Advanced Aesthetic EMR for Comprehensive Charting, Telehealth & Aesthetic Billing


Healthcare, EHR, Aesthetic


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client is a New York-based organization that boasts more than two decades of expertise in providing aesthetic care services. With a reputation for delivering timeless beauty solutions, they have established a network of clinics across the Northeast. With a substantial team of experienced providers with a weekly patient capacity of 400- 500 individuals. To align with their longstanding commitment to excellence, Timeless Beauty Clinics is actively seeking an EMR solution.

Business challenges

The client came to us to increase the quality and efficiency of their patient data documentation processes and implement seamless imaging device integration by streamlining their workflows. This organization had trouble keeping patient documentation, making appointments before and after Image management, and handling other financial matters related to their aesthetic care providers. Furthermore, they desired to implement virtual consultation tools.

Thinkitive Solution

Our business analyst team has interacted with clients of aesthetic clinics to gather complete and detailed requirements for EMR software development. The team has created a feature list that outlines the project scope based on the information acquired about the client's requirements. The client was provided with that feature list, and after a few changes, we received their approval.

As per the approved feature list, the team has started developing an EMR solution for the specialty of aesthetics. To achieve this solution, our team has delivered multiple key features that help healthcare professionals to streamline their practice operations. Below are some key features that we have provided to clients-

-  Predictive chart notes and treatment templates

-  Seamless image management and device integration

-  Virtual consultation tool

-  Aesthetic-specific billing and coding tools

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software

Solution Highlights

    1. Predictive Chart Notes and Treatment Templates

    By analyzing historical patient data and treatment outcomes, it is possible to implement effective and predictive chart notes and treatment templates in an Aesthetic EMR.

    With this implemented tool for treatment templates and chart notes, the system can suggest pre-defined treatment templates, including pre-procedure assessments, post-procedure care instructions, and personalized notes for each patient's treatment plan.

    2. Seamless Image Management and Device Integration

    Using the EMR feature, it is possible to easily integrate devices directly into the EMR system. For easy capture, storage, and organization of collected image data of before-and-after images or other visual documentation can be directly stored in patient records using this integration. Annotating and giving tags to images as per the provided treatment or procedures is possible with the use of image and device integration. The EMR system's interface should facilitate quick retrieval and comparison of images for treatment assessments and patient progress tracking.

-  Visual data

-  Annotated Images

-  Before-and-after images comparison

    3. Virtual Consultation Tool

    Implementing a virtual consultation tool in EMR includes the incorporation of telemedicine functionality. Secured video conferencing messaging and virtual appointment scheduling are included in telemedicine.

    Using this functionality, providers can perform essential tasks without the need for in-person visits, such as conducting remote consultations, discussing treatment plans, providing advice, and answering patient queries. It is possible to collect data from patients and store maintenance directly in patient records while maintaining HIPAA-compliant communication.

    4. Specialty-specific Billing and Coding Tools

    In EMR, we have implemented a feature of specialty-specific billing and coding tools associated with cosmetic procedures and treatments. In these tools, we have offered pre-defined codes and billing options specific to aesthetic medicine.

    The provided feature helps to manage cosmetic-specific CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes and ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes, ensuring accurate documentation and billing. Automated CPT codes for billing are helpful in submitting claims.

Value Delivered

  • Accurate Documentation and Seamless Image Management

    Using custom templates and a centralized patient data storage facility is helpful for the provider to streamline the overall tasks in the healthcare center.

  • Seamless Virtual Consultation

    With the use of the provided telemedicine feature, providers can conduct appointments virtually. That will be beneficial for providers as well as patients.

  • More Accuracy in Billing and Coding

    By integrating billing functions and CPT codes tailored to aesthetics, errors were minimized, and revenue cycle management was enhanced