Revolutionizing Urgent Care: Streamlining Operations with Customized EMR Solution


Healthcare, EHR, Urgent Care


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The US-based client seeking our services is a healthcare professional boasting more than 15 years of expertise in the urgent care field. Widely recognized as a reliable figure in healthcare sector, the client offers extensive medical services to people across various locations in the United States who require prompt assistance for non-life-threatening conditions.

Business challenges

The client has recognized the need for a robust Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system tailored to the specific requirements of urgent care facilities. As the organization operates multiple clinics in different locations, streamlining and centralizing patient records, appointment scheduling, and billing processes have become a priority. Additionally, They wanted to add telehealth, E-prescriptions, AI-based automated note creations, and clearing house integration that smoothens the practice efficiency.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitives team of business analysts and SMEs had multiple calls with clients and gathered all the requirements from clients. Based on client requirements, the team has created a feature list describing the project scope. The feature list was presented to the client, and after some iterations, we got approval from the client.

Based on the approved feature list, the team has started developing an EMR solution for urgent care. To achieve this solution, our team has delivered multiple vital features that help healthcare professionals to streamline their practice operations.

Below are some key features that our team has developed and delivered successfully:

-  Seamless patient onboarding and intake

-  Scheduling system

-  Telehealth portal

-  Patient track board

-  AI-generated notes

-  Diagnostic device integration

-  Prescription management

-  Clearinghouse Integration

workflow of the patient journey in urgent care EMR software.

Solution Highlights

  • 1. Provider Portal

    This portal is generally handled by clinical staff members, health professionals, and nurses in healthcare.

    a) Seamless Patient Onboarding and Appointment Management

    The front desk staff can onboard patients with essential patient information like- patient demographics, medical history, and insurance information. While onboarding patients, Integration with insurance databases for real-time verification of patient insurance information is helpful.

    -  Administrative information

    -  Clinical Information

    -  Appointment scheduling

    b) Telehealth Portal

    Virtual consultation is helpful for those patients who are not able to visit the clinic but require care on an urgent basis. In this module, patients can have access to book their appointment at their convenience for a specific provider virtual.

    -  Allows to connect with provider by audio and video

    c) Patient Trackboard and AI-based Encounter

    The patient track board provides a feature that helps to track patient activities throughout the clinical process in the clinic. It helps to calculate time and to track the movement & progress of the patient.

    During patient encounters, it is possible to complete SOAP notes with the help of AI features. When a discussion with a patient is happening, the system will capture audio and generate notes for the same. This feature also offers the functionality of suggesting ICD codes and further required details for providing treatment.

    d) Comprehensive

    Patient charting is essential for complete treatment and accurate diagnosis. Patient charting includes clinical data, such as demographics, allergies, vitals, problems, medications, lab results, vaccines, and medical and social history. Also, patient charting provides financial information such as insurance and bills.

    Here are some essential features of this module-

    -  Vitals

    -  MSFH (medical, surgical, family history)

    -  PE (Physical examination)

    -  Laboratory CPOE

    -  Procedures CPOE

    -  Drug & Image CPOE

    -  Progress Notes

    -  Assessment & Plan

    e) Labs, e-Prescription and Secure HIPAA Patient Engagement

    Seamless integration with diagnostics devices like X-ray, blood pressure devices, and other laboratory devices, enabling the automatic transfer of test results and images to the EMR. E-prescription will assist in transferring prescriptions electronically directly to pharmacies with more accuracy and security. Using the communication feature, it is possible to connect with patients to collect any type of medical report or to send instructions and details securely with HIPPA compliance.

    f) Simplified Billing, Referrals, and Clearing House Integration

    The billing feature helps minimize billing documentation errors. Auto-populate of CPT code for diagnosis helps reduce the human error rate during the billing process. Providers can create electronic referral orders within the portal, which helps ensure that referral information is immediately accessible to the receiving healthcare provider.

    Clearinghouse integration helps to reduce administrative costs. It helps to increase the rate of claim reimbursement. Assists in reducing claim denials.

2. Patient Mobile App

In the patient portal, we have offered some interactive features that assist patients in booking appointments, uploading documents, and communicating seamlessly with providers.

Key features offered

  • Find Provider

  • Schedule appointments

  • Visit list

  • Patient profile

  • Health data

  • Telehealth

  • Communication

Value Delivered

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

    The offered feature helps to make internal tasks seamless with the help of AI-generated notes, E-prescriptions, lab orders, Referrals, easy appointment scheduling, and billing solutions. It helps providers to focus on more essential tasks in the clinic.

  • Enhanced Patient Care

    Providing accessible communication between provider and patient will help to assist the patient throughout the treatment course. It will result in a high rate of patient satisfaction.

  • Seamless Billing and Claim Management

    Auto-populate CPT code and other advanced features will help to get maximum insurance clearance and fewer claim denials. Integration with a clearing house will reduce unnecessary costs of investing in 3rd party. It can result in an increased rate of reimbursement.

  • Increased Revenue Collection

    An automated billing process and seamless integration with the clearing house will help to get maximum revenue.