EMR systems can help providers work more effectively, communicate better, and provide high-quality care to patients at home


Healthcare , EMR


Python ,Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services

Client Requirements

The client was a healthcare technology company based in the USA. It was the fastest-growing post-acute software provider in the country. This company had over 815,000 patients and 320,000 users. They provide:

  • Hospice

  • Cloud-based enterprise software for home health

  • Pediatric, private duty

  • Consumer-directed services agencies

They help many agencies to improve clinical compliance, increase operations efficiency, and achieve financial success. They provide powerful business intelligence tools. These tools enable upper-level management to access various clinical, financial, and operational KPIs. This allows them to make informed decisions.

The client was looking to develop an EMR software development. They have their backend developer team. The client needed to hire a Front end developer. This individual must have expertise in the healthcare domain. The purpose of the hire was to build a user interface for an EMR application.

Thinkitive Solution

The thinkitive team has appointed a skilled Angular front-end UI developer team and a well-trained tester. The team has started analyzing the low-fidelity provided by the client. In the first step, thinkitive completed the UI theme development with multiple iterations. The team started working on features to add to the telehealth application. The feature development is explained below.

Solution Highlights

  • Informative Dashboard

    The Thinkitives developer team has developed a UI for the dashboard for EMR which includes appointment details with status, by payers, by months, and revenue statistics by week, month, and year. Providers can view these details in pictorial as well as in tabular form.

    Providers can view all supply and demand analyses, Authorization and utilization analyses, and YTD & projected resource utilization and shortfall analysis. Providers can filter these statistical dashboards by date, week, month, year, and other criteria. The provider can download the reports in PDF, CSV and Excel format.

  • Visit adjudication

    With this feature, the provider can view all appointments booked by patients and providers. The provider can view today and yesterday or any date they want to see appointment visit details for their reference. Providers can get No Show, Due Check-Out, Due Adjudication, Open Visits, Unconfirmed, and Starred appointment alerts in this dashboard.

    Providers can create their view of the dashboard by applying specific filters for future convenience and references. This feature will reduce duplicate work for configuring the dashboard.

    The provider can view the upcoming check-ins and check-out and the reminders for the same. Providers can do the check-ins and start the video call or in-person encounter with a patient.

  • Scheduling Appointment

    This feature allows providers to schedule appointments with any patient or another provider. The provider can view upcoming appointments in the calendar view. This will give the provider a better understanding of visits scheduled in the future. The provider can filter the calendar according to day, week, and month format.

  • Patient's Module

    The provider can view a list of patients in the EMR application. Providers can add new patients by entering patients' demographics, insurance details, and preferences like pharmacy, lab, and radiology. The provider can edit, delete and manage patient details with clinical and financial data handling.

  • Providers Module

    This feature lists providers available in the EMR application with multiple specialties. Here the admin or provider can add new providers with their details. The admin can manage provider details as required.

  • Tasks

    In this screen, providers can add tasks, complete them per the schedule, and mark them as completed or pending.

  • Reports

    The provider can view the multiple customized reports and can download the reports. These reports can be fetched using multiple filters as required.

Value Delivered

  • Very informative and well-organized dashboards will help providers understand statistics and make decisions.

  • The providers have privileged to add patients by collecting all micro information like patient demographics, insurance, and preferences.

  • Unique design and well-designed UI will make users handy and reliable.

  • Patient & provider can schedule appointments easily.

  • Easy access to update data in one click.

  • Automated reminders on mail and phone.