Voice 360


Healthcare, EMR, Remote patient monitorning


Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Angular

Requirement of the project

The US-based client offers a CRM Telephony solution for small businesses leveraging the power of AI to capture the entire sales cycle and post-sale support. They wanted to redesign the existing application with enhanced features like call logs, call reports, caller queues, advanced call flow/ IVR, call recording, operator panel, call forwarding, conference calling, conference rooms, etc.

Thinkitive Solution

At Thinkitive, we formed a team that researches CRM portals and develops new ideas for designing the platform that will be useful for our clients and their target audience. The project research concluded with a few requirements to build an efficient CRM product with the customer onboarding experience for our target audience, like call center teams and small or medium-sized business owners. We created a platform with a SaaS dashboard displaying stats and leads. It made it easy for users to see the entire sales cycle and post-sale support in detail.

As the need of the project, a CRM and telephony solution targeting the features provided ease for a user to achieve their daily or weekly tasks at work, creating a smooth user experience for the features will be one of the biggest challenges.

We designed the platform with a dashboard and other screens for contacts, leads, funnels, analytics, etc. Call flows and workflows are the most critical features of Voice 360, as this feature provides a smooth experience for portal users. We provided an Al chatbot to communicate through calls, messages, and faxes to work fluently and create a workflow for the user that adds excellent value to a portal.

Solution Highlights

  • Creating an organized and intuitive information structure enables users to navigate, find, and understand content effectively. It ensures a seamless user experience and contributes to the overall success of digital products, which makes the Voice 360 design exceptional.

  • Low-fidelity designs of the same accompany organized and easy information architecture.

  • "Analytics" screen for call reports. It also displays leads by stage with a sales funnel demonstrating the lead stage and its details.

  • Segment for "Smart Campaign" with a list of details like "type," "start and end date," engagement, and status of the campaign. It also had a CTA for adding a new campaign, which directed to a modal screen with a campaign detail form.

  • Segment for "leads" screens with a UI like a Kanban board. It consists of 4 stages, with cards in each section displaying the lead status and price with details like date and time.

  • We created the conversation screens, which had three tabs named "All," "BOT chat," and "Manual Chats." We implemented the whole project with a strategy that helped our client reach their target goal.

Value Delivered

  • Intuitive user interface design for clear visualization of call reports to show statistics of answered calls, missed calls, outbound calls, etc.

  • Provision of the list of contacts with an easy search option and filtering option as well as their name, last activity, tags, and email ID available with the ability to pin contact, delete contact, copy number, and edit details.

  • Implementation of a BOT chat tab in messages for showing chat feature with a chatbot.

  • Card designs showing statistics for task stats, funnel stats, call stats, and current-day leads.

  • The application reflects an intuitive, clean, efficient user interface that satisfies the client's expectations.

Technologies and tools

  • Tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator are used while creating the application interface.

  • Ideated intuitive UI through designing UI with various versions and trying out new ideas for innovative user interface.

  • User Experience tools: For UX, we used tools like Miro & FigJam(for ideation), Google Forms(for a survey), and Notion Google Docs(for design documentation).