Thinkitive Solution: Food App with Ads & Admin Portal


Healthcare, Remote patient monitorning


Adobe XD, Photoshop and Illustrator

Client Requirements

The client's goal was to create a food application that would simplify the process of getting food for users. One of the key features was the ability for restaurants to advertise within the app, which would attract new customers. The app was designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and easy-to-follow user flow. Other features included ad package banners and a map tracking orders and delivery status.

The client also wanted to develop an Admin Portal, Restaurant owner, Ad client, Customer, and Delivery Boy Apps to create a comprehensive food app ecosystem. Introducing a new user type, the "Ad Client," allowed for implementing an ad package feature that enabled users to choose and post ads based on current promotions.

Thinkitive Solution

The Thinkitive team developed excellent ideas for the food app and implemented essential features such as a map view to track orders and delivery status. Additionally, we added a feature for running ads on the customer app based on their location.

Moreover, the app included features that allowed restaurants to select ads based on their cuisine and requirements and create discount coupons for their customers. We also introduced location-based order tracking. To ensure that every new feature met the client's expectations, we brainstormed with them and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each idea.

The Ad Client portal was the project's highlight and presented some significant challenges that required implementation. However, this feature was essential to generate revenue.

Solution Highlights

  • Provided banner ads for creating more customers and leveraging that to generate revenue

  • Implemented the geo-location-based ad on the customer app

  • Built the geolocation map displaying for order tracking and delivery status viewing

  • Changed the "menu item listing" into the bottom sheet flutter UI, which made it simple and accessible for the users

  • Implemented the restaurant location badges on restaurant cards indicating how far is the restaurant

  • Designed a new user interface for table reservation screens

Value Delivered

    The following tasks were accomplished:

  • Created a new home page for the customer mobile application with trending UI skills incorporated into the screens.

  • Utilized other restaurants' ads in the app for marketing purposes.

  • Added a feature that enabled users to book a table at a restaurant.

  • Implemented a FAB button on the home page that precisely displayed the food items in the cart, allowing users to place their orders directly.

Tools & Technologies

  • User interface tools such as Adobe XD, Photoshop and Illustrator were used to design the application's UI.

  • We experimented with various versions to ideate an intuitive UI and tried out new ideas for innovative user interfaces.

  • For UX, we employed tools such as Miro and FigJam for ideation, Google Forms for surveying and Notion and Google Docs for design documentation.