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Healthcare, EMR, Telemedicine


Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Client Requirements

Our client's product was born out of a profound understanding of a prevalent issue observed in the daily treatment of patients at their clinic. They recognized that stress was the underlying cause of numerous physical ailments plaguing individuals. Driven by this realization, the client sought to establish a portal that facilitated product sales and monitored inventory and sales statistics.

The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated people's stress levels, propelling them into deep "distress." To address this escalating problem, the client's business offers tools that assess, quantify, and raise awareness about stress. These tools were designed for individuals burdened by overwhelming pressures, allowing them to enhance their quality of life by reducing stress levels and achieving stability.

Intending to expand their reach, our client entrusted us with creating a comprehensive platform. This platform would enable the sale of their stress-reducing products while managing inventory, tracking sales data, maintaining customer records, and highlighting top-selling items. Additionally, the client wanted to incorporate a sales graph on the dashboard, providing valuable insights at a glance.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive formed a dedicated team to conduct comprehensive research on the retail industry and build a platform that would benefit our clients and their target market. Our efforts resulted in the creation of a robust platform featuring a Software as a Service (SaaS) dashboard, which effectively displayed crucial statistics and inventory information. We simplified their tasks and enhanced their overall experience by providing users with an intuitive interface.

Our platform was meticulously designed, incorporating a user-friendly dashboard and various screens for products, sales, customers, and more. Notably, we developed an order list equipped with labels and dropdown menus to track order fulfillment status. The Admin portal was developed by our skilled team, utilizing the Java language. We successfully implemented the entire project through a well-defined strategy, enabling our clients to achieve their desired objectives.

Within the Admin Portal, we crafted and developed an informative dashboard with essential details such as analytics, sales graphs, top-selling products, recent orders, and even a chatbot feature. Additionally, we designed supplementary screens for managing orders, products, customers, settings, and online stores.

The Orders screen featured a tabular layout showcasing comprehensive order details, divided into four tabs: All orders, Unfulfilled, Pending, and Rejected. To facilitate seamless order creation, we incorporated a prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) button labeled "Create Order," which, upon clicking, opened a new screen presenting a form for entering selected tools. Users could then proceed to checkout and make payments for their purchases.

Empowering Wellness: StressKase Platform Solution image

Solution Highlights

  • Provided "Order Creation" screen for collecting all the purchased products together in one place, which can be later checked out and paid for the same

  • Combined the unfulfilled, rejected, and pending orders with the total purchase price and fulfillment status of each order in detail

  • Implemented "Create Order" in the list screens to generate order entries

  • Customer details form for storing information on the Admin Portal.

  • Also, I designed the "Products" page with details of active and inactive orders and CTA for creating new order details.

Value Delivered

  • The portal's user interface was made simple and accessible because it would be utilized quickly when many orders came in simultaneously.

  • Provided the list of customers with an easy search option and also their contact and email id available in just one click.

  • Implemented a chatbot/ chatting feature for users as a support chat feature.

  • Implemented cards showing statistics for new customers, new orders, average sales, and also gross profit.

  • Delivered a well-developed portal for selling de-stress tools or products with a user-centered user interface.

Technologies and Tools

  • User Interface tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator. These tools were used For creating the UI of the application.

  • Ideated intuitive UI through designing UI with various versions and trying out new ideas for innovative user interface.

  • User Experience tools: For UX, we used tools like Miro & FigJam for ideation, Google Forms for surveys, and Notion & Google Docs for design documentation.