SMS, Voice Assessment Integration


Healthcare, Chronic care management


PHP, ReactJS, REST, SOAP, Web Services

Client Requirements

The client was a US-based healthcare technology solution provider specifically providing Telehealth, Remote patient monitoring, and Chronic care management solutions to their valued customer to deliver quality care to the patients.

To optimize product capabilities and add some value-added features, clients contacted Thinkitive with their specific requirements for virtual patient assessment management.

The client wanted to add an assessment module to their telehealth and RPM platform. They wanted to automate assessment assigning and get it filled by the patient per a particular schedule to determine patient health progress and any risk around it.

Thinkitive Solution

Our team of Business analysts took multiple calls with clients, understood their requirements, and documented them down to a very high level. Thinkitve has formed a team of technology experts in healthcare and Business analyst to work on the project. This team has done the number crunching iterations and testing to fulfil client needs.

After some successful iterations, we finalized the solution, presented it to the client, and got approval from the client for the same. We started working on implementing that functionality in the solution with the below.

  • Key Features

  • Customized Assessment creations

  • Flexibility in defining a scheduler for the assessment campaign

  • Quick submission of assessment with real-time alerts

  • Phone number management

  • Provider missing notifications

We developed the above feature in PHP technology and Laravel & code igniter framework. We implemented the Twilio framework into an existing platform to automate scheduling for assessment.

Architecture Diagram for SMS, Voice Assessment Integration

Solution Highlights

  • 1. Customized Assessment Creations

    We delivered the flexibility in creating assessments and customized them according to the patient's health conditions and needs. Below are the steps to create an assessment:

  • While creating an assessment, providers can enter the assessment details with appropriate flags, diseases for which assessment needs to be created, and schedule for assessment with reminder configuration and applicable procedure codes.

  • Providers can set the assessment media by which the assessment can be sent to the patient to get filled; it could be a web app push notification, Text Message, Email, or on-call.

  • Before starting the assessment, customized welcome greeting messages can be provided, providing a better patient experience.

  • Also, the provider may include various questions for the patient to answer. The answers to those questions could be free text, multiple choice with one option, numerous voice options, file uploads, or ratings.

  • 2. Flexibility in Defining a Scheduler for the Assessment Campaign

  • In addition to customized assessment creation, Our team has implemented a Twilio functionality that enables the provider to set a schedule for assessment needs to be sent for patients through SMS, email, or on voice.

  • Using this functionality, assessments can be sent to patients automatically as per schedule on selected channels. Patients can complete the assessment independently from a mobile or web app using a link.

  • 3. Quick Submission of Assessment with Real-time Alerts

  • As the assessment is sent to the patient, they will get a notification with a valid link on the selected channel. The patient can answer all the questions and submit the assessment easily from the mobile app and web browser as applicable.

  • If any uncertainty is found in a patient's health while submitting an assessment, the provider and patient can get alerts, and both can take appropriate action.

  • 4. Phone Number Management

  • Providers can configure the phone numbers from which the assessment and calls can be done with patients. They can set the priority for voice calls and SMS phone numbers.

  • Also, providers can purchase the new number using Twilio.

  • 5. Provider Missing Notifications

  • If a patient submits any assessment, that should be reviewed by the provider in real time. The provider can get a notification after the assessment is submitted, and he can review the assessment and take the needed action.

  • After submitting an assessment, the system will check the provider availability slot, and If the provider is not available on time, then notify back to the patient.

Value Delivered

  • Enabled real-time non-face-to-face patient screening that provides better patient outcomes.

  • Pre-Scheduled assessments help to identify and prevent the risk of future health complications.

  • Twilio integration enables flexibility in phone number management and real-time communication through SMS and calls.

  • Provided an integrated solution for patient engagement that focused on user empowerment and satisfaction.

  • This feature enhanced the product capabilities and automated the patient screening workflows.

  • Assessment Campaign according to disease flags.

Technologies and tools

  • PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel framework, HTML, CSS, Rest API, Bootstrap, Twilio.