Exceptional Patient Care While Increasing Operational Efficiency and Accuracy


Healthcare , EMR


Python ,Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services


A client from a well-established and rapidly growing urgent care center chain with multiple US locations has contacted us. With a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, the organization is known for its emphasis on accessibility, efficiency, and patient-centric care. Simplified documentation minimizes the requirement for manual data input by healthcare providers. It empowers patients to input and access their medical data easily, facilitating seamless communication with providers through Telehealth services and other mediums.

Business challenges

The client has approached us to enhance its existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with a specialized Patient Trackboard feature. The primary focus is improving patient flow management, reducing wait times, and ensuring that each patient receives timely and appropriate care. They reached out to us to develop a patient trackboard feature for their existing EMR system. Additionally, clients have requirements for referral management, E-prescription, and telehealth.

Thinkitive Solution

Thinkitive business analyst teams and SMEs collaborated with clients to get complete requirements. After the successful collaboration, the team finalized the requirements per the understanding and priority.

The client wants a patient track board feature to help the provider track patient activity more efficiently and refer patients to specialists easily. As per requirement, our team has developed a patient tracking feature, including real-time data functionality, triage management, queue management, and easy EMR integration. Additionally, it features the requested requirements of e-prescription and telehealth.

Workflow diagram of the complete patient journey in urgent care EMR software.

Solution Highlights

The patient track board assists providers in staying updated on patients' statuses within hospitals. To enhance efficiency, we propose creating two track boards. This will aid staff members in aligning in-person and telehealth patient listings, enabling better tracking of patients' care durations.

    1.  Patient Trackboard

    The Tracking Board offers real-time coverage of patient orders, showcases out-of-range vital signs, and oversees patient wait durations. It serves as a real-time dashboard that displays key information about patients, their status, and the overall workflow within the facility. It allows providers to review the progress of procedures, labs, prescriptions, immunizations, and other aspects.

  • a) In-person track board

    The patient track board provides a feature that helps to track in-patient activities throughout the present day in the clinic. It starts with patient check-in at the front desk staff, where all essential patient information is collected.

    We have provided essential key features in this module-

    -  Appointment time

    -  Patient Name

    -  Clinic check-in time

    -  Wait time

    -  Registration

    -  Status

    -  Chart

    -  Room

    -  Visit type

    -  Assigned provider name

  • Using these key features, capturing the total time from patient arrival to checkout is possible. Visit details help to understand the reason for the visit and the provider's name who has attended to the patient. It is possible to track vital reports integrated with diagnostic devices.

  • b) Virtual patient track board

    This module provides a feature that assists providers in tracking patient activity for virtual appointments. It helps to track the time consumed by patients on the platform for receiving care instructions. Here are some features that we have delivered to providers-

    -  Patient Name

    -  Appointment time

    -  Registration

    -  Patient status

    -  Session start

    -  Session duration

    -  Chart

    -  Visit type

    -  Provider

    c) Referral management

    Referral management ensures a smooth transition for patients, facilitating their access to these specialized services. A seamless referral process ensures that patients are quickly connected with the appropriate healthcare specialists. This coordination helps in maintaining a high standard of care using Email and fax.

    d) E-Prescription

  • External integration with pharmacies using e-prescription assists in transferring prescriptions directly to pharmacies. Helps to reduce errors and make the process seamless. We have provided the essential features-

    -  Electronic prescription generation

    -  Integration with preferred pharmacies

    e) Telehealth portal

    Virtual consultation is helpful for those patients who are not able to visit the clinic but require care on an urgent basis. In this module, patients can have access to book their appointment slots at their convenience for a specific provider on virtual.

    -  Allows audio and video links for telehealth (Eligible patients)

Value Delivered

  • Real-time data availability

    Using the provided feature can help providers get real-time tracking of patients in the clinic.

  • Triage management

    It allows medical staff to prioritize patients based on the severity of their conditions.

  • Streamlined workflow

    It provides value in reducing administrative burden and the need for redundant data entry.

  • Increased accuracy with efficiency

    E-prescriptions will help reduce paperwork and human errors while handling prescriptions.