:

    As per the client's requirement, we have developed a comprehensive EHR system. This would consolidate patient management, e-prescription, and other essential functions into one platform, eliminating redundancies and improving workflow efficiency.

  • Data Migration and Integration:

    We migrated data from disparate systems into the new EHR platform, ensuring seamless integration and preserving historical patient records.

  • Custom Development:

    Custom modules were developed to accommodate specific functionalities required for patient management, e-prescriptions, and other tasks.

  • API Integration:

    APIs were utilized to connect the EHR system with external e-prescription databases and other healthcare software, enabling smooth data exchange and interoperability.

    2. E-Prescription Feature:

    We enhanced the EHR system with a robust e-prescription module, allowing providers to electronically prescribe medications directly from the platform.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

    The e-prescription module was designed with an intuitive interface for easy medication selection, dosage input, and patient information retrieval.

  • Drug Database Integration:

    We integrated the EHR system with comprehensive drug databases to provide accurate medication information and minimize errors during prescriptions.

  • Compliance and Security:

    Stringent compliance measures and encryption protocols were implemented to ensure the security and privacy of e-prescription data, complying with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA.

  • Drug allergy—interaction alerts:

    We have designed an e-prescription model with alerts for drug allergy and drug-drug interactions so that providers can avoid further circumstances.

As per the client’s requirement, We seamlessly integrated the EHR system with MD Toolbox, a leading e-prescription vendor. This integration enables healthcare providers to:

  • Access real-time medication history and formulary checks directly from the MD Toolbox.

  • Reduce the risk of errors with electronic prescribing features like dose calculations and allergy alerts.

  • Automated refill requests and authorization processes.

Value Delivered

  • Cost savings of $50,000 per year were achieved through the consolidation of disparate systems and the reduction in licensing fees.

  • Staff members reported a 40% reduction in workflow redundancies, resulting in smoother operations and enhanced productivity.

  • A 25% decrease in medication errors was observed post-implementation, ensuring better patient outcomes and safety.

Here's the client's statement reflecting their satisfaction post-implementation of the system.

"Thinkitive's solution transformed our operations, consolidating our systems, streamlining workflows, and significantly reducing costs. We now have a secure and efficient platform that empowers our providers to deliver exceptional care to our patients." - CEO