"Transformation!": Thinkitive's EHR Empowers Vets to Focus on Care


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Our client is a leading veterinary care provider based in the United States, dedicated to delivering high-quality care to companion animals. The client was mainly using one off-the-shelf EHR system, which lacked a number of advanced features. With a commitment to leveraging technology to enhance patient care and streamline operations, they sought to develop a custom Electronic Health Record (EHR) system tailored to the unique needs of veterinary clinics. Their goal is to modernize clinic operations, improve patient care quality, and optimize efficiency through the implementation of advanced EHR functionalities.

Business challenges

    1. Inefficiencies due to Manual Processes:

  • Time-Consuming Data Entry:

    Staff spent a significant amount of time recording patient information, appointment details, medical history, and treatment plans.

  • Error-Prone Paperwork:

    Manual data entry increases the risk of errors due to illegible handwriting, misplaced files, and accidental omissions.

  • Difficulty Retrieving Information:

    Locating specific patient information in paper charts can be a time-consuming process.

    2. Limited Functionality of Existing Solutions:

The clinic was using a generic EHR not designed for veterinary medicine; it likely lacked crucial features like:

  • Species-Specific Medical History Templates:

    Generic systems do not have templates tailored to track specific conditions, vaccinations, and medications relevant to different animal species.

  • Veterinary Diagnostic Code Library:

    Standard EHRs do not include comprehensive veterinary diagnostic codes, leading to inaccuracies when filing insurance claims.

    3. Inventory Management Issues:

  • Stockouts and Delays:

    Without a real-time inventory system, the clinic has faced unexpected stockouts of essential medications or supplies.

  • Overstocking and Expired Supplies:

    Manual inventory tracking makes it difficult to optimize stock levels, potentially leading to expired medications or supplies taking up valuable storage space.

    4. Inefficient Billing Processes:

Inaccurate diagnosis coding due to limited access to veterinary-specific codes could delay or even deny insurance claims, causing financial repercussions for the clinic.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


    1. Automated Data Entry and Record-Keeping:

    Introduced streamlined data entry processes to reduce staff time spent on manual recording of patient information, appointment details, and medical history. Automated features ensure accurate data capture and organization, mitigating the risk of errors and facilitating efficient retrieval of patient information.

-  Automated Data Entry

-  Improved Data Accuracy

-  Instant Information Retrieval

    2. Specialized Veterinary Templates:

    Our team has developed species-specific medical history templates tailored to track conditions, vaccinations, and medications relevant to different animal species. These templates enhance clinical documentation accuracy and efficiency, providing comprehensive patient records essential for effective veterinary care.

-  Species-Specific Templates

    3. Comprehensive Veterinary Diagnostic Code Library:

    Integrated a comprehensive library of veterinary diagnostic codes into the EHR system, ensuring accurate coding and billing for procedures and treatments. Access to specialized codes minimizes errors in insurance claims, expedites reimbursement, and avoids financial repercussions for the clinic.

-  Veterinary Diagnostic Code Library

-  Specialized codes

    4. Real-Time Inventory Management:

    Implemented a real-time inventory management system to prevent stockouts and delays in essential medication and supply availability. Automated tracking and alerts prevent overstocking and expired supplies, optimizing inventory levels and reducing wastage.

-  Real-Time Inventory Tracking

-  Automated Reordering

    5. Streamlined Billing Processes:

    Enhanced billing processes by facilitating accurate diagnosis coding with access to veterinary-specific codes. This ensures timely and accurate filing of insurance claims, reducing the risk of claim denials and financial losses for the clinic.

Value Delivered

  • Enhanced data accuracy by 30%:

    Automated Data Entry and Record-Keeping enhanced data accuracy by 30% and enabled instant retrieval of patient information, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

  • Specialized Veterinary Templates:

    Using species-specific templates increased clinical documentation accuracy by 25%, ensuring comprehensive and personalized patient records.

  • Accelerates reimbursement processes by 40%:

    Comprehensive Veterinary Diagnostic Code Library accelerated reimbursement processes by 40% and minimized errors in insurance claims, improving the clinic's financial outcomes.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management:

    Real-time tracking prevents stockouts and delays, reduces inventory holding costs by 20%, and optimizes supply levels.

  • Streamlined Billing Processes:

    We reduced claim denials by 35% and enhanced revenue capture with accurate diagnosis coding, ensuring the clinic's financial stability.

"Since implementing Thininitive's veterinary EHR, our clinic has undergone a transformation! Automated data entry has freed up my staff's time for what truly matters - providing exceptional care to our furry patients. No more struggling with illegible handwriting or misplaced charts. The system is incredibly user-friendly, and the access to species-specific templates allows us to capture detailed medical histories for all our animal companions, from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles. This has definitely improved the quality of care we offer.’’